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913 days ago
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But when there is a deliberate attempt to overshoot the outcome, this means the next round of scientific warning is discredited. So public pressure is not sufficient to make the right kind of changes.

There is always a cost somewhere when a falsehood is created.
928 days ago
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Nice summary on a complicated issue.

I would have added:

1) the the Jews too rebelled against the British rule after WW2.
2) a two-state solution was offered in 1948, but the Palestinians rejected it.

I usually try to stay out these Isreal discussions as the truth is hard to find. But these two facts are important to know.
946 days ago
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It is amazing how two people can attend the same religious services with the same religious leader yet come to two different applications of how to apply religion in their lives. And if someone is truly looking for a reason to be superior or insular, they can find a religion to fit that need.

But we should also look at people who have used their religion to overcome hardships or build a better world. Unfortunately these instances do not make the mass media that often.
947 days ago
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Religion has indeed been used to degrade the human condition as well as uplift it. When it is pushed into government, those pushers are missing the point of religion (in my opinion).

My psychological hypothesis is that those people who are too pushy with their own religion are not quite comfortable with the choice they have made. They need to find converts or force their agenda to ease their conscience.
947 days ago
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Lonely Bird
When someone is using religion to better themselves, their families, and their communities, that shows the principles of religion are being employed in the right way. I don't have a problem with such people and their belief system.

When religion is being used to be superior, hostile, insular, or competitive, this religion is not good. I am skeptical of people motivated in this way.
951 days ago
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Nice article
Maybe this idea can be taken a step further: "What if everyone packed a weapon with them at all times?"

It's kind of hard to see a safer world with more liberty and freedom, when the citizenry is constantly thinking about watching the strangers around them----because they have guns too.
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