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  • May 12, 2019 08:54 PM
    Last: 1yr

    My 'Shit-Holes' Shit by A Hurting Human

    A hostage to your sanctions, another unconsidered pawn

    Affected, dejected, clean water, food, safety, medicine, gone.

    You hate my government, my state, mine solely by birth,

    By proxy I get your hate, simply another child of the Earth.

    When will the Valkyries Ride? Destroying so many lands before.

    When will your bombs darken our sky? Your boots hit our shore?

    Remember, a child unappeased, who doesn’t receive via a fit

    Its stupidity overwhelms then, “the poor little shit!”

    Our resources, our control, the reason for anewed “concern”,

    Don't equate to our children being bloodied, broken and or burned.

    Wagner’s taping, catching attention, raising his wand,

    Under the rain, everyone I know, unfortunately also born not blond.

    Zero differentiation genetically, other than the meaningless, the cosmetic

    For my shit-holes shit you’ll kill us one and all, sans care or anesthetic.

    Your wants, needs, thoughts, your flights of fiction or fact

    Are no different to everyone else’s, yet you’re ignorant of this fact!

    The idiotic, armed by beliefs of "more deserving", “better than”.

    Our differences, culture, used as ammo, in each step of a set plan.

    The restrictions imposed to my flag won’t bring a switch,

    Except for us from “okish” to fighting to drink out of a ditch.

    Hungry, without power, nor the power to in anyway adapt.

    Those you’re hunting, their resources remain barely tapped.

    I’ve witnessed your hunger, your foreign policy’s clutch,

    In the crosshairs, me and my like, are never in for a gentle touch.

    Where do I turn when nowhere near is any nearer to better?

    How do I dream when all I can hope for is a little clean water?

    The hooves, the thunder, the affected, those seeing only with hate,

    We’re Humans, yet there’s no concern of those already the late.

    No thought for us Humans now, and or those soon to be dead.

    Your only global concern, your bottom line, is away from the red.

    These embargoes stand against 30 countries or territories Worldwide,

    Our only crime for lack of basic needs, happenstance for which we cannot hide!

  • Dec 04, 2018 08:52 PM
    Last: 1yr

    2nd Amendment

    I absolutely know how to get gun control started and pushed quickly forward.
    Mass arming of citizens, all non-white citizens that is.
    The 2nd amendment expressly allows for citizens to be able to fight tyranny, oppressive government or rule.
    Who is being oppressed as a constant? All the people of color, US citizens of the wrong hue.
    If you're a 2nd amendment supporter then support those oppressed by an oppressive government. Give those oppressed guns so they can "fight the good fight".
    The non-supporters, get as many guns into the hands of the non-white Humans living under the "Stars and Stripes" oppression. They absolutely need them.
    Your head will spin due to the speed of the immediate Constitutional change.

    Good luck out there

  • Nov 30, 2018 02:53 AM
    Last: 1yr

    What has made the United States "great"

    The greatness of the US isn't due to what it has to work with, but instead what it represents. It is "the land of dreams". Where success can be made.

    I wish to give some points about immigrants here and immigration in general. The people who come into the US aren't your average people. The strict rule follower, those happy with their lot. It is the dreamers, those with ideas and a striving need to reach at them. The States is where this dice roll is most likely to be pushed in a positive way.

    All citizen fucking love their countries, everywhere. They love their families, communities and their way of life. Most have the addition of being 'ok' with their lot/place in which they fit. Within that mindset your neighbors often are your enemies, the States is a movie, or TV show, with their xenophobia and prejudices added.

    More than likely the US has injured their country and people, even family.

    The US doesn't exist anymore than "a galaxy far, far away" in the usual isolationist attitude most carry around.

    Now the rare few. Those thinkers, provers, again dreamers willing to leave the country they love, their family and way of life, even very often their language, hat in hand, move towards the States as a possible answer to their forward thought. These Humans come in with some amount of financial stability, higher education, all these boxes need to be triple checked to come in above the board. These, again legal processes are extremely stringent, very drawn out and expensive.

    Those in the "Caravan of Doom" are in a slightly different category. These are refugees. These are people whose lives and the lives of their families are under threat. Immediate threat.

    The "war" they are fleeing is a war we've, the US citizens, made. That we funded and fund. That we implemented and maintain.

    So terrible are their lives of these Humans, they are willing to leave all behind, a bag is all most have, escape the country they love. Then under threat, they cross the Mexican Southern Border. The way far too many people feel about basically everyone living to the south of the US/Mexico Border is the way the Mexican people feel about those to their south.
    Cross through profound animosity, distance and those who pray on those in need, just to get to the United States border. Simply to get somewhere where they have a chance to survive. Not to seal jobs or virgins, to fucking breathe a few more times.

    Those south of "our" borders aren't little, insignificant people. Our policy of "so long as they aren't commies alls fine" is what wrought the situation they are fleeing.

    Those coming north aren't to be feared nor loathed, only pitied in a compassionate way for their struggle. They need help and need to be helped and we have the ability to help them and others. Had we helped earlier in the stabilization of these and basically all countries, they wouldn't be coming north.

    These are scared, threatened people, only seeking safety.
    They aren't coming for our jobs, to be on welfare, to take. They are only wanting safety. Once safe they can build their lives. Work in the shit jobs we would never do unless post prison. Pay taxes. Rent. Pay towards education for English if needed, then a trade they can do. These are not slum dwellers, murders, rapists, uneducated, these are the middle class made poor by their countries situation. People simply seeking refuge, refugees of our wars happening just to the south. East. West. Sorry one problem at a time.

    Try and be a little more Human and a little less a chimp.

    Good luck out there

  • Nov 20, 2018 12:16 AM
    Last: 1yr

    A view from the trenches

    I just got a hit of Moses in a meme and it brought up a funny situation I thought I would share.

    When I was in the army I had this priest stand before us. I was raised in the big 'c', and though I had fire and brimstone priests, most had been "Jesus the hippy" leaning.

    I'd spat out the 'body and blood' long before this, so I was simply happy not to be doing pushups.

    This guy, a 'man of god', told us very matter-of-factly that 'yes 'big 10, number 5' say no killing, but that doing so in 'god's' name is not just acceptable, but just and will be lauded'. That we were doing 'gods work' with bombs and bayonets.

    Further he stated that the way to make it in 'god's' name was post extermination/wholesale slaughter, you just gotta bend the priests ear, spew a couple prayers, and all is right as rain.

    'Washed away'.

    To kill the next question he informed us he or someone like him will be giving last rights right there in the trenches. So 'kill, not just with impunity, but the 'holy blessing', get killed we got your back, salvation is assured'.

    The song we ended the 'good word' with was 'god is love'. Then back to the PT.

    A different guy with a collar blessed our M-16s later.

    "The love of god will protect you with this instrument of his power" then a splash of 'holy H2O' and all was right in the World.

    God is love.


    Good luck out there

  • Oct 25, 2018 05:36 AM
    Last: 1yr

    A Caravan of Culpability by Robert Peters

    I would like to say about, not just the caravan heading north towards the US border, but about all the hated brown people "south of the border".
    Firstly, these are Human fucking Beings in need. Honduras has one of or the highest murder rate in the World, but definitely in Central America. Wouldn't you do everything you could so you and your family survive?
    Secondly, and I feel equally as important, is the view of culpability. We need to see what we want to be blind to. How 1+1 equals 2.
    1, a country doing all it can to grow and become strong. Always "marching forward".

    The other 1, countries just like Honduras all over the World, that has, sorry, had, something the first wants. With power's corruptive abilities coupled with the chimpanzee lack of vision and concern, #1 1 totally disrupted Honduras for cheaper bananas and any and all natural resources.
    WE put processions of governments into power with the only caveat being "do what we want you to do", and nothing else matters. Corruption, violence, all levels of Human Rights offenses happen and have happened under "our" watch.
    This and so much more leads to the equals 2.
    These and other people are only wanting to be "ok". We've fucked their countries, consumed all we could, treated them like shit and cut and ran.
    No concerns with consequences and now we sit with culpability.
    Had we ensured the governments helped their citizens instead of feeding off of them, then life would be better within Honduras' borders.
    Yes, we can step further back and say "we should have never been there in the first place", but it has happened.
    We put them and many others in this position out of seeing them, and so many others, within the "us and them" stupidity we stomp around with.
    Let's not forget the lie that the US is a "christian society".
    I am not a follower, but from what I read in the "good book", new testament, touts compassion, "doing to others what you'd want done to you and yours".
    There is the thought that "Jesus" was a nice guy and that you should strive to be like he was said to have been.
    You, we all, need to see the Human Beings around us as that, Human Beings. Not us, not them, but we.
    Don't spit towards people, empathize with their plight. Know they've got wants, needs, hopes, dreams, family and lives just like you and just like you they only want to be "ok".

    Good luck out there

  • Oct 18, 2018 02:07 PM
    Last: 1yr

    Hello wwjd,

    I think the reason Mr. Sanders isn't President is much more than just closedmindedness.

    It is but it isn't as cut and dry.

    Socialist, old, Jewish, it is because of these and other reasons so it is closemindedness, but so much deeper.

    The polarization is horrible. "Won't vote for the other side" is pretty new.

    Reagan for an example got a number of Dem votes because whether he was the "right man" or he seemed to be.

    When Clinton won instead of continuing to get the best person for the job the Reps who lost to him twice attacked his sexuality, which is ok for the situation, but it became a "look at what the Dems did" instead of look at what he did.

    The Gore and Jr debacle only widened this. Remember no one ever said Jr. was the best man for the job it was just who his daddy is and the fact he was a Rep. When Jr became President it was look at what the Reps are doing and not look at him.

    With Obama there can't be much more taken in than the fact he was Black, half, a bit didn't really matter. When the Reps lost a second time the Reps went hard at the "look at the state of the US the Dems have put us in." Completely forgetting that Jr. screwed us financially. Remember how he was the "biggest idiot" ever to be elected?

    Also any and all positives are negated completely. Jr. put us in 2 wars still basically going on but there were some good things he did. Clinton liked a "little head" but he still did good and bad things politically.

    Obama, ask any trump supporter and they beat their chests about him being the son of satin, Kenyan, anything to negate him as a human. This is the black, white and gray stuff I spoke of.

    That is a huge problem. That is chimpanzee thinking. Us and them, good and bad, zero depth of thought, no looking for the best person, zero investigation of morality and ethics of the person (grab 'em by the pussy) it is simply "as long as it isn't them."
    Then there is the Woman problem. Like Mr. Sanders, Mrs. Clinton had a list of points against her, but added don't forget Black Men got the vote 50 years before Women. Woman Dems actually voted for President trump because they, woman, didn't think a Woman could do the job.

    The cut is so deep and as with everything it's gonna take little baby steps to move forward. To many factors to be taken in with a country of 350is million.

    Thanks again,

    Good luck out there

  • Oct 18, 2018 02:07 PM
    Last: 1yr

    Hello Chet Ruminski,

    Thanks for adding your comment.

    It is important to see how President trump is drawn from point to point. If the crowd doesn't yell it falls away if a chant is started he tries it with the next group. Same meter, and it becomes an attachment.

    It isn't so much that he is good or bad but gray. His level of gray is due to his internal compass being disconnected from his ability to think beyond what he needs. Admiration. The cheers. Nothing beyond people liking him.

    If any other president that I can think of wanted a wall it would have gone up. Especially with both the House and Senate in his camp.

    It isn't that he wants any of the crap he chants, he just wants the adoring fandom.

    I will say simply that his biggest chant was "lock her up". "If I was President first thing she's going to jail!"

    Then nothing because he didn't want it only the cheering sycophants who don't even question "why isn't she locked up?", "why is there no wall?" It doesn't matter it is just a movement with no center and no direction.

    Thanks for the comments,

    Good luck out there

  • Oct 18, 2018 02:07 PM
    Last: 1yr

    Hello to you wwjb,

    Thanks for your comment, it shows you took time and utilized your great brain. Good work.

    I have to say, however, that it is important to remember we all have crap that pulls away from moral and ethical thinking because we see our own current problems or issues as either overwhelming or more important. We all do this, if you are madly in love with someone you no longer care about the things so important prior.

    Added to this is the stress state. If your stress state is too high and your body is dumping Epi you cannot view the World outside of your state.

    We need to all get together to make a better tomorrow, but if we are under too much Epi we can't make out what is needed beyond our needs. So to make "it" better we all need to be brought out of that state too many of us are walking around with.

    Thank you again,

    Good luck out there

  • Oct 18, 2018 02:07 PM
    Last: 1yr

    Hello to you that guy from AZ,

    In process of following your advice and I'll have a look.

    As you said the bible has a lot about compassion, and as you have the AZ moniker I'm thinking the US is also in your existence pretty heavily. The bible, a piece so entrenched in society touting compassion as you said, yet it doesn't exist in the US.

    This carries beyond our borders, for those who follow other religious ideals, those vehemently against, those "ethical/moral" or not seem to lean quite heavily in the other direction.

    Hope I didn't step on any of your or others toes and again thanks for your response. Compassionate of you.

    Good luck out there

  • Oct 18, 2018 02:07 PM
    Last: 1yr
    Hello Everyone,
    I fancy myself poetic, but I know this is relative. I put my thoughts about what I see as the bigger picture within some pretty big and currently important issues in poem form. If you've got it in you give it a read I think you can find my philosophy is there rhyming away. I happily accept comments and advice. Please and let me know any thoughts.

    Good is not perfect by Robert Peters

    You've gotta weigh the good with the bad
    cause perfection's something we've never had

    Deification is an indication perfection's been found
    But fallibility is as Human as only 2 feet on the ground
    Any investigation into anyone, deep or even slight
    Will quickly bring our obvious faults into public light

    Black and white are only colors and nothing near reality
    Look with more than a quick glance, it is there to see
    The acceptance of a conscience view "all is simply gray"
    Would eradicate the obvious need to keep all "others" at bay

    We are fallible for as Humans we can be nothing but
    But saying "I am not perfect, sorry" is only part of the cut
    "To error is Human" but what makes us profoundly more
    Is our ability to learn and help those we've put on the floor

    None of us are anywhere near an ethical or moral constancy
    But that beautiful brain easily can reduce this inconsistency
    See yourself and those around with a knowing and not critical eye
    Don't look for perfection, but for a compassionate, ethical try

    If someone comes forward stating "blood on your hands"
    Don't cower and attack but listen to where they stand
    Know that what to you could have been an insignificant episode
    To them it may well be what takes them completely off the road

    Compassion is an essential need, we're not out there alone
    A misstep or the most heinous act is a reality in the Human zone
    Beyond a need to protect and defend at any and all cost
    Is an examination of how to never again get so morally lost

    Black and white is a lower brain need of a lower brain "ok"
    Us and them, right and wrong, only show on which drums you play
    Don't live within such limitations distorting opinions and views
    That lump in your Brainbox evolved not for don'ts but for dos.

    Examine the gray around you evaluating its depth and hue
    Those who're not "above or below" but around are exactly like you
    They've done the stupidity that comes with our bipedalism
    Did they learn from their missteps, as an ethical, moral Human?
    Or did they beat that "us and them", un-evolved drum?

    Good luck out there