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  • Apr 16, 2019 04:29 PM
    Last: 5d

    Only a str8 or a religious nut with closed minds believe homosexuality is adultery or a sin. Even to this day and age, there are still people out here who believe homosexuals are pedophiles, and we know that's false. Maybe the Biden administration can roll back Trump's E.O.'s banning people based on sexual orientation. There are so many of Trump's E.O.'s that can be overturned, where to start...

    Most of the pedophiles we know of have affiliations with churches and religion.

  • Nov 07, 2020 11:29 AM
    Last: 2d
    Will warrants be sworn out for Trump when he's no longer immune to the laws he's broken? I'd like to see him in an orange jumpsuit.
  • Jun 05, 2016 03:08 PM
    Last: 7d
    We're going to witness how incredibly nasty Lindsey Graham can be, he's already voiced his opinions that democrats will be turning America into a socialist nation. Someone needs to remind him of the large socialist packages republicans gave to the uber-rich, and corporations which really didn't create any jobs more then would normally have been created with or without TAX CUTS. Trickle down has never worked. And never will.
  • Aug 05, 2018 03:01 PM
    Last: 8d

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to those faithful gunhuggers. NOT!

    When in trouble, run across state lines just like fleeing criminals do to evade the law.

  • Jan 11, 2021 04:44 PM
    Last: 11d
    that guy in AZ Wrote:

    Capitol Police briefed Democrats on Monday night about three more potentially gruesome demonstrations planned in the coming days, with one plot to encircle the U.S. Capitol and assassinate Democrats and some Republicans.

    The first is a demonstration billed as the “largest armed protest ever to take place on American soil.”

    Another is a protest in honor of Ashli Babbitt, the woman killed while trying to climb into the Speaker’s Lobby during Wednesday’s pro-Trump siege of the Capitol.

    And another demonstration, which three members said was by far the most concerning plot, would involve insurrectionists forming a perimeter around the Capitol, the White House and the Supreme Court, and then blocking Democrats from entering the Capitol ― perhaps even killing them ― so that Republicans could take control of the government.

    One Democrat on the call also raised the issue of security for members coming from their residences to the Capitol, as well as traveling to Washington, given recent confrontations at airports and on flights between some protesters and lawmakers. One member who spoke to HuffPost said the Capitol Police didn’t have a satisfactory answer about that concern.

    This member mentioned how the briefing had underscored the wisdom of Twitter suspending Trump’s account, as well as tens of thousands of accounts associated with the right-wing conspiracy theory QAnon, and said the decision to cut off the social media platform Parler “looked a lot smarter” given the efforts to recruit armed extremists to come to the nation’s capital in the coming days.

    “It’s a decision that might ultimately save lives,” this member said.


    Well, I hope government officials keep their travel plans a secret, and am hoping we don't have any insiders giving sensitive information to outside groups. I think government officials should conceal carry, for self protection.
  • Jan 14, 2021 11:12 AM
    Last: 11d
    Maybe Rudy will get indicted for stoking the insurrection flames too. Who cares if Trump doesn't pay him?
  • Jan 13, 2021 05:07 PM
    Last: 7d
    I hope Nancy holds the impeachment file until after Joe is sworn in and the democrats control both house and senate, that would almost assure the conviction of Trump. Presently, with a republican majority in the senate, they would likely acquit, Trump still has a hold on the right wing.
  • Aug 12, 2017 09:49 AM
    Last: 11d

    From the cradle, to an AR-15, to a white supremacist: thanks mom.

    IN PHOTOS: Kyle Rittenhouse at Mount Pleasant bar


    Rittenhouse allegedly flashed white power signs, serenaded with Proud Boys anthem during bar visit


    I think I'm going to be sick.

  • May 08, 2020 10:26 AM
    Last: 3d
    that guy in AZ Wrote:

    Heather published a lot of good thoughts last night. Here are some of the highlights:

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had announced the day before that the House would take up a resolution, advanced by Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD), that called on Vice President Mike Pence “to convene and mobilize the Cabinet to activate the 25th Amendment to declare the President incapable of executing the duties of his office, after which the Vice President would immediately exercise powers as acting President.” The resolution did not speak to the physical or mental health of the president, but focused on his inability to fulfill his duty to respect the legitimate results of the Presidential election, accept the peaceful transfer of power, protect the people of the United States, and see that the laws be faithfully executed.

    This resolution was a generous offer to Republicans. It limited its condemnation of Trump to his quite obvious refusal to accept the election results, rather than digging deeper into his behavior. Pelosi also called for Unanimous Consent to bring up the Raskin resolution. This was a way to give cover to Republicans who didn’t want to go on the record against Trump, but who want him out of power in favor of Pence.

    Although extremist Republicans are trying to argue that removing Trump shows Democratic partisanship, in fact, Pelosi was trying to give Republicans as much cover as possible.

    It was a Trump Republican who shot that down. Representative Alex Mooney (R-WV) objected to Unanimous Consent, which means that when the measure comes up again tomorrow, each Republican will have to vote either for it or against it. Mooney has condemned his fellow Republicans who would not go along with Trump’s election claims, and now he is forcing them to go on record. In other words, he is making a play to force Republicans behind Trump.

    As of tonight, the government remains MIA. We have had no briefings from the White House, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, or the Justice Department about what happened on January 6, or what has happened since. And now acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf has resigned, effective at midnight tonight. He will be replaced by FEMA Administrator Peter Gaynor.

    McCarthy is facing the same problem Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), the new chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee is: they are supposed to bring in campaign cash, but suddenly corporations are announcing they will no longer make political donations… at least to Republicans. Judd Legum and Tesnim Zekeria at Popular Information yesterday broke the story that Marriott, BlueCross BlueShield, and Commerce Bank would not contribute to the 147 Republicans who objected to the counting of the electoral votes in Congress. That’s more than half the Republicans in Congress. Verizon, AT&T, and Amazon have now joined that boycott. Citigroup, 3M, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and JPMorgan Chase have all halted political giving for several months, and a number of other companies say they are reevaluating their giving. T-Mobile told Popular Information: “The assault on the U.S. Capitol and on democracy was unacceptable.”

    The FBI warned today that online activists are planning armed protests in Washington, D.C., and at all fifty state capitols between January 16 and 20, although it is not clear that their plans will translate into mass protests. In the wake of the attack, Trump supporters are harassing lawmakers, making them fear for the safety of themselves and their families.

    Insurgents now face institutional pressure, as well. The Department of Justice and the FBI are tracking down more than 150 suspects for prosecution—so far—and hackers today claimed to have captured the personal data of Parler users from Parler servers, including material that users believed they had deleted after the January 6 Capitol riot. Since rioters stole laptops and documents that included items relating to national security, they are not going to be able to drop off the radar screen.

    Trump is also under pressure, the pressure of impeachment, of course, and the loss of his social media platforms. He is also under financial pressure, as Deutsche Bank, the only bank that would still lend to him, has announced it will no longer do business with him. But, according to Maggie Haberman at the New York Times, what is upsetting him most is that the PGA has pulled its 2022 golf championship from Trump’s Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club.

    That, not the riots, not the deaths, not impeachment, and certainly not the coronavirus--which has now killed more than 375,000 of us—has “gutted” him.

    I feel that if his tower down in Chicago were on fire, I could, but probably would not, go to speedway, obtain 5 gallons of gas, drive to Chicago, and throw it on the fire, that's just how much disdain I have for him. And, I have never hated anyone in my life, more than I hate him for what he has done to our country. He should be tarred and feathered, now I'm talking like a hateful republican....
  • Jan 11, 2021 04:44 PM
    Last: 11d


    " An internal FBI bulletin warned that, as of Sunday, the nationwide protests may start later this week and extend through Biden’s Jan. 20 inauguration. "

    We're entering dangerous days ahead. Whatever liberals and progressives do, they should remove their Biden/Harris campaign signs from the vehicles and front yards, or anything related to their campaign. I have a feeling these far right groups will be targeting government officials and ordinary citizens.

    “No matter how all this plays out, its only the beginning,” posted a user on TheDonald message board, according to the report.