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  • Jun 14, 2020 12:40 AM
    Last: 18hr

    It's true Schmidt, she said 80%. I wonder if she was referring to republicans, or the population in general in my area. If she was referring to the latter, it just shows by her statement how out of touch she really is. But this should not shock or surprise anyone because the entire republican party along with their constituents are out of touch. She's also the one who turned her back during the common council meeting which was supposed to address citizens' concerns about policing in Kenosha County.

    BTW, she and her husband are local business owners, I found out yesterday that I had taken my truck to their shop for service about a month ago, on the door was a sign mandating all patrons must wear masks, I did, but noticed that the employees, possibly her husband who runs the joint were not. So they are hypocrites for sure. Had I known at that time who the business owners were, I would not have gone there. I also found a web page somewhere where she touts she is for taking away military type equipment owned by local police departments, I find that very hard to believe.

  • Jun 14, 2020 12:40 AM
    Last: 18hr
    Dutch Wrote:

    TG. Sorry I guess you have no clue at all. In Europe they don't hire ex-military in the police, because the training as well qualifications should be totally different. Qualities for the police is having an smooth running society and is much more "mentally" related to its service. The military is is just "follow orders". The police is there to "serve " the people who appoint them to keep an society healthy and criminal free. The standards for the police are determined by selecting people who "care" and treat their "own countries people" with respect and dignity. The mentality in the army is totally different; you learn to shoot, napalm or kill little children for just to "win" the war. I doubt if the police task is to win an "war". The interface with people requires " lots of "mental" training related to human interfaces. For instance as shown on the news how they killed an mentally sick man by putting an plastic bag over his head and choked him. This sadism is what they are allowed to do in the military because it is the "enemy" and no one cares. No TG you disappoint me. The people here are not the enemy.

    Who decides who is mentally fit for the job? Yes that should be done with"specialists" in human behavior etc. Do you want to fly an plane with an pilot who only learned to drive an "tank" and "bully's" the passengers or shoots them??

    Who decides such? actually the "people" here, who should make sure that they elect people here with brains everywhere in the government as well police forces; not the nutheads which we have now. Also for the police there should be an strict operating manual as well for Presidents , (you can't fly an plane without an operating manual; if you don't stick to it, you will crash) but here in this government as well the police they just fly by the seat of their pants, just let it happen and then we will discuss it for 100 years and do nothing. Even after all these police "murders" the Republican party still does not want changes in the policing here. Bring the barf bucket!

    You're absolutely correct Dutch about republicans, when we hear what Barr said recently, he mirrors those comments spoken and in actions by other republicans. Where else can a 17 year old punk cross a state line, mow down 3 people, kill two and be defended by political leaders saying the punk was defending himself from people who were trying to stop him?

    You have to watch this video in the link below to get the gist of what republican leaders of my community are saying about this 17 year old punk. And it's just not what they're saying in Kenosha, it's what all republicans think about BLM nationwide.


    Today, I signed a petition to recall Erin Decker over her refusal to listen to people who went to a town hall meeting with county leaders.

  • Jun 14, 2020 12:40 AM
    Last: 18hr

    Cities, counties and states must first admit there is a policing problem. Some, or most IMHO do not and have not.

    Doc's brief history: an NIASE certified automotive technician.

    Doc's Experiences: A person came to me one day many years ago with a drive-ability problem on a car. According to the complaint, the car goes down the road, sputters, and then stalls out. The owner says that the car will start and run fine right after these occurrences without problems for days and days, then it happens again. As a technician, I defined this as an intermittent drive-ability problem, some of these types are often very difficult to diagnose and fix.

    I take the car in to try to locate and fix the problem. I had the car for five days, and drove the hell out of it, and could not duplicate the owner's problem. I call and tell the owner I couldn't find the problem, and the owner tells me I'm the third technician to tell them that, and she's not imagining anything, the car does what she says it does. She says well, bring the car over to me and I'll give you a ride back to your shop. Okay, sounds good. I arrive at her home, she gets in the driver seat and heads back to my shop, on the way there, the car takes a crap. She looks over at me and says, "see what I mean!" Alright! Message received! A internal combustion engine needs about 4 things to run. Take away any one of the four, and it will not go anywhere. I acknowledged there was a problem with the car. I needed to immediately diagnose the problem right then and there, if not, the car would start and run again for days and the problem would reoccur.

    The point I'm making is that civic leaders must first acknowledge that there IS a problem with police in general. For civic leaders to not listen or turn their backs on what citizens are telling them is so wrong.

    As an example of this, one Kenosha County county member decided to turn her back on constituents invited to a session where council members would openly listen to gripes and complaints from local citizens. Earlier this summer, she made a statement that there was NO systemic racism.


    " Those who spoke at the public podium at the Job Center were incensed that one supervisor had her back turned the entire two-hour citizen comment portion of the meeting. "

    I looked this person up doing a Google search, this is what I found, draw your own conclusions from my post.

    " Republican Party of Kenosha County Chairman, 1st Congressional District Republican Party Board Member "

    " County Board Supervisor since 2010 "


    I say if a person is not part of the solution, they must be part of the problem. Most republicans are in denial when it comes to systemic racism and policing the police.

    Here's a Frontline documentary:

  • Sep 09, 2020 08:01 PM
    Last: 6d
    TG Tarheel Wrote: Revelations, including audiotape reveal that Trump KNEW the Coronavirus was serious, while he continued to downplay it the the American public, claiming he didn't want to "cause a panic." I guess causing needless death is better, huh?

    I'm sure a lot of other countries did not want to cause a panic, and told their citizens the truth. Their citizens did what they were told...and look at their case numbers compared to ours, where about half our population refuses to follow basic instructions, even if it means saving the lives of other Americans.

    Trump knew it was deadly...five times more deadly than the worst flu. Trump knew it affected children and adolescents. Trump knew it was airborne spread. Trump KNEW that fifty percent of people with the virus were asymptomatic and yet could still spread the disease.

    And Trump did NOTHING.

    Even if he really did not want to "create a panic" there were things he could and should have done to prepare...and to minimize the impact...he utterly failed to do them. I think what he did not want was to tank the Stock Market and his re-election chances...and damn how many Americans die for that.

    This is heinous mass murder. It is genocide. It is a willful dereliction of duty and a violation of his Oath of Office.

    He does not deserve to sit behind the Resolute Desk even one more day.
    And, he got away with it too. Democrats are seething in anger, and republicans are going along with it like nothing ever happened.
  • Sep 12, 2020 07:45 AM
    Last: 6d
    I don't like the Trump commercials either, there should be laws to outline ethics in campaign ads so candidates cannot lie about other candidates or what each has accomplished. As we all know, Trump is a lying sack of shit.
  • Feb 20, 2012 06:22 PM
    Last: 6d

    Everything you write sounds good in theory, but I know of at least 2 or 3 thrift stores that pulled their plug where I reside, one even downsized to less than half the space they originally operated out of.

    Part of the trouble is that these big box places are/were in high rent districts / areas, and the little one (little guy) or entrepreneur doesn't have the green stamps to open up and operate in those high rent districts.

    The old big box stores abandoned and still owned by them will sit vacant for many years. No tax revenue for the city at all to speak of. One Walmart location which closed recently sold for $1M, I was sort of shocked it sold for that much because the area has basically turned from a good/great retail commerce area to a near ghetto setting.

    And BTW, the area (uptown) of where the riots happened here were to be gentrified by our city council. The method they used was that any property that had numerous police calls, fire calls, complaints about building codes, were deemed as problems, and the city made people move from those houses/apartments, and then condemned those properties with intentions of razing them into vacant lots. The city was also in the planning stages of rehabbing the entire uptown area with redesigned floral/tree arrangements, parking arrangements and so forth to "beautify" a run down 100+ year old tacky part of the city. Shame on them.

  • Sep 11, 2020 02:50 AM
    Last: 8d

    The Wisconsin State Supreme Court has ordered that all absentee ballot mailings to be halted. Why?

    Read This: cnn.com/2020/09/10/politics/wisconsin-s...

    If Jill Stein (green party) and Kanye West want to run in Wisconsin, The court should tell voters if that is their choice/s, to write them in as candidates.

    If our ballots don't arrive on time, we may have to go to our polling place and vote, that is, if it's not closed due to covid-19.

  • Jan 26, 2020 12:43 AM
    Last: 2d
    According to an online news headline, those who attended to Sturgis rally, about 250,000 new covid cases came out of it. Aren't people being stupid?
  • Feb 20, 2012 06:22 PM
    Last: 6d
    Bearontap Wrote: If corporations are people, and Republicans are against welfare, then corporations should not be getting any handouts from the government. bear on tap

    Back to the thread topic,

    Well, republicans are for corporate welfare. Even though they call for an end to entitlements and welfare for citizens, they look for tax loopholes that'll help their millionaire and billionaire friends in the corporate world.

    In everyday matters, corporations and companies e.g. Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and other retailers possibly have received or were promised tax incentives to build their stores in areas of different municipalities and then later close those stores they have built and build another one in the same municipality and after it's been built and been doing business in that area, lobby the municipality (hire prominent lawyers) or a city in efforts to lower their tax burden/s. It's called "dark stores".
    It's a real problem because cities are sometimes forced to take less money for the property values than they should. I view it as a form of corporate welfare.

    “Dark Store Theory” and Property Taxation

    Legal interpretation could cost states millions


  • Feb 20, 2012 06:22 PM
    Last: 6d
    I agree with Dutch, you're way too liberal on SCOTUS appointments, and I would go one step further in saying that SCOTUS appointees shouldn't be appointees at all, they should be elected like some state judges are, by the people. This could be a big step in treating gerrymandering of voting districts too.