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  • Nov 12, 2019 07:05 PM
    Last: 8hr
    It's a toss up between 1 & 2, party #1, self interest #2? Rumor has it that once Donald is out of office, Molonia will divorce him, Nicky mouse would be a shoe in for a new piece.
  • Nov 13, 2019 10:01 PM
    Last: 6hr

    When we have people like rep. jim Jordon as house oversight committee person, and devin nunes the Hillary head hunter running investigations, we're in trouble folks, these two shouldn't be in positions of trust. These asswipes keep wanting to out the whistleblower, they kept saying Adam Schiff knows who it is, which is false.

  • Nov 06, 2019 11:36 AM
    Last: 6d

    I'm following the acid attack on a man from a few days ago in Milwaukee. Another bigot (go back where you came from)


    Villalaz, a U.S. citizen who emigrated from Peru, said Blackwell called him an "illegal" and told him to "go back, go back (expletive)."

  • Nov 06, 2019 08:33 PM
    Last: 4d
    Not to run too far off topic here, but if the 2020 presidential election ends up really close, Trump would probably not concede either.
  • Oct 06, 2019 01:58 PM
    Last: 6d
    Michael Bloomberg called it best, Trump is a con artist. Sometime, we all don't know when, Trump's tax documents will be made public, then we can all have a good laugh, for the ones on the receiving end, it'll be a good cry.
  • Feb 01, 2019 12:19 PM
    Last: 2hr
    Dutch Wrote: Warren Care will be the biggest loser. She has no idea at all about health care in this country, let alone in other countries where it works.
    Exactly correct. Medicare isn't free. When these candidates say Medicare for all, that's fine, but it's still not free. There are still deductibles and copays.
  • Nov 07, 2019 06:53 PM
    Last: 6d

    I'll put my 2 cents in now, I've been wanting to discuss this by starting a new thread a week ago, but was reluctant at calling it what it is.

    First of all, Trump can barely say those three words when he addresses his followers at campaign rallies. Who started this phrase in the first place?

    When you talk of this 3 word phrase, you could even be talking about how American foreign policy works, we don't know all the details of deals made behind closed doors or with back door diplomacy in deals the U.S. has made with other countries. I'd like to know why Saudi's get a pass on human rights abuses and we still sell them weapons. What about Iraq? What deals did we make with that country's installed leaders?

    What about political leaders? here's one: Rod Blagojevich, "He was found guilty on all charges pertaining to the Senate seat, as well as extortion relating to state funds being directed towards a children's hospital and race track. However, he was acquitted on a charge pertaining to the tollway extortion and avoided a guilty verdict (by split decision) on attempting to extort Rahm Emanuel.[131][132] On December 7, 2011, Blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years in federal prison." en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rod_Blagojevich#F...

    That is a great example of a quid pro quo.

    In discussing Trump and comparing him with back door deals made with other nations, I'm comparing oranges to apples. Why and how? Well, first of all, e.g., we're not talking about Ukraine getting their forces out of somewhere and we'll give you $531M, what we're talking about here is finding dirt on political candidates, from a foreign nation, this is wrong on so many levels. Usually, when we make deals with foreign nations, it involves troop movements or the occupation of foreign land, not a political rival.

    What Trump did is extortion IMHO, it is this man's MO, he never gives up anything for nothing, and claims he is the deal maker. How many times have we seen him do this over and over again and again? I surmise that the GOP is complicit, since no GOP leaders are willing to step forward and call Trump out on his dirty dealings. Why? They're afraid of what Trump will do to their political careers, they're washing his back while he scratched theirs.

    (M.O.) modus operandi: Modus operandi, (Latin: “operating method”,)abbreviation Mo, in criminology, distinct pattern or manner of working that comes to be associated with a particular criminal.

    If Trump was making this dirty deal with Ukraine's leaders, just think of all the other dirty little deals that haven't come to light yet. I'm confident that once his tax documents become public, the whole world will come crashing down upon him. He's probably very afraid that might happen. He should keep Rudolph as his attorney, he's a talker, and he can help in the impeachment process.

    The one thing that bugs me about this diplomat, a Trump advisor and campaign contributor, Sondland, seems to have a selective memory, or has memory problems. Perhaps when threatened with legal action by a house member, that refreshed his memory into telling the truth?

    It's like I held up a gas station yesterday, was apprehended, the cops say they're going to go after me for the station attendant's death, and I say well, I didn't kill, but I'll tell you the truth now, my buddy killed the station attendant. But I'm just as guilty because I was there when it happened. I'll do a guilty plea for a lesser charge (Sondland) lying to congress, rather than being complicit to extortion.

  • Apr 13, 2019 11:15 AM
    Last: 12d
    It'll save him tax dollar$ ? How would anyone know? He hasn't produced any tax documents. Maybe someone will leak some copies of his past few years?
  • Jul 24, 2015 10:30 PM
    Last: 17d

    Trump should do his homework. Illinois is a state where democrats, yes, democrats rule. A democrat governor, a democrat legislature. Chicago is a democrat stronghold. To trump, democrats are far leftists because they believe in stuff that republicans and white supremacists don't. I am proud to have been born in Chicago, it is a great city, a great melting pot.

  • Oct 26, 2019 05:08 PM
    Last: 12d
    TJ Wrote:

    Screaming crying and whimpering.... That's what's on the morning news. A big dangerous terrorist is dead and the headline is his screaming.

    Perhaps what was heard was the tens of thousands of Americans who can't easily afford medicine and health care. Much easier to kill a terrorist than it is to negotiate with Pharma lawyers.......

    3 years in and NO Republican healthcare plan. They don't even discuss it. Number 1 issue for the middle class and the poor.


    I take issue with trump's comment, "he died like a dog."

    My wife & I have adopted several dogs through our marriage. Most of the dogs were already middle aged, 5 years and older. I don't know why shelters end up rehoming dogs at this age, maybe because the previous people that had them relocated and couldn't have a canine? Perhaps the dog ran away from home and was caught by a dog catcher (animal control officer) or perhaps the owner/s of the canine didn't want it anymore. There's probably a hundred of reasons dogs end up in custody of shelters.

    I can say this though, having several canines through the 33 year marriage with my spouse, most went out, or died quietly, either by themselves or by lethal injection because they were beyond help. They didn't scream, howl, or put on a show, as trump suggested - died like a dog.

    I have learned that with trump being in a position of unlimited powers, he has no compassion for human beings, let alone a canine. His followers are probably the same types.