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  • Jan 31, 2018 03:52 PM
    Last: 8hr
    Karen Hedwig Backm Wrote:

    I do not believe in anything other than science and facts. However, I am fine with the beliefs of others, true or false, as long as they do not injure or restrict others.

    But, I am having a serious problem with the Alabama litmus test for political candidates:

    Are you a member of a faith community?

    Are you pro-life?

    I am seriously offended by those questions, especially as a non-member of a "faith" community, or as a person who questions the real meaning of the term "pro-life".

    How can you call yourself pro-life when you do not have a problem with the fact that an American woman is seven times more likely to die of pregnancy-related complications than a Finnish woman, simply because these so-called "pro-life" people do not believe in prenatal and obstetric care for pregnant women, especially poor women. These harsh facts of American life are even harsher in the so-called "pro-life" state of Alabama.

    Hypocrisy. Pure and simple and evil hypocrisy.

    And, the issue of so-called "faith". What kind of evil devil do these so-called "pro-life" people worship if they refuse to feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, homes to the homeless, medical care to the sick?

    What kind of "faith" is that?

    Hypocrisy. Pure and simple and evil hypocrisy.

    Just stop it with the sanctimonious litmus test for political candidates.

    And the endemic deceit and dishonesty found in your ranks.

    That is what you get in areas of assbend country, they're as backward as can be. BTW, the majority of their legislature is made up of nearly all CONservative MEN. Mostly MEN passed the recent legislation to ban abortions, even in cases of incest, rape, etc.. Hopefully, those republicans will be willing to either adopt or financially support those WOMEN having babies. Assbend Missouri recently passed near like legislation, I'll bet women wished Nixon were still their governor.
  • Feb 19, 2019 07:31 AM
    Last: 1d
    It is true our vetting process is 110% $$$$$$$$$$$$$$, and how much a candidate has of it.
  • May 07, 2019 09:03 PM
    Last: 5d

    Right on Dutch. On PBS, a journalist was interviewing a farmer, and asked if the farmer supported trump and his tariff policies, not amazingly, he did, even when it meant consumers and himself were the ones who were paying for them. The farmer claimed the tariffs were hurting him and his family, but still supported the conman. Talk about ignorance. And he's not alone either. A major appliance dealer in the Chicago area supports trumps congame too. Some people were more than glad to pay anything extra for the stoves, refrigerators, washers and dryers. They seemed to like the made in America cliché, even though most of the items being sold in that store came from China. Talk about stupidity on a grand scale, American citizens are really dumbed down.

  • May 09, 2019 04:14 PM
    Last: 10d
    Tiger seemed to like sucking trump's ass though.
  • Apr 09, 2019 04:10 AM
    Last: 10d

    Okay, someone explain to us naysayers the meaning of the "process" and how it'll work itself out?

    How can we expect the so called process to work itself out when the dictator who occupies the white house has appointed Mnunchin and Barr? Mnunchin the treasury secretary refuses congressional request/s, and Barr in charge of the DOJ?

    In 2020, there's a good chance the GOP will regain control of both chambers, what then? Punt? I haven't seen or heard of one GOP leader go against the grain of Trumpism. They're worse than groundhogs, not afraid or their shadows at all, only afraid of trump.

    And hey, BTW, Leona Helmsley wasn't the president and didn't appoint trolls in government departments.

    I think it's safe to say that this country is and has been going to hell, and not in a biblical sense either.

    It's a bitch when you have wolves and coyotes watching over the chicken coop. Just watch all of this shit to get swept under the rug, not all democrats have the intestinal fortitude to go after this dictator and his mob clan. The GOP is AWOL.

  • May 07, 2019 09:03 PM
    Last: 5d

    Not to criticize you good folks on the forum, but I think that you're putting way too much faith or whatever it may be in our legal system. I happen to think trump will walk, he'll also be deceased before they'll be able to bring him into a court, let alone secure any convictions against him. Which is why I believe congress should impeach him for obstruction of justice.

    In a day he has blurred the fine line of the legal system (judicial-the DOJ) and the executive branch by ordering the DOJ to refuse to turn over the Mueller report to congress, by executive privilege. There has to be laws in place that states a presidential figure cannot do what trump is doing now. If anything, the congress should hold trump in contempt of the congress and the DOJ. Since we all know of his contempt for laws, and possibly even our constitution.

  • May 07, 2019 09:03 PM
    Last: 5d

    Falsifying tax documents is a crime, but that's why trump has accountants, bookkeepers, and a host of tax lawyers for.

    Is it illegal to claim your properties are valued less than they're assessed values? No. In fact, Walmart, sams club and others have used this loophole to get their taxes lowered. Is it illegal to claim depreciated value of holdings or properties? No. Is it illegal to claim business expenses and write-offs? No. Is it illegal to claim you made x amount of money but really made y amount of money? Maybe, maybe not. But of course, you must prove or show receipts for all of these things. It could be why trump keeps claiming that his taxes are being audited, maybe the IRS is looking into his business dealings.

    According to the GOP, a sitting president cannot be indicted. If that's the case, then we'll all have to wait to see if uncle sam holds trumps feet to the fire for improprieties, or tax evasion/s.

    I think I recall when Mitt Romney ran for office, he was hounded about releasing his tax documents, it was said that he had or has offshore accounts in the Cayman islands. Trump might very well fall into this category of having foreign business dealings that are or were illegal. Romney of course only released part of his tax documents, and has defended trump over the release of his. Romney is without a doubt a hypocrite.

  • May 07, 2019 09:03 PM
    Last: 5d
    Schmidt Wrote:

    "Trump is the most successful con man in the history of the world." -- Chris Hayes in a conversation with Chuck Schumer, May 7, 2019.

    "Nevertheless, he [Trump] is a master con artist, perhaps the best. He would probably wear that title as a badge of honor and brag on it in some circles. It’s what he is decisively good at and he knows it. But just not as president." -- Schmidt, blog article, August 8, 2017: Donald Trump: From Bad Businessman to Worst President

    Okay, I'm doing a Trump calling attention to what I said two years ago. Trump is a fraud, and eventually justice will be served on the master con artist. It may just take a while longer.

    It may just take a while longer.

    And maybe never. We all know how white collar criminals are treated in the USA, they're coddled and given very little time in prison. Plus, at his age, he may never do any time because his crimes will have the finest lawyers money can buy, he'll probably be dead by the time the so called law catches up with him. His kids and close associates might be brought to task too, and they might do some time.

  • Feb 21, 2019 09:38 AM
    Last: 5hr
    House democrats can use subpoena power (acting AG Barr) and entire Mueller report, and we'll see if that works, Eric Holder defied congress and was held in contempt with their fast and furious charges.
  • Apr 30, 2019 02:34 PM
    Last: 16d

    Kickbacks for infrastructure projects is nothing new, and the beneficiaries of such projects is also sometimes secretive, as we who live near the Chicago area have seen in the past and probably the present.

    But don't expect passage of a $2T spending package for an infrastructure project/s because as we've seen in the past w/trump, he'll lay out some bait with strings attached, and when democrat leaders bite at it, he'll reel it in like an empty line and sinker. He uses democrat leadership like bait. I'd take anything he want's to do good for America with a grain of salt, there's not much to it, because he is a habitual liar.