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  • Aug 21, 2018 01:56 PM
    Last: 6yr

    Nationalism, tribalism , on steroids in the 21 century. I mean ,humans have always banded together for protection. That became nationalism whithin nation states and here we are in the most aggressive nation state of the 21 century.

    We have permitted the military to grow to such a bloated unaccountable agency that we cannot justify that other government agencies be accountable . So we have no government agencies who actually do what they were intended to do. They do the opposite. FDA is staffed by corporate CEOs. The AMA and the FDA by pharmasuitical CEOs. For almost 100 years we have been destroying American lives for the crimemof cannibus possession. We now cannot deny the medicinal bennefits of cannibus. We destroyed our economy several times in the name of some rediculous laws such as hemp prohibition, alcohol prohibition, idiotic policies like deregulation, trickle down voodood economics , and it's all possible through the illegal use of propaganda. Political propaganda. The tool of evil. The tool of greed . We know better . We have fought and died for justice and freedom yet we don't think these principles matter enough to protect our own citizens to protect our on rights. We allowed greedy assholes to run amock too lazy to bother enforcing laws . We permitted intolerance to exist to grow and to flourish. We did that.

    We knew Ron reagon was a criminal. We watched his gang conspire with Iranian revolutionaries ,then give them arms to kill Americans with we knew what he did . 231 indictments ,and we allowed him and his gang to get away with it because we , are too lazy to do anything about it. Americans are lazy. Spoiled , fat , and now brainwashed by the same Nazis who always work to pursue the crimes they commit in the name of greed and power .

    Same old goons . Our system of governance connot contain them. When they can use our first amendment to protect themselves from accountability , how does it protect the innocent ? The same law that is supposed to protect the innocent is being used to make the innocent a victim ????? The law is not doing it's intended purpose. The truth is not being served. Therin lies the problem . The reason that our military is out of control. There is no protections tions for truth. So lies and miss information are now common . And what can you believe? No one is ever held accountable . Will these criminals who now occupy our government , being exposed everyday , be held a countable ?

    I said from the beginning , we know how this ends. We know the rule of law will eventually be applied. We don't know exactly how ,and we are pretty sure that these bad guys will not be held accountable because no one ever is. The Pentagon is a cused of misusing , or just losing some 20 trillion dollars. Funny , that's our national debt. Wonder if they are related. They will not be held accountable. The rule of law means nothing.

    You know ,every once in a while the criminals get ahead of the law . Like back in the 1930s when all of a sudden criminals out gunned law enforcement and had the v8 engine . But law enforcement caught up. Right now the internet is the new battleground. Information technology is the new prize.

    As always ,propaganda ishe weapon of choice.

  • Jul 18, 2018 12:18 PM
    Last: 6yr

    Putin mentioned,Bill Browser. Without being asked . Because William Browder is the guy who is responsible for the Maginski act. The law that allows the US to sieze assets belonging to Russian oligachs. And it works and many other countries are passing the Maginski act also freezing assets belonging to criminals.

    That's why Putin has been trying to kill him for ten years. The fat discussing sniveling moron actually nodded and smiled when the criminal asked for access to Bill Browser ! Right on teevee .

    Think about that .

  • Jul 16, 2018 12:35 PM
    Last: 4yr
    Schmidt Wrote:

    Trump currently (July 9-15) has an overall approval rating of 43 percent and 90 percent amongst Republicans.

    Gallup: Presidential Approval Ratings -- Donald Trump

    Maybe it will go down slightly in the next poll, but not by much.

    I saw 37% on daily Kos. Also, people are leaving the republican party in droves. Last month, it was 24 % have left this year. So the ones left are the idiots who are nazis . You don't have to be a member of the Nazis party to be a Nazi. You only have to go along with them . And you , are one.

  • Jul 15, 2018 03:49 PM
    Last: 6yr

    It's the least of our problems. Why play their game back at them it only makes the bullshit the spew more effective when they say we did it too.. fuck the money any. Money means nothing.

  • Jul 17, 2018 09:18 AM
    Last: 6yr

    Or a three party state. ? Four ? The liberataian so are absolutely in hundreds of state and local office. They will probably get a seat in the house eventually maybe two. The milenials are indipendent as are like 50 % of all voters. Why don't we have an indipendent party ? Why ?

    You are talking about insanity prevailing. Its so crazy , it might just work. Criminals, in charge of our government . What could go wrong ? It always worked in the past in other countries. " Look at Cuba. Why we be like Cuba and have nice weather and drive 1950 s cars ? We could get our hotels back " drump 2017 speech in pine bluff.

    Just kidding.

    I fear the green party has been corrupted by the Russians also . Jill Stien was in Russia also, probly getting some kashe . Maybe some sumpn sumpn. But the Greens have some kashae and they have a base. So that's like five . I would like an indipendent candidate like Bernie or the rock or Oprah or Arnold ,or Jessie Ventura my favorite candidate for president is Al Franken.

    Al Franken for president.

  • Jul 15, 2018 03:49 PM
    Last: 6yr

    I mean it's the rethuglicans who bitch about every penny the democrat president costs us. While we , people who have a brain , know it's just the cost of the phone entire doing what he has to do. The we have people , who complain the rethuglicans president spends too much ,but we the people with a brain know it's just the cost of the whole stupid charrade.

    Find something else to bitch about .

  • Oct 09, 2012 02:06 PM
    Last: 6yr

    The first amendment says that Congress can make no law respecting an establishment of religion. Or in prohibiting there of.

    That means separation of church and state. It's what that means it's what it has always meant , before America . And if you want to interpret the second amendment you will have to be a part of a strong militia to own a gun. Sounds like a good idea. You should have to be accountable if you own a gun. That's all we ask. And I mean if we could enforce the fourth amendment ,please , the police could not strip you of all your rights ,like they do so many times , they could not block roads, use traffic cams , and the Patriot act would be , illegal. If they were really not allowed unreasonable search rights

    When Meuller indicts the rtump crime administration and their criminal co conspiritors, it will be because a grand jury allowed the indictments , that's amendment five.

    Six says you have the right to a speedy trial. Not sure ,you want one though.........

    Seven says some nonsense about twenty dollars ......what ?

    Eight would have to rule the death penalty ,cruel ,unusual ,,,,ya ,they don't care about ,eight .

    Nine is , .What? Enumeration ,construed, .yikes

    Ten, anything not mentioned , the states can do whatever they want . Yay. Let's use this one alot. For pot.

    Eleven the judicial power of the US, . Blah blah blah , you can't sue city hall.

    Twelve is the bastard that gave us the goddamed electoral college.fuck this amendment and the horse they rode in on the write it in 1804. Ya that's right , Washington and Jefferson did not have to deal with the electoral college. That's kind of like football before helmets or base ball before they had gloves , does it count ??????

    Thirteen , it is irony that the slaves got freed by thirteen and it really was bad luck because as much as they were attacked lynched persecuted , murdered,fucked over and raped by the white man ,you would have thought they would have allowed for that when they just let them into the wild to be fucking slaughtered . But no.

    Fourteen, your state can't make stuff illegal if the federal government says so , so there,..... ,south.

    Fifteen should have been part of thirteen because duh , black people should get to vote without being murdered. South.

    Sixteen hello income tax thank you president Wilson ,republican, hat making moron who signed this abomination , on Christmas Eve. The Republicans told us all to pay up and the Republicans voted for them again too.

    Seventeen , ratified in 1913 ,created the Senate , what ? Really . Did not know that .

    8teen , prohibition .

    9teen, womens get the vote , many elect to not vote ,some vote ,it was 1920 , there was no beer no bars no booze temperance was responsible for such a fabulous times ,the roaring twenties . Yay.

    Twenty, well after nearly 150 years of not really caring when they got around to getting to work in Washington and try to get anything done since they all had electricity and running water anyway and a car ,since they are government people , decided to make a shedual for a dailly working z meeting ,taking office and humping their secretaries. Mostly that was Republicans .

    Tewnty one is the same as 8teen.onnsteroids , take that , what wait, repeal that shit , they did sometime ,idk when .

    Twenty two in 1951 , after electing democrat Franklin Roosevelt 74 times in a row , the sniveling Republicans made a new law so they could get back involved in our government and it's been a disaster . Obama probably would have been elected 75 times in a row.

    Twenty three says the district of Columbia is special . But only the district , not the city or the state it's in or the people who live there but only the people who work there. So they get a special treat to further do discussing things that you will never know about , from me.

    Twenty four, no poll tax. Finally .hear that , South ?

    Twenty five , the president bone is connected to the vice president bone , the vice president bone is connected to the speaker of the house bone . You know the song . This is where it came from. Now it can be told.

    Twenty six, .eitheen year old children may now vote please. None do.

    Twenty seven through seventy four, do not exist.

    Seventy five , America is now a fascist Nazi regime. Surprise.

  • Jul 30, 2017 06:42 PM
    Last: 4yr

    Surprise this week the NK executed a military officer for giving his troops enough food to eat . The told Pompeo the GTFO accusing him of bullshit of which he is guilty . These clowns are doing nothing but expose themselves for the idiots they are. We will have to wait and see what Putin's orders them to do next.

    Insane huh? America is waiting for putting orders . The republican party are now the Nazi party obediant to Putin only. Openly brazzenly cooperating with Putin ,in Russia , and we have Fox news propaganda ministry working hard to keep the base at full alert.

    Mean while then people of NK continue the living hell they endure. What does Kim want ?

  • Jul 05, 2018 03:15 PM
    Last: 6yr

    Very strange times. 8 republican senators go to Russia on the 4th of July for what ? As the fat idiot becomes more unhinged daily . Thebtrailmof destruction this asshole is leaving around the world is something we have never seen before . The absolute arrogant refusal to conduct himself as an adult for even one minute has the entire world extremely unsettled. At what point do the adults in Washington say enough? Are the entire republican party trying to destroy our government ? Because I know that Putin is trying to do exactly that and using the fat asshole as his main tool.

    Kakocrasy . We are wutnessing the end of our country. When will someone do something ?

  • Jul 02, 2018 02:11 PM
    Last: 6yr

    Fundimentalists are very dangerous . Be they Muslim or Christian. The evangelicals are trying to hyjack Christianity. Trying to hyjack our government. They have taken over much of the republican party infecting it with a virus like sickness that threatens to destroy the party . They will be left with what is left of it very soon. Because Republicans are fleeing the GOP . Many are discussed by the criminals using the party to run their scemes. Many more are embarrassed and revolted by the utter mindless idealogue cultlike posture being expressed by the Republicans in the red States who feel emboldened to declare their white supremists Nazi facism.

    The evangelicals are a slim minority. I know some who consider themslves liberals. So they are not unified in their radical agenda. It will be easy for them to peel off and go back to their normal church which they will do when it becomes evident that evangelicalism is akin to Nazi ism.