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  • Oct 05, 2021 11:30 AM
    Last: 8d
    Dutch Wrote:

    It is true that his "buildings" and the Trump "assets" lost value, but not himself because he is an "hoarder".

    And he hates to let go of a single dollar. He identifies with Scrooge McDuck. Does whatever he can to get others to pay for things (ie the republican party). Trump never pays for a meal, even meals at Mar-a-largo; Republican party and\or guests pick up the tap every time. And often a $50,000 tip is thrown which Trump keeps because Trump staff is not allowed to keep tips that don't come from him personally. The staff maybe gets an extra $1 on their paycheck for every $100 in tips taken in from guests; Trump keeps 99%. Under the table staff knows who to keep happy if they don't want to be deported.

    And if has to pay for something, he wants to do it on the cheap. Buys Costco paper napkins with "Trump" name print on each one (cost 25cents each), but he turns around and bills the Republican party $100 each.

  • Oct 05, 2021 11:30 AM
    Last: 8d
    that guy in AZ Wrote:


    Read my Forbes thread.

    It IS true that Trump is raking in donation, but his net worth went down by $600 million while he was in office.

    I doubt Trump's "Net Worth" takes into account how much he owes the banks and how much of a Ponzi scheme he is working just to keep treading water. What does his net worth matter if he has $10 billion in assets if he owes $15 billion to the banks?

    I bet with Trump the check is always "in the mail" or "What??? I told my team to pay you last week!! Let me look into it, and I will have someone call you back to you really really soon"

  • Oct 05, 2021 11:30 AM
    Last: 8d
    Dutch Wrote:

    Sorry nothing will be "followed up" sounds interesting, but the "crook" has got plenty of GOP Judges on his side. These types got their asses covered via the Right GOP media and corrupt "lawyers" who he paid off. During his term and even now he's "paying" people to get his way. Ask Sinema or Manchin, if they got "money" from "somewhere". He also "paid" plenty, not to get "impeached" by the senator women from Alaska and Maine etc. But yeah the DNC is sound asleep about these pay-off's.

    The same will happen this month; the sign's are already there; McConnell is getting "richer", guess on how. Neither is Trump getting any "poorer". Sorry everything here is getting "corrupted" even the "parking here" I noticed.

    Dutch, you sound like Trump's hardcore base who believes exactly as you do about how corrupt this country has become and it is those with money who always get away with committing crimes, the only difference is who specifically is being blamed.

    You think Republicans are nothing but the mafia with Trump as the Godfather. If this were true, Trump would have vanished at the dirty hands of Republicans, never to be seen again much like Jimmy Hoffa, for having a big mouth never ever shuts up and never stops fucking up. If your perception were accurate, Donald Trump would have been dealt with a long time ago without any need for Democrats to get involved; Republicans would have handled it, and made it look like the Democrats were responsible for the disappearance of The Great Donald Trump. By having him "wacked" could have made Trump a great Republican icon.

    On the other side, Trump's wacko fan base is just as certain that Democrats are rooted in deep state corruption to the point where Democrats have technology and power to rig elections nationwide and believe that for decades Democrats have had a chain of pizza restaurants that is just a front for child prostitution...

    My perception is that Donald Trump inherently motivates EVERYBODY who believes in conspiracy theories regardless of their political views. And these are people who are 110% convinced that their favorite conspiracy theories are as real as the sun in the sky. Yep, in the mind of many Donald Trump fans, Domio's Pizza is where pedophiles call to place orders to have sex with underage children. And those who hate Donald Trump, believe he could have sex with underage girls as often as he wants, and he never will be arrested\charged even the sex act was recorded on video with Donald Trump looking into the camera saying "What a great fuck that was".

  • Feb 28, 2018 10:06 AM
    Last: 9d

    IMO, many Republican states will continue to pass more and more restrictive laws that criminalize abortion to the point where state laws are written to limit abortions to the very absurd: "Minors who are raped can not have abortions because they are minors; only adult women can legally decide to have an abortion if they can prove before a jury that they were raped and had filed a police report within 1 hour from the exact start time of the rape"

  • Oct 03, 2021 05:20 AM
    Last: 16d


    In court filings, former President Donald Trump stated that as President it is his constitutional right to mislead the American people and incite violence. "I didn't light the match! I simply brought the gas, the matches, the kindling, and everything else. It's not my fault that people took my tweets literally and decided to storm the capital and attempt to hang Mike Pence. It's his fault anyway, all he had to do was throw out the electoral votes as I ordered him to, and nothing would have happened. Why should I be punished for what Mike Pence didn't do that could have prevented it. Why should I be banned from Twitter, I am the victim, the election stolen from me."

    The files also include a countersuit in $544 million in damages from Twitter to recoup the lost fundraising money that would have flowed in if he had not been banned. The Trump organization claims that on average, Donald Trump receives $2.3 million in tax-free campaign donations per Tweet, and donations tend to be much more the bigger the lie. As a result of being cut off from Twitter, Donald Trump has had to put on hold the purchase of three 757 jets and 14 unspecified commuter jets that he claims is needed for his regular entourage when flying to campaign rallies, plus delaying the purchase of a $185 million yacht that he wants to give himself at his next birthday. "How I am expected to get the rallies" Trump yelled at reporters. "It's all Twitter's fault and they should pay for my suffering"

  • Sep 29, 2021 09:29 AM
    Last: 18d

    I want The Onion staff to write a Trump book from Trump's perspective as if he wrote it himself.

    Dedication: To himself

    Foward: Thanking himself in the third person because without "Donald Trump", Donald Trump never could have done it.

    .... But even if The Onion were to publish such a book, it would pale to the absurdity of Donald Trump's actual perception of what he truly believes happened during his 4 years as president and how the 2020 election was stolen from him with the help of all the people who betrayed him, including VP Pence, who in the mind of Donald Trump, had the legal power throw out all the electoral votes, and declared Donald Trump the winner. Because Mike Pense did not take such action as ordered by Donald Trump (did not have authority), Pence is considered Donald Trump's #1 traitor of all time, followed by Bill Barr, for not charging Joe Biden before and after the election for treason, lying, tax evasion, bribery, and killing his first wife and daughter in a fake car accident.

    In either book, a likely quote from Trump:

    "When I interview people to work for me, there is only one thing I need to know. Will they suck my dick anytime, anywhere? Are they willing to give me a BJ at a rally, or at Press Conference, or at 3am? If their answer is yes, then I know they will do anything thing I ask. I have gotten so many BJ from so many people, you wouldn't believe, many of them are worth 100s of millions, and they beg to suck my big dick. Willing to give very large sums of money to have the pleasure."

  • May 15, 2021 08:52 AM
    Last: 11d

    Trump World's reaction to the cyber ninja report that 261 more vote were found in favor of Joe Biden:

    "Where did those extra 261 votes suddenly come from and not 1 extra Trump vote found, not one? What will the vote count be next month, maybe 1000s more? It just shows how deep the fraud goes, they keep adding more and more Biden votes all the time. By the next election, Biden will have already enough votes to win before 2024 voting begins; they are creating fake Biden votes every day so that there will be millions and milllions of fake Biden votes before the polls open."

  • Sep 06, 2019 12:08 PM
    Last: 27d

    Well according to Donald Trump in a recent impromptu call into Fox and Friends, when Mexico renigged on their deal to pay for the entire wall (he claims Mexico is run by drug lords, gangs, and the Mexican Mafia), Donald Trump offered to give over $50 billion of his own money to build the greatest wall ever!!, but Democrats and RINOs conspired against him and refused to take the $50 billion because they knew it would mean he would win the 2020 election by a landslide, which BTW, he repeated his claim over and over and over that he won by the biggest landslide margin ever seen in any election in history, but the election stolen from him. The Supreme Court knew he won, but they were cowards. They owed him for all that he had done for them, but they stabbed him in the back anway.

    "Where are the 12 million missing votes that vanished on election night that nobody can find?" he kept asking over and over during the 78 min phone call.

    "You can bet that if they were votes for Biden, they would have found every missing vote, so they must be 12 million votes for Trump from key states like Georgia, Arizona, and Ohio which I won by a landslide, everybody knows that I did".... He claimed the REAL evidence would be released very very soon by Mike Lendel and his crackerjack team of the very best professional election fraud investigators.

    .... He expects to be reinstated as president very very soon, so soon you won't believe. And the longer it takes, is even more evidence that he won, but the Deep state is preventing it from happening.

  • May 26, 2021 05:26 PM
    Last: 16d

    In Trump World, Jacob Chaunsley is a patriot and hero. Trump has vowed to pardon all those who are convicted of crimes related to 1/6, despite the fact he may never have the authority or power to do so.

    These people are destined to become folklore heroes like Davy Crocket at the Alamo. In future Trump Tales that parents in Trump World will tell their children at bedtime, it will be told Trump Patriots protected President Trump by fighting off the onslaught of hordes of ruthless BLM zombies of the apocalypse that were attempting to take over the Capitol and murder Donald Trump because he won the 2020 election. After a very long battle that lasted so long you wouldn't believe, the BLM Zombie horde managed to take The Capital and then forced the US Congress to ratify their illegally elected white puppet, zombie Joe Biden. But the Trump Patriots fought VERY VERY long and VERY VERY hard, giving The GREAT President Trump enough time to escape to Trump HQ at Fort Mar-a-largo in Florida.

    That is what really happened! Anything less than that is fake news.

  • Aug 03, 2020 10:38 AM
    Last: 2mo

    LOL... that is a good one, especially when they are cheering on Donald Trump's suggestion that he be appointed to the Supreme Court.

    Trump: "Nobody knows more about the law than I do! What do you think? Should I be the next great man on the Supreme Court so that I am not only the President but also on the Supreme Court? As a judge, the first thing I would do would have Crooked Hillary arrested for treason and Obama deported for being an illegal alien. We all know for a fact he was born in a hut somewhere in Africa!