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  • Jul 10, 2020 08:14 PM
    Last: 4hr
    wwjd, I guess you forget that Trump is "mafia" all the way; he has shown that our "laws" are useless and that he can"bribe" everyone. Until now the Dem's lost on all fronts also the "impeachment", except the "virus" is "winning". Please tell me on what front have the Dem's won? Don't forget regardless of the stupidity Trump carries out, each time he gets it his way. Guess what he will do with the "elections"? He will find ways to "bribe" the "electoral college" as well again. So I would not be so sure that the Dem's win the elections (may be the popular vote, but not the electoral one), sure I hope so, but don't sell the "bear skin" if you did not "shoot" the bear yet. Did you see anything "done" by the Dem's after the "impeachment "debacle? Nothing but words only.

    Dutch, Trump has mafia like tendencies and aspirations, but he has no real ties to mafia other than he might have been used as their stooge from time to time to launder money. Those individuals truly involved in organized crime (or white collar crimes) are far too smart to share with Donald Trump the details of their criminal activities as a trusted co-conspirator. Sure, I would agree that the organized crime may have used him because he so damn stupid, but he always remained on the fringe of the real mafia and they've never him told anything. The entire world sees he had got a big fucking megaphone mouth, and he would spill his guts of everything he knew within 5 minutes of a FBI interview just so he could falsely claim to the world that he was the #1 top secret undercover agent for the FBI. If the Mafia ever told Donald Trump anything, it would have been misinformation they knew he would leak the FBI.

    What his most likely guilty of is laundering money for corrupt foreign powers that share Donald Trump's core belief (or instincts) that there is no such thing as white collar crimes nor political crimes. Simply put, from his perspective, there is just business and politics. The winners do whatever it takes to win and find ways to bypass laws, regulations, treaties, morality, ethics, etc, etc.... because those boundaries (limitations) are for losers who get to the finishing line, but not willing cross over for the win. A true winner is willing to cheat to win, because in the mind of Donald Trump, there is no such thing as cheating, just winning. ie cheating is a winning strategy.

    From the mind of Donald Trump: "Don't blame the winner for cheating, blame the looser for not cheating, or not willing to cheat enough to win. True winners ALWAYS win"

    That is how he thinks, but that does not work in our country for very long, and Trump has lost far more often throughout his life than he has ever won, which is why Donald Trump is will be rejected by a huge margin in 2020 election. In the US, Donald Trump is the definition of a loser who can only beat others by using methods of losers. Winners don't need to lie, but Donald Trump lies every single day.

  • Jul 10, 2020 08:14 PM
    Last: 4hr
    Dutch Wrote:

    All of this points to an Putin like dictatorship in the making. But the Dem's refuse to do anything, because it is so difficult to put an second "impeachment" in motion. But yeah, if they let all of this go on and lack the guts and use only "words", then Trump may win with all his tricks and bribery in November. Like the saying says don't sell the "skin" of the bear before you shot him. If this happens in November then indeed you can blame the Dem's because of in-action when it is needed. Yes, an "gutless country", just let things "ride" until the wheels fall off.

    Your perception of things gives Trump way too much credit. The way you speak of him is that he is a political genius that knows exactly what he is doing. You're suggesting that he is unstoppable and rest of American is too stupid, or too afraid, to standup to him. You seem extremely confident that come election day, Trump is likely to win all 50 states and win popular vote by a huge margin.

    Naw, Trump is going to be voted out off office by an overwhelming historic voter turn out. At some point after the election, it will be revealed that his own wife did not vote for him.

  • Jul 10, 2020 08:14 PM
    Last: 4hr
    Dockadams Wrote: Who is next?

    Flynn most likely.

    Wait the the day he leaves office and he signs off on 100s if not 1000s of pardons. But to be fair, all presidents pardon a lot people as they walk out the WH door. But with Trump, he is likely will sign off on some extremely controversial criminals who are spending the reset of their lives on prison. He is likely to do for two major reasons.

    1) Its to his personal or financial advantage to pardon people who can repay Trump in various ways or to keep them quite.

    2) Pardon high profile criminals as revenge against democrats or individuals who Trump feels has wronged him. Think of the 1000s of white collar criminals Trump could pardon, flushing down the toilet, 10s of millions $$$$ it cost tax payers to put these criminals in jail; Trump is likely to wipe their slate clean with a full pardon so they can resume their criminal ways without any legal restrictions place on them for their past crimes.

    One thing you can take to the bank is that Donald Trump has already signed a pardon with his name on it. It is already and open legal debate "Can the President pardon himself?". Trump has already answered that question, and he believes he can pardon himself because he heard Sean Hannity say it on TV. If its on Fox, it must be true. ;)

  • Jul 10, 2020 08:14 PM
    Last: 4hr

    Stone's Sentence commuted. Months ago everyone in this forum predicted he would never spend a day in jail. No surprise.

    It is expected Stone will still get a full pardon before Trump leaves office. Trump wants Roger Stone to use the appeal process to get the conviction overturned so Trump can claim it was "illegal" conviction in the first place. There is a reasonable possibility that AG William Barr will get involved and withdraw the charges after the fact as he did with Michael Flynn.

    Bottomline, Neither Stone nor Flynn will spend a day in jail for their convictions, and extremely likely they both will be pardoned by Trump before Trump leaves office.

  • Jul 09, 2020 04:58 PM
    Last: 3d
    allfor1=1forall Wrote:

    We have a President of the United States whos goal and purpose is to divide the United States of America with Deep roots of Hatred.

    In terms of Star Wars mythology, Donald Trump has been corrupted by the Dark Side of the force. The Dark Side is quick, easy and addictive, but is also shallow, short sighted, and limited in scope.

    Hate is cancerous.
    Donald Trump is cancerous.

    The closer anyone is to Trump, the more at risk they are of something very bad happening to them. You don't want to be standing anywhere near him during a lightening storm because the lightening is far more likely to hit you than Donald Trump.

  • Jun 17, 2020 04:58 PM
    Last: 6d
    Dutch Wrote: Sure all historians write books about Presidents. But if you get an President who is totally nuts, then of course there is more to write about. And there is much more to come, also due to the Epstein saga, which is now fully in the limelight. I don't think Obama did much to write about and was an "normal" President.

    Actually what I referring to was insiders that worked closely with a president, then leave and write hard hitting tell-all books that exposes bad shit about the president.

    Has any president had so many former staff come out with tell-all books when compared to Trump? In the case Trump, there is a running theme in all the books "He's dump as shit, but always thinks he is the smartest guy in the room 100% of the time."

    History will not be kind to Donald Trump. He will go down as dumbest and most corrupt president in history.

  • Jun 17, 2020 04:58 PM
    Last: 6d

    Has any democratic leaders ever had so many prominent democrats write negative books about him\her?

    There is of course people who want to "cash in" and make money anyway they can, but when the upper 10% of the any party is motivated to write a tell-all book, there is at least at 50-50 balance between their desire to make $$$$ and their ideological motivations to expose people who they perceive are corrupt.

  • Jun 17, 2020 04:58 PM
    Last: 6d

    I have the Bolton book. Just started reading it. Right upfront he states what has said in this forum many times over.

    "When talking to Donald Trump, the topic has to be about Donald Trump, or how it helps him, or how people love him, or how to get revenge on anyone who he feels has betrayed him. Priority #1 is Donald Trump, and all other priorities support priority #1"

    Bolton makes his comments in context of national security, and any national security deals Donald Trump attempts to make with foreign powers is centered around what is best for him as president and what is best for him as a business man $$$$.

  • Jun 27, 2020 01:11 PM
    Last: 11d

    What Trump has tapped into is that he does not to be right, nor factually correct, nor moral correct, nor even have an ideology, he just needs to convince his base that he is all those things and much much more. Some worship the ground he walks on, and would walk off a cliff for him as he waves goodbye thinking to himself: "What bunch of dumb shits"

    There has always been a certain percentage of the population that feel comfortable being controlled by authorization leaders for the same reason evangelicals look to their church elders for direction on how to live their day to day lives; generally a few old white guys that believe, or want others to believe, they have wisdom far far greater than ordinary people.

  • Dec 19, 2019 11:26 AM
    Last: 17d
    Schmidt Wrote:

    These hard core Trump supporters are a danger to society. I've spent time looking at what psychologists say about their genetic make-up and environment that drives them into Trump's camp, and how Trump continues to nurture those connections with endless rallies, tweets, and outright lies that his base choses to dismiss. I mean when we make comparisons to ruthless dictators of the past, the comparisons are real.

    These authoritarian bullies like Trump have a predisposed army of supporters who are genetically inclined to support a dictator and are perhaps of low intellect as well. They are emotionally driven by fear and hate of the "other". For many the genetic traits have been depressed over the years, but Trump has awakened them. I've read in several sources that about one-third of the population is predisposed to follow a dictator and that their brains are not wired to cope in a democracy. That one-third of the population has found comfort in Trump and Trumpism.

    Schmidt post is dead on target. I agree that people have genetic traits the predisposes them to have personalities with specific likes and dislikes, and this has a impact on their political connections. We probably could transplant 25% of US population into an authorization country and they would quickly fit right into the culture of having the government controlling their lives. In our country, they are free to find a repressive religion that fits their need to be controlled by a high restrictive set of rules that mandated by a few men.