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Various political analyst have been suggesting that Trump was given several days advance warning that Mueller report was going to drop on March 22nd and he was also given a verbal, unofficial overview of the contents (no specific dertails). Enough info that he would allow him to go on the offensive to discredit the report in advance. The speculation is that the attacks on McCain are to blame the late senator and hero for some damage that is in the report. Since McCain is dead, he can't refuted any of what Trump says. The report is unlikely to reference McCain, but Trump may know enough about the report that there are several unnamed or redacted sources that provided damaging information about Trump activities. Blaming a dead man allows Trump to make up further lies that would exceed even the worst of Hollywood screenplay. In Trump's version of events McCain becomes a traitor to the US as undercover spy for foreign enemies, etc, etc, etc.
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Very high probability that Biden will run in 2020. I think he would have beat trump in 2016 because he appeals to trump's base, or maybe I should say, the swing voters would have gone for him instead of trump.
This article becomes more valid every day that passes. He operates with a carpetbagger approach to business and politics. He may stay within the law, but outside the boundaries of ethics. If he can legally take every last penny from anyone, he feels no guilt about how he accomplishs it (legally),.Like an alcoholic or drug addict, it doesn't matter what is cost other people, as long as he gets his daily fix.
Famous sadistic scene from Animal House: youtube.com/watch?v=qdFLPn30dvQ
I am going to make a blunt and crude analogy. It is like Trump told his chief of staff to inform the cabinet that everyone attending the meeting was to personally give Trump a BJ one by one, and then tell Trump how much they enjoyed doing it.
If things continue along this path, I believe the republicans will revolt against Trump and work with democrats to force him out of office. No matter who's president, Republicans will control the white house until 2020. They'd get far more cooperation\stability with Pence as President, thus there are a lot of republicans hoping that his next tweet will completely unforgivable by everyone, and Trump will resign. Its Trump's pattern to double down on his tweets, so whatever comment he does finally make that forces him out office, it will make the wiretap comment seem trivial in comparison.
Amazingly this had almost no impact by those who voted for him. Hypothetically, could he have gone as far as using he word "ni**er" in a recorded private conversation? like "look at those Ni**gers over there, they make me sick".... Would that have been too much, and sunk his campaign, or would it have little impact, like what is heard in the video?

I ask this question because there is a perception that Trump base primarily consists of people who have some strong racial biases. Maybe they are not racists against blacks, but they might have strong racist feelings against Muslims or immigrants.
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