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  • Feb 01, 2017 05:11 PM
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    America what happens to your tax payer HUD dollars? If the calculator and I are doing things correctly (sleep apnea and low SpO2) this is what happens.
    589.00 dollars for 1 apartment per month times 12 equals 7,680.00 a year of HUD dollars.
    7,680.00 dollars a year of HUD money times 100 apartments equals 706,800.00 of HUD dollars.
    What happens to the HUD money? Ambling Management company is a for profit management company and intends to make a profit off of us, so I will include them in this article. The Owner and Ambling mgmt co. ignores that the building has had bed bugs for 2 years and 3 months. Owner and Ambling mgmt co. only pay for cost of half of bed bug treatments. Owner and Ambling mgmt co. refuse to buy a closet door when closet doors break. Owner and Ambling mgmt co. refuses to allow post office to leave packages in the "mail room" so postal employee must leave packages in hallway floor. Packages of medical supplies, or other purchases left in hallway floor. If manager is not home on Saturday to open mail room you will not get any mail on Saturday. No netflix when manager is gone. Owner and Ambling mgmt co. ignores that the roof leaks all the time and apartments on 2,3,4, 5 and 6 floors will get water in their apartments. Owner and Ambling mgmt co. insist that any water marks in your apartment be painted over with "stain resistant paint" to support their theory of "there are no signs of water damage".
    What does 706,800 a year of your tax payer dollars get you. Purposeful cruelty, bullying, harassment, lying, and round about threats of "we do not have to renew your lease toward sick old people and Owner and Ambling mgmt company's expertise of hiding all of the real maintenance issues and the water damage from HUD inspectors. Inspectors come every 3 years so our homes actually look like they are decent for a few months every 3 years.
    What happens to your 706,800 dollars a year. Owner and Ambling mgmt co. puts it in their pocket while residents get sicker and sicker and many have developed sleep apnea and sinus and respiratory issues because of all the black mold that only grows near water damage. Do not worry, your state taxes for medicaid or your federal taxes for medicare will cover the tenants medical issues. Quite a few tenants exhibit allergic reactions to their own apartments.
    What happens to you, the tax payer dollars? It continues to go into the Owner and Ambling mgmt co. pocket. Building's condition continues to deteriorate. And what happens to your the tax payer dollars when a resident of 20 years reaches out to the fair housing and legal aid? The Owner and Ambling mgmt co. continues to pocket your taxpayer dollars . Eventually after being told multiple times that retaliation will not be tolerated you decide to ask Fair Housing to file a discrimination suit. Then resident gets thrown under the bus.
    What happens to you the tax payer's dollars of 706,800.00 a year. Owner and Ambling mgmt co. continues to pocket your money and give a non renewal of lease notice to resident who has spent the whole of 2016 advocating for saving our homes and protecting us from cruel, abusive Ambling management company. Resident has an income of extreme poverty so there are no funds to move. The Owner and Ambling mgmt co. continues to pocket your taxpaying HUD dollars and is taking resident to eviction court Feb.7th. Legal Aid and fair housing say regardless of the fact that resident has lived here for 20 years and will be 60 years old in March will have to go to the homeless shelter with her c-pap machine due to sleep apnea and COPD, and high risk for fracture and already thrown under the bus even though retaliation will not be tolerated. When evicted you do not have to worry about any of your tax payer money helping resident ever again. Because when you are evicted you can not receive HUD assistance any more.
    The Owner and Ambling mgmt co. continues to collect 706, 800.00 dollars a year. Owner/Ambling mgmt co. hires a fancy and expensive attorney to evict the extremely poor resident. Because residents income is extreme poverty resident can not afford equal representation from a disability rights attorney, a civil rights attorney and a personal injury attorney.
    So...The next time you file your income taxes consider just giving the money directly to the tenant. Because we will pay for bed bug extermination, fix the roof or move and use the money to provide a safe and decent place for us to live. Exactly what HUD regulations say that HUD is supposed to be doing. Then resident would not be going to eviction court on Feb. 7th.
    Thank you Winston Affordable Housing LLC and Ambling management company! On behalf of all federal tax payers and those of us that pay state taxes I would like to apologize for not providing enough tax payer funds for HUD monies so you are able to provide more than the barest minimum of building maintenance. And I also apologize for not providing enough tax payer funds for HUD money to rate being treated like actual human beings instead of HUD dollar signs.
    Most important of all I want to thank my everlasting God Jesus for His everlasting faithfulness and His outstanding sense of timing. All glory be to the God of all creation always and forever.
    X Federal tax payer
    Deborah R