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  • Oct 23, 2016 08:11 PM
    Last: 3yr
    ABC is showing Clinton +12 and IBD Trump +2. Why this huge difference? Almost as if they are polling two different countries?
  • Sep 09, 2016 09:19 PM
    Last: 4yr
    TJ Wrote: I'm a Hillary fan and they've never asked me for a dime. The word troll is being posed here...... Maybe you'll need to look it up. There are many dictionary sites you might use. Your user name is cute but not really that clever.
    I can assure you I am not a troll. I contributed $100 to hillaryclinton.com and keep getting emails every day stating that more money is needed. The recent emails mentioned that 'Trump was registering more Republicans' and 'How Matt Lauer botched the Commander-In-Chief' forum. I have no problem with that and will happily contribute more money but was just wondering if the site is legit since I know there are people trying to scam people into thinking that they are collecting contributions for Donald J Trump.
  • Sep 09, 2016 09:19 PM
    Last: 4yr
    Is hillaryclinton.com website a legtimate website with the money donated going to her election campaign? I am getting emails and texts from the website everyday asking for more money. I believe she has collected way more money that Trump
  • Sep 07, 2016 02:12 PM
    Last: 4yr
    Trump has caught up with Hillary in almost all polls. There doesn't seem to be any energy in her campaign. She has raised more money but is unable to change her perception of untrustworthiness. Nothing seems to be sticking to Donald trump neither Trump University, neither Trump Model Management, Trump Foundation donation to Pam Bondi or non-release of his tax returns. If things keep going this way is there any scope of Hillary winning the election?
  • Sep 03, 2016 04:23 PM
    Last: 4yr

    I am confused about Hillary's email scandal:

    How did the system work? Did people send emails to her state.gov address and then her aides figured out if that was classified or not and forwarded it to her private email server? Or did people directly send emails classified and all to her email address.

    How does she benefit from this setup? If the government asks for her emails and she controls what she hands over to the government by deleting emails etc. then she is in even bigger soup than anything the emails could reveal? If I want to talk about something very secretive would I use traditional means of communication like phone calls etc. or even a different email account.

    Did she really use bleachbit to wipe her server?

    Doesn't the blackberry she have support personal email servers like gmail or so? Are there more emails to be released?

    When the FBI asked for her emails why did she delete so many emails and why wasn't the entire email server be handed over to the FBI?

    Did she delete those emails personally or her lawyers did? Among the 30000 emails she deleted were there clearly work related emails?

  • Sep 01, 2016 09:23 PM
    Last: 4yr
    She had a commanding 8 point lead in National polls which has fallen to below 5 recently and Fox news polls are reporting a lead of only 2 points which is too close for comfort. In the meantime the conservative news media is bringing up her email scandal and Clinton Foundation reducing her favorability ratings. I understand that this is mostly a political ploy by the right but this is lowering her numbers. Clinton Foundation is a charitable organization that is helping save lives but her campaign is not saying this. Why? What is her strategy to counter this kind of press coverage? On the other hand, Trump has numerous scandals in his name hiring undocumented polish workers, Trump University, Trump model management etc. Why isn't her campaign hitting him hard with these issues.