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Trump thought the same thing, but he overlooked the fact that NATO does a lot more than guard against Russia. Here's a list:


Excellent summary.

If you have not read it yet, I would recommend reading "Only I can fix it". It's over 500 pages long, but it is a quick read.

This is the 14t book that I have read about Trump, and they all say pretty much the same thing.

Trump was (and is) totally unfit for office.
The name that comes up the most frequently in the investigation of the Capitol riots is Paul Gosar, whose name was mentioned more than any other in a comprehensive report compiled by Rep Zoe Lofgren of California:


The first Trump official involved in the riots has been arrested. There will be more

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Good article.

If anyone should NOT be pardoned, it is Flynn.
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The Arizona republic attributes Bernie's win to two things: (1) strong outreach to the Hispanic community, the fastest growing segment of our society and (2) a good "ground game", meaning a large army of "door knockers"

I'm sure if I'll get censured on this, but Trump is complete fucking asshole.

So there.
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