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  • Sep 03, 2015 10:24 PM
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    I was a child during WWII and Hitler's War. It was barely taught during high school because it was too recent to be history. What we were taught was pure patriotism. As an adult I've read and watched documentaries about the era and watched Hitler's tantrums and obvious madness. My older relatives came from Germany. We still have family who grew up in Germany during WWII. I don't know whether they were Nazis. In knowing them as an adult, I think they were largely nonpolitical, as they were in a rural area outside of Germany proper. But the story is that Hitler promised to save Germany from ruin.

    He was obviously a madman. In watching Donald Trump, I can't help but compare the madness, the arrogance, the tantrums. Trump has money, Hitler did not. The personalities are terrifyingly similar to me. Trump is a bully. Hitler was a bully, whose madness grew with his power. If Trump were elected president, I can see him seizing more and more power and outsting those who disagree with him, just as Hitler did. Trump is a mad man, and it would be terrifying to see him with any genuine power. There are those who would join him.

    In years past, his absolute lack of dignity would have prompted the press to simply ignore him. But he is able to keep himself in the limelight. I say he is dangerous to democracy and certainly dangerous to the 99%.