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  • Jul 21, 2015 11:26 PM
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    Social Security Marriage Penalty

    I recently became 100% disabled and I applied for and I am receiving Social Security disability (This issue would be the same when I go on straight Social Security in a couple of years). My wife and I are a heterosexual married couple.

    I discovered under existing law when you are married and one or both is on social security, you pay taxes on your benefits if your combined income exceeds $32,000. If we chose to live together and not be married, we would not be taxed until our combined incomes reached $50,000. The net result is a similarly situated couple, only because they choose to marry, pay a tax penalty of $3,000 to $,4,000 tax bill just for the act of being or getting married. We heard so much from the recent Supreme Court decision on how we should treat everyone the same, whether gay or straight under the equal protection in the 14th amendment. Why are we treating two people unequally just because they choose to marry? Is that fundamentally fair to you? Do you have an opinion about this issue? Is it right to treat a married couple disparately like the way we used to treat gay couples? That was one of the main arguments that financially gays should be treated the same as straights. Should not marrieds be treated the same financially as singles?