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  • Mar 17, 2015 06:21 PM
    Last: 6yr
    A small team of people interested in making it easier to contact your reps have recently launched a new political messaging tool. This is not an attempt at self-promotion, we are genuinely interested in how you think we can make the most effective tool possible.

    Currently, our beta site (buildquorum.com) allows you to simply create, sign and share messages to Congress and State Legislatures. Each message is delivered individually by web form, email or fax as soon as it's signed. Our next big release in the coming weeks is to have free accounts that, once logged in, show you messages that are important specifically to you based on your location and interests.

    We believe that this will help people to remain active in politics and consistently share their opinions with those who represent them.

    We are also discussing the possibility of creating a tool of public accountability - showcasing what reps have heard from their constituents vs. the money they have received and where they've received it from. By providing this information openly, when a member of Congress has a track record of voting against the desires of a substantial portion of his or her district, we've got a record of it, and it can get brought up in the next election.

    We know that there must be more we can do to create and maintain people's contact with their elected officials.

    What else can we build to help you communicate with your reps?
    What barriers are holding you or others back that we can realistically address?