It is all about self-obsession, not issues

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I am studying the neurophysiological causes of human predation. I am particularly interested in seeing collaboration and discussion between experts (at conferences?) in diverse fields that are impinged upon by and affect extremist behavior (psychology, neurophysiology, genetics, sociology, education, economics, data analysis, discourse analysis, predation, practical politics, law, rhetoric, media, polemics, brainwashing, military, history, philosophy, dispute resolution, conspiracy theory, behavioral sciences, advertising, athletics, religion, etc.). I believe there is a simple explanation of extremist behavior: how the brain is structured, by genetics, social conditioning ("neuroplasticity"), or injury (including environmental causes). I can remember the time when 6 million poor people, business owners, philosophers, religious leaders, ethnic minorities, intellectuals, politicians, etc. were killed by power-mad and control-hungry psychopaths just because all a generally self-obsessed population cared about was whether the trains ran on time. In fact that has happened throughout history and is being repeated now.

Political Views

Our species is divisible in to two groups: predators and prey. No laws should be permitted that can even *possibly* be co-opted by self-obsessed, predatory people who are incapable of feeling empathy, who should also not be allowed to hold public positions of power and control. Such people (equivalent to "schoolyard bullies" in tactics) can be identified by specific characteristics of speech, body-language and lifestyle that should be explained to everyone and in public schools. Then "predators" can be prevented from being destructive.