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U.S. Departments & Agencies0544Trump's border wall2020-10-06
Federal Executive Departments0404Trump's border wall2020-10-06
Department of Agriculture01Sam Clovis2017-11-06
Department of Commerce01Jobs report positive.2019-01-07
Department of Defense0139no oversight of military spending2020-01-13
National Security Agency (NSA)098that guy is a real leaker!2017-06-13
The Pentagon026Screwed up Pentagon2016-09-17
Department of Education03
Department of Energy00The third Reich all over again?2017-05-31
Department of Health and Human Services014Trump signs Executive Order Targeting Welfare Programs2019-06-12
Department of Homeland Security048Trump's border wall2020-10-06
FEMA04Where are They Now???2012-11-30
Immigration & Customs06The effect of ICE raids on the community2019-03-04
U.S. Customs & Border05Trump's border wall2020-10-06
U.S. Secret Service017The ridiculous cost of Trump'and his cronies.2018-07-18
US Citizenship & Immigration Services04
Department of Housing and Urban Development09Trump signs Executive Order Targeting Welfare Programs2019-06-12
Department of Interior015An insider job at Interior2019-04-18
National Park Service014Blame it on the poor Park Ranger for the shutdown2013-10-23
Department of Justice0107White House: Feds will step up marijuana law enforcement2020-01-12
Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms (ATF)02
Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)01DEA interfering in medicine.2017-02-27
FBI058Background Check on trump?2019-04-04
Department of Labor04Labor Secretary Alex Acosta likely to be fired by Trump2019-09-26
Department of State07Goodbye State Department2017-11-29
Department of Transportation03Interstate 5 Bridge Collapse in Washington State2013-05-27
Department of Treasury033Donald Trump Tax Returns2020-02-09
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)032Donald Trump Tax Returns2020-02-09
Department of Veterans Affairs022Veterans Affairs and Mental Health2015-07-22
Independent Agencies0153may the Force be with you2019-08-22
CIA051war on environmentalists2018-03-09
EPA014Scott Pruitt has resigned from the EPA !2019-02-04
NASA085may the Force be with you2019-08-22
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)03