US Army War College


Alumni Elected to Congress

Congress Member
StateYears in OfficeCollegeHighest DegreeSubject
Joe Heck
H(R)NV-0301/03/11 - PresentUS Army War College ('06), Philadelphia Osteopathic Medicine ('88) & Penn State ('84)DoctorateMedicine0
John Walsh
S(D)MT [II]02/07/14 - 01/03/15US Army War College ('07) & State University of New York ('90)MastersGovernment0
Scott Perry
H(R)PA-0401/03/13 - PresentUS Army War College ('02) & Penn State ('91)MastersInternational Relations0
William Enyart
H(D)IL-1201/03/13 - 01/03/15US Army War College ('00), Southern Illinois Carbondale ('79), Southern Illinois Edwardsville ('74, '74)DoctorateLaw0