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Unemployed men outside a Chicago soup kitchen during the Great DepressionUnemployed men outside a Chicago soup kitchen during the Great Depression

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  • The term "inequality" has been in the front of the news lately, not only because President Obama has made it a central part of his second term agenda, but also because many economists and political scientists recognize that for our democracy to survive, the current trends of increasing inequality must be abated.
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  • A Social Compact For 21st Century America
    Of all the pieces of legislation that came about to help dig America out of the Great Depression, none had a greater impact than the Social Security Act. This single piece of legislation and subsequent amendments expanding the eligible number of recipients dramatically rewrote the social compact between the federal government and the citizens it governs.

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08/21/12The Obama Administration gutted the 1996 welfare reform programJobs, Unemployment Benefits & Barack Obama0

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