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  • Waving The White Flag Won't Win You This Election, Mr. Foley
    "Sometimes I can't believe the things you say, Tom. So let's talk about the specifics." That was a response by current Governor Dannel Malloy to his running mate (R) Tom Foley, during their CBA debate to decide the next governor for Connecticut. And I think that line sums up well the feel of this gubernatorial race.

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  • Tom Emmer, a former GOP State Representative of Minnesota and currently running for Representative Bachmann's open seat, participated in an advertisement for a home remodeling company while at the time standing in front of his campaign poster and announcing that he is running for Congress. While the spot was eerie enough, Mr. Emmer seems to have broken campaign finance law by doing the commercial. Mr. Emmer claims that the ad was never supposed to be aired, but has not given any explanation as to why he did the ad in the first place.