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04/16/15My travels on the Clinton conspiracy trailmotherjones.com
I met Larry Nichols, the self-described smut king of Arkansas, at a breakfast joint in Conway, not far from the spot where he claims Bill Clinton loyalists once fired on him and a reporter for London's Sunday Telegraph. "You have to understand," he said, looking up from his coffee, "you're in Redneck City." Nichols had declared war on the Clintons in 1988, when Bill was governor, after being canned from his job at a state agency for placing dozens of long-distance phone calls on behalf of the Nicaraguan Contras. As he hunch...
01/05/15The amazing, possibly true adventures of Catman Keeley and his corporate hoboesmotherjones.com
WE WERE ON the edge of the desert near Barstow, perched on the side of a freight train that was picking up speed, when my doubts began to take hold. Steven "Bo" Keeley and I had been introduced by chance. A year earlier, I had gone to Oakland to meet up with a friend, an East Bay radical of the Occupy sort who had lured me west with the promise of hopping freights. I had long been fascinated by the notion, picking up scraps of wisdom here and there—avoid the "bulls" (hobo slang for railroad security); watch out for tunne...