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Gov. Tim Kaine at the Buena Vista Labor Day ParadeGov. Tim Kaine at the Buena Vista Labor Day ParadeBy: Mark Warner

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  • Senator Tim Kaine: a Progressive Voice for Vice President
    For those of us who were first introduced to Senator Tim Kaine at the Miami Clinton/Kaine rally at Florida International University expecting a boring “Mike Pence like” white guy speech, we were surprised and blown away. We witnessed an energetic, animated, and smiling Tim Kaine give an inspiring speech captivating all of us with his every word.

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  • Senate Loss May Soon Be Democrat's Gain
    Don't worry Democrats--everything is going to be alright! We will live to see another day regardless of the agony you are feeling right now. It was a tough night for Democrats, but all is not lost. Now we can all sit back and watch the Republican party implode before our very eyes. I imagine it is going to be rather fun to watch.

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