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  • Noe was accused of illegally funneling $45,400 to President Bush’s re-election campaign, using "two dozen people as “conduits” to make illegal campaign contributions at a $2,000-a-seat fund-raiser in Columbus. Noe skirted federal campaign finance funding limits while meeting a pledge to raise $50,000 for the October 30, 2003, fund-raiser. The Bush campaign later named Noe a "Pioneer" for raising at least $100,000 overall.... In addition to “conduits” who received between $1,750 and $4,000 from Noe to make either one or two contributions, prosecutors claim that the former rare-coin dealer used two people as “super-conduits,” giving them $6,000 and $14,300 that they then split with others who attended the fund-raiser." Noe now is serving a jail term of at least 10 years.