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  • Republican lawmakers around the country are facing angry backlash from their constituents over Obamacare and other issues at packed town halls. But an event for Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton on Wednesday night got especially heated.
  • The controversy over the GOP letter to Iran continues to rage this morning, with the letter’s chief sponsor — Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas — taking to Morning Joe to defend the missive. Democrats have attacked the letter — which advises Iranian leaders that any agreement on that country’s nuclear program needs Senate approval and can be undone by a future president — as an unprecedented effort to undermine a sitting president’s foreign policy negotiations. Cotton is digging in, insisting the Senate must vote on any nuclear deal.
  • Newly elected Tom Cotton of Arkansas is one of the youngest members of the Senate, only 37 years old, a graduate of Harvard and Harvard Law and a veteran of both Afghanistan and Iraq. Widely considered to be a leading light on the right in foreign policy and national security, Cotton was naturally given a plum assignment on the Senate Armed Services Committee. Last week he made his debut on the national stage by posing a series of probing questions about Guantánamo to Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Brian McKeon that left many people in the country wondering whether Pee Wee Herman was guest lecturing the semester he studied logic at Harvard.