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Dr. Nikan Khatibi & Dr. Parmis Khatibi & Congressman Tom CottonDr. Nikan Khatibi & Dr. Parmis Khatibi & Congressman Tom CottonBy: laguna4life

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  • The Scariest New Senate Candidates of 2014
    For the 2014 midterm elections, the GOP has some truly scary candidates with extreme views on women's rights, the climate, and how our government should function. Some of them proudly tout their extreme beliefs while others hide behind them, but all of them would take us a step backward should they be elected.

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  • Representative Tom Cotton aired a television advertisement accusing President Obama of hijacking "the farm bill and turn[ing] it into a food stamp bill." He went on to say that is the reason why he voted against the bill. This blatantly misleading advertisement neglects to inform his audience that the Farm Bill has always had provisions in it that pay for the Food Stamp program, as well as direct payments to American farmers. He also mislead his audience because the 2013 bill actually cut the budget for the Food Stamp program.
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