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Police gathering evidence at the Bataclan theatre in France after a terrorist attackPolice gathering evidence at the Bataclan theatre in France after a terrorist attackBy: Maya-Anaïs Yataghène

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  • House Republicans Pick For Profit Schools Over Veterans in GI Bill Fight
    Laws that have broad bi-partisan support come few and far between, but the GI Bill that was passed in 1944 is one of those few bills that will bring together both the most ardently conservative and die hard liberal because it was a law designed to thank those who made the ultimate sacrifice in serving our country.
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  • Hawaii Hurricanes Iselle and Julio: First Hand Account From A Big Islander
    Since I am currently living on the Big Island of Hawaii, in Hilo about a mile from bay front, I thought I would put my time to use (while hunkered down) blogging about a first hand account with Hurricane's Iselle and Julio. I plan to do this blog like an updating journal entry.
  • Strange Full Moon To Disturb Sleep All Summer
    Folklore has said the moon cycles have a large role in humans and animals sleep methods and quality. With the next full moon approaching July 12th, I wonder how many people this will actually affect. There have been some very interesting studies done before, during, and just after full moon cycles that show this folklore to actually hold great weight.
  • At Least 74 School Shootings Have Happened Since Sandy Hook
    If you have been keeping up with the news aggregate catch-all site 'Google News' lately, you will notice an uptick in what's "becoming the norm" as President Obama recently put it: school shootings. I know I've noticed it. And it got me wondering just how many school shootings have taken place lately? Feels more and more like an everyday, or at least every week occurrence lately.
  • A 4.4 magnitude earthquake struck near Los Angeles early Monday morning, waking a lot of people up earlier than usual but not causing any immediate reports of major damages or injuries. While millions of Californians are breathing a collective sigh of relief, it is only a matter of time before the next big earthquake hits California.
  • Australian Open Heat Wave: The Snoopy Hallucination Story
    The Australian Open for tennis has happened every year since it's inception back in 1905. And it's just like any other sporting event in the sense that headlines typically read very generic: So and so wins big. Upset in the making. Underdog prevails! The streak continues.. and so on and so forth. But this year, that's not really where the story was at.

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  • Donald Trump boasted that his Trump Tower complex was the newest tallest in New York City the same day terrorists struck the twin towers on 9/11/2011. Trump responded to a question about the attack by saying "40 Wall Street actually was the second-tallest building in downtown Manhattan, and it was actually, before the World Trade Center, was the tallest, and then, when they built the World Trade Center, it became known as the second-tallest. And now it’s the tallest."
  • A Texas man has been arrested for allegedly plotting to blow up government buildings, rob banks and kill law enforcement officers. 38-year-old Robert Talbot was arrested on Thursday on multiple offenses, including possession of explosive materials, after an 8-month undercover investigation by the FBI joint Terrorism Task Force. He allegedly created a Facebook page titled “American Insurgent Movement” (AIM), which is inundated with bizarre anti-Government, anti-liberal, tea party-type rants on fighting tyranny. His Facebook page leaves links to TeaParty.org, inforwars and other sources.
  • An unemployed motorcycle mechanic walked into Los Angeles International Airport and opened fire, killing one TSA agent and wounding six more before he was shot by airport police. The suspect, Paul Ciancia, had a handwritten note on his person that stated he wanted to "instill fear in their [TSA] traitorous minds," and that he was doing this act of terrorism consciously. Ciancia also wrote of a New World Order and lamenting a fiat currency
  • North Jersey Media Group recently sued Sarah Palin and her political action committee for using a photograph from 9/11 that the company has exclusive rights to. The iconic photograph shows three firefighters raising the American flag on top of the ruins of the World Trade Center. The company released a statement that they asked both Palin and her PAC to remove the photograph before they decided to file suit.
  • For the second day in a row, the New York Post has published a discredited story regarding the Boston Marathon Bombings. The Post published a picture of two individuals with the headline: “BAG MEN, Feds seek these two pictured at Boston Marathon.” The only problem is that the FBI stated they were not seeking those individuals and that they are not the suspects.

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