• The last time the leaders of China's Communist Party and the Kuomintang met, they were between two wars: one war against the Japanese Empire, which had just surrendered, and another war, on pause, against each other. It was August 1945 in the Chinese city of Chongqing, China's wartime capital far inland from Beijing. The Communist Party and the Kuomintang-led Chinese government had paused their civil war in 1937 to join forces against the Japanese invaders, and their 1945 meeting was a toast to their victory, but it also heralded a return to their civil war.
  • A TransAsia Airways (6702.TW) plane with 58 passengers and crew on board careened into a river shortly after taking off from a downtown Taipei airport on Wednesday, killing 23 people and leaving 20 missing, officials said. Fifteen people survived the crash after the plane lurched between buildings, clipped a taxi and an overpass with its port-side wing and crashed upside down in the shallow water. Dramatic pictures taken by a motorist and posted on Twitter showed the plane careening over the motorway soon after the turboprop ATR 72-600 aircraft took off in apparently clear weather on a domestic flight for the island of Kinmen.
  • At least 25 people die when a plane carrying 58 people clips a bridge and crashes into a river in Taiwan's capital Taipei, officials say.
  • A TransAsia Airways turboprop plane crashed on its second attempt at landing during a thunderstorm on an island off Taiwan on Wednesday, killing 47 people and setting buildings on fire, officials said. The plane, a 70-seat ATR 72, crashed near the runway on the island of Penghu, west of the mainland, with 54 passengers and four crew on board, they said. No one was killed or hurt in the buildings.
  • At least 47 people were feared dead after a TransAsia Airways plane crashed Wednesday while trying to make an emergency landing in stormy weather in the Penghu Islands off the coast of Taiwan. Taiwan had been suffering strong winds and torrential rains Wednesday from Typhoon Matmo.
  • More than 40 people were killed when a TransAsia Airways passenger plane crashed after making a failed emergency landing in Taiwan, local officials say.