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  • Emails from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee that read like part fundraising pitch, part hostage note (“Donate Three Dollars Right Now Or I Will Stab Myself In The Eye” they may as well say) have become one of the running gags of this campaign season as they clog the inboxes of reporters and supporters alike. “It’s too late,” read one subject line from earlier this year. “Doomed,” read another. And the reason for the tone, and the volume of missives, according to DCCC head Rep. Steve Israel, is that they work, providing a real boon to the party’s fundraising in what is expected to be a very difficult campaign environment in November.
  • Across America, middle-class families are wondering how they'll send their kids to college, pay their mortgages and still manage to save enough for retirement. Women across America face an uphill climb in the workplace, as they continue to earn less than men. We still sit in traffic on congested roads built decades ago, and then drive on run-down roads and crumbling bridges. These are among the problems our elected leaders are expected to address. These are the issues voters want us to focus on.
  • New York is often — and incorrectly — written off as a haven of deep-blue voters that says little about the rest of the country. But Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel knows his home state is consequential in determining whether his party falls farther behind in its quest to win back the House of Representatives. Yet his reach goes well beyond New York. And unlike the state’s other major political players — two Clintons and two sitting senators — Israel is playing the broadest fundraising role of all of them this cycle.