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  • Presidential Senior Adviser Steve Bannon was removed from his position on the National Security Council principals committee after a reorganization gave National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster more authority to shape the council in his image. Bannon's original seat on the council drew concern from many areas of government due to his lack of expertise in international affairs and political position within Trump's White House.
  • Breitbart News, the website Steve Bannon used to run, released a leaked audio recording of Speaker Paul Ryan bashing Donald Trump during the campaign and saying that he is "not going to defend Donald Trump — not now, not in the future." Bannon is now Donald Trump's senior adviser in the White House.
  • Steve Bannon, President Trump's chief strategist and senior counselor, is registered to vote in both New York and Florida. President Trump has said that people on rolls in multiple states prove his claim that there is rampant voter fraud in the United States.
  • A former colleague of Donald Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon was accused of advocating that voting rights in the US should only be granted to property owners. The colleague, Julia Jones, said she told Bannon that would likely “exclude a lot of African-Americans,” to which Bannon reportedly replied "[m]aybe that’s not such a bad thing.”
  • Donald Trump's incoming chief political adviser earned a salary from nonprofit charity he ran while also running Government Accountability Institute, the nonprofit in question, claimed to be an independent, nonpartisan institute in their tax filing with the IRS, but the organization has been closely linked with right wing organizations that have been highly critical of the Obama Administration and then Secretary Clinton's campaign.
  • Donald Trump named former Brietbart News executive chairman Steve Bannon to be his chief strategist and senior counselor when becomes President. Brannon is an outspoken white nationalist who has used his position at Brietbart to publish overtly white supremacist and "white ethno-nationalistic" propaganda that has become the go-to website for alt-right and white supremacists throughout the country.
  • More than a year before officially becoming Donald Trump's campaign manager, Breitbart CEO Stephen Bannon bragged to writer Julia Jones that he was unofficially running Trump's campaign. Jones asked if she could report it, but Bannon said that it was confidential. Bannon went on to say that he liked "Trump [because he] is a nationalist who embraces [Sen. Jeff Sessions’s] immigration plan.”
  • Steve Bannon, the CEO of Donald Trump's presidential campaign, was accused of being an anti-Semite by his ex-wife during divorce proceedings. Mary Louise Piccard accused Bannon of saying multiple negative and derogatory comments about the Jewish people and that he insisted on sending their children to a school that didn't have a large Jewish population.