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  • Why We Go To War
    We go to war because it’s so easy. It’s as simple as that.
  • From Sergeant York to the American Sniper...the making of legends
    "The first time you shoot someone, you get a little nervous. You think, can I really shoot this guy? Is it really okay? But after you kill your enemy, you see it’s okay. You say, Great. You do it again. And again. You do it so the enemy won’t kill you or your countrymen. You do it until there’s no one left for you to kill. That’s what war is.
  • Three Reasons The Midterm Elections Should be a Referendum on President Obama
    We have seen this story play out in countless midterm elections before. Members of the party the President belongs to run as far away from him as possible and members of the opposition try to tie members of the President's party to him at every turn.
  • Does Counter-Terrorism Really Sound That Much Better Than War?
    At what point do you label a military operation a war? Without getting into the pros and cons, the rights and wrongs of bombing Syria, I still wonder at what point the American people, Congress and President Obama are willing to say 'Yes, we are at war with the Islamic State'. Let's try and break this down.
  • Senators John McCain and Lyndsay Graham's New York Times Op Ed of the 29th of August "Stop Dithering and Confront ISIS" has a rather pointless "just do something" sense to it that belies the fact that McCain was a prisoner of war in a conflict based on the same sentiment.

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    A UN panel is set to monitor how Sri Lanka responds to allegations of violating human rights during the end of its civil war with the Tamil Tigers. But Sri Lanka has...
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    Sri Lanka showed the warmth its people are known for when one of the biggest Bollywood extravaganzas, the International Indian Film Academy awards, came to town at the...
  • Sri Lanka's Civil War Legacy One Year LaterTue May 18, 2010 |
    Civil wars are particularly nasty affairs pitting neighbor again neighbor. Let bygones be bygones would certainly be a better approach. But when ethnic groups, like a a...