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  • Chances Are High These States (and D.C.) Will Legalize Marijuana During The Mid-Terms
    Two states plus Washington D.C. can follow in the footsteps of Colorado and Washington state by voting in favor of fully legalizing marijuana with ballot initiatives, this mid-term election cycle. The states that have decided to have their electorate vote on ballot measures this time around are: Alaska, Oregon, and Florida.
  • Washington State Is Selling Legal Weed Now
    Several months behind Colorado, but still only the second state in our union to do so, Washington state has begun to officially sell recreational marijuana. Sales began on July 8th. As with Colorado, the first day of sales was largely celebratory and more historic in nature, than anything else.
  • Martin Scorsese's 'Boardwalk Empire'- Season 5 To be The Last
    HBO has announced that it will take one last stroll on the Boardwalk of Atlantic City. The show has been a great success over the last few years, with four seasons already completed and aired. I recently finished the the fourth season and let me tell you, it's no joke. If you haven't seen the show, without giving anything away, you are in for a vicious treat.
  • Crime Down, Revenue Way Up for Colorado 5 Months Into Marijuana Legalization
    Back on November 6th, 2012, the bold states of Colorado and Washington passed ballot measures alongside the last presidential election process to fully legalize marijuana.
  • Vaping- The Smokers Final Frontier
    There's a craze that has been about for several years now, although it has exploded in the past 12 months. I am referring to electronic cigarettes, aka "vaping". There are countless people switching from ole tar sticks to this (in my opinion and most others) much healthier form of smoking. If you ask me, it is one hundred percent undeniable the difference in health risks.

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