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  • The $30 Million Education Race That Went Completely Under The Nation's Radar
    Money ruled these midterms, as pundit Jon Stewart of 'The Daily Show' pointed out. And in a big way. A $4 Billion big way. Yes, that's how much cash was inserted into the combined races for all the candidates in all the races this midterm season. And as Stewart also pointed out, it seems that 'ideas' were not on the ballot this year.
  • Americans Really Have No Idea How Our Government Functions
    A recent survey conducted by the Public Policy Center of Pennsylvania asked over 1,400 American adults to do a simple task that every elementary school child should know, which is to name the three branches of our federal government. The results leave me more than a little frustrated and despaired. Over one third of respondents could not name the three branches of government.
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  • Utah has passed a bill (HB363) that makes it illegal to talk about premarital sex, sexuality in general, homosexuality, and contraception, even in terms of preventing sexually-transmitted diseases, in any public school setting. The bill reads: "Human sexuality instruction or instructional programs may not include instruction in, or the advocacy of, the intricacies of intercourse, sexual stimulation, or erotic behavior; homosexuality; the use of contraceptive methods or devices; or sexual activity outside of marriage." This bill basically means that the only way a teacher can inform a student about sex, if they are allowed to talk about sex at all, is to promote abstinence only until marriage.

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