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    Quick question, and answer with your gut, which political party in this country is the party of liberty? The Republicans, or the Democrats? Which is the party of freedom? The party of equality? Which is the party of compassion, or common sense? Now hold those answers in head, and let me ask a few more and see if by the time you read all of this, you still feel the same: What have
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  • Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has spearheaded a measure that has drained tens of millions of dollars of Government money away from public schools and to Religious Private Schools. Opponents of the measure have argued that this is a clear violation of the separation of church and state clause of the 1st Amendment. Government cannot endorse a specific religion.
  • Rick Perry has announced that he will be hosting a "Day of Prayer" at Houston's Reliant Stadium which has brought up many concerns about political leaders organizing religious events. Perry expects to fill the 71,000 seat stadium but only 8,000 people have RSVP'd. This declaration by Perry also could cast a black mark on future campaigns on his stance on separation of church and state.
  • Upon being elected, Roy Moore had a nearly 3-ton monument of the Ten Commandments displayed outside of the courthouse. He was supported by various religious groups.A judged ruled that, the monument, clearly Judeo-Christian, being displayed is a clear violation of the First Amendment that prohibits the government from endorsing a religion and must be removed. On August 14, Moore announced his intention to disobey Judge Thompson's order to have the monument removed. Moore had to be forcibly removed from office.

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