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  • Gov. Scott Walker signed two bills that cut Planned Parenthood funding. One in particular restricts the amount PP gets back in Medicaid reimbursements for birth control.
  • A second "John Doe" investigation has been launched to determine if campaign violations took place during Governor Scott Walker's recall election in 2012. Multiple sources have confirmed that the new investigation is also following up on multiple leads that had arisen in the first "John Doe" investigation that was conducted in 2010.
  • The Scott Walker Administration has been criticized for alleged favoritism and cronyism. The girlfriend, Valerie Cass, of then State Senator Randy Hopper was hired for a short-term position at a salary higher than that of her predecessor. According to state records, she had never formally applied to the position, while multiple other qualified candidates with high-level recommendations were passed over for the job.
  • Scott Walker appointed Brian Deschane to an $81,500 per year job overseeing environmental and regulatory matters and dozens of employees at the Department of Commerce. Deschane's father, Jerry Deschane, is executive vice president and a longtime lobbyist for the Wisconsin Builders' Association, which donated $121,652 to Walker over the past two years. 2 days later, after a great public outcry, Walker demotes Deschane.
  • A "John Doe" investigation launched in May 2010 has embroiled former Walker staffers and appointees from his time as Milwaukee County executive, his job before winning the governorship in November 2010. The investigation, led by Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, has led to home raids targeting former staffers with close ties to Walker and numerous felony charges for election law violations, embezzlement, and misconduct in office.
  • Scott Walker never attained a degree from Marquette, but his presidential campaign for Associated Student President left an imprint. On the eve of the election, he and his allies distributed copies of a brochure that contrasted Scott’s style of leadership with the rabble-rousing, protest-leading, vague idealism of his opponent.