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 Santa Claus on his sleigh aboard a holiday train in Chicago. Santa Claus on his sleigh aboard a holiday train in Chicago.By: DR04
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  • Christmas, the time of the year when little ones across the world are on their best behavior for the fluffy, white bearded, gift bearing, man in red, known as Santa Claus. He is considered to be the jolliest of jolly and as been known to compensate where due for good children. Of course this is where my thoughts land on the subject.
  • I Was Told God And Santa Were Real...
    Growing up believing Santa Claus was real and then finding out around 5 years old that he was actually pure fiction taught me a valuable lesson about religion, even if that lesson laid dormant in the deep recesses of my subconscious until years later.Remember the children's books when you were a kid? They were thin and had gold trim on the sides.

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