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  • Ted Cruz Reflects Confusing GOP Attitude Toward Acronyms
    So Ted Cruz is running for President, and wants to abolish the IRS.Back in the wake of the “IRS Scandal”—that is, when the public became aware that the IRS was selectively targeting nominally conservative or Tea Party-associated groups for tax audits, Cruz’s solution was to eliminate the federal body altogether.
  • From a Promised Utopia to Catastrophe: Welcome to Sam Brownback's Kansas
    If you ever want to see a 'real life experiment' on how to turn Ayn Rand's philosophy into a state wide policy, then look no further than Kansas. Governor Brownback coasted to election four years ago on his promise to make Kansas a bastion of conservative orthodoxy.

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  • Car dealer wins sales tax rebate dealTue Jul 22, 2014 |
    Elmhurst City Council members Monday approved 10 to 2 another sales tax rebate for a car dealer despite concerns over the amount and length of the deal.
  • Tax plan to rescue Metro bus service on city's November ballotThu Jul 17, 2014 |
    The Seattle City Council voted Thursday to ask Seattle’s usually generous electorate to vote in November for a $60 car tab fee and 0.1 percent sales tax increase to stave...
  • Florida hurricane sales tax holiday runs today through June 8Sat May 31, 2014 |
    Portable generators and other storm supplies are sales tax free today through June 8 to encourage Floridians to prepare for the 2014 hurricane season, which starts Sunday...
  • IRS Taxing Tax Day Freebies?Mon Apr 14, 2014 |
    Tax Day Freebies and Discounts Are Bigger and Better, But Can't IRS Tax Them Too?
  • FairTax-Income Taxes vs. Sales TaxesTue Apr 01, 2014 |
    Tax time is never a pleasant experience for any American. Collectively millions and millions of hours are spent on filling out forms and trying to decipher arcane...
  • Tax-Hating States Totally Fine With Taxing The PoorTue Mar 18, 2014 |
    As everyone knows, Southern politicians despise taxes more than just about anything -- except perhaps cornbread with sugar, or iced tea without. This established rule of...
  • The United States of sales tax, in one mapThu Feb 20, 2014 |
    After we posted a map of state income tax rates earlier this week, we heard back from many readers who were also interested in seeing state sales tax rates in order to get...
  • Sales Tax Rates in Major U.S. CitiesWed Apr 11, 2012 |
    Sales taxes in the United States are levied not only by state governments but also by city, county, Native American, and special district governments. In many cases these...
  • Buyers Find Tax Break on Art: Let It Hang Awhile in OregonSat Apr 12, 2014 |
    The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, tucked into a quiet corner of a college campus here in the hills of the Pacific Northwest, is hardly the epicenter of the art world. Yet...
  • Size of the sales tax enters Texas political debateThu Apr 10, 2014 |
    Today’s political debates could lead you to believe there are two things the Texas Legislature could do with the state sales tax next year: grow it or shrink it. The latter...

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