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  • In the summer of 2013, according to multiple sources, Shepard Smith approached Fox News president Roger Ailes about publicly coming out. The anchor was eager to finally acknowledge his sexuality. Ailes informed Smith that the network’s famously conservative audience would not tolerate a gay news anchor. Ailes’ answer was definitive: Smith could not say he’s gay. The discussion worried enough Fox executives to prompt Smith’s removal, in September 2013, from the channel’s prime-time lineup. According to a Fox insider with direct knowledge of negotiations, Smith’s desire to come out was a large factor in the dramatic move.
  • Fox News chairman Roger Ailes is purportedly the brain child behind a fake blog that created to combat Fox News critics. "The Cable Games" was a blog written anonymously by Fox News contributor Jim Pinkerton and was used solely for the purpose of attacking other media personalities and channels. The fake blog also routinely propped up Roger Ailes as a "Boy Scout, patriot, American."
  • A new book being released by Gabriel Sherman accuses Roger Ailes, the CEO of Fox News, of a long pattern of sexist and misogynist behavior towards the women that work at the station. Ailes is accused of making unwanted advances towards women during job interviews, demanding that the women on Fox News show more legs, and complaining that he didn't spend money on a glass desk for the female hosts to wear pant suits.
  • Fox News chairman Roger Ailes has purportedly tried to use his influence to take over the small town of Garrison, N.Y. Ailes has purchased the towns small newspaper to ensure he controls the flow of information throughout the town and hired an editor that attacked any critic of the new direction the newspaper had taken. Ailes also reportedly shows up to town meetings with body guards and lawyers to try to intimidate the towns residents into submitting to his demand in rewriting the zoning laws that prevent him from future development. If that wasn't already enough, Ailes has also recruited Republican candidates more to his liking to run for a variety of town offices.
  • A forthcoming book by Gabriel Sherman interviews a woman that worked with Roger Ailes in the 1980's who claims that Mr. Ailes offered her a pay raise in exchange for weekly sex with him whenever he would like. Randi Harrison, the woman in question, claims that Mr. Ailes said he would pay her an extra $100 per week if she would agree to the demand.
  • Brian Lewis, one of Roger Ailes top aides, was fired and escorted from the Fox News building last month in what is surely a blow to the right-wing executive. Mr. Lewis was fired after an internal investigation found multiple "financial irregularities" and other breaches of contract. Lewis had been with Ailes and Fox News since its inception over 17 years ago.
  • Fox News chief Roger Ailes has been taking steps since November 2012 to re-position Fox in the post-election media environment, freshening story lines — and in some cases, changing the characters. According to multiple Fox sources, Ailes has issued a new directive to his staff: He wants the faces associated with the election off the air — for now. For Karl Rove and Dick Morris this means their time is extremely limited and that they cannot go on the air unless pre-approved by Ailes himself, at least for the foreseeable future.
  • Roger Ailes had a proposition for then General David Petraeus back in 2011: Accept nothing less than Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff or run for President if he was turned down.
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