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10/06/15Iran’s Javad Zarif on Russia and Peace in
Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, is in demand these days. On the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly, he shook hands with President Obama and met twice with Secretary of State John Kerry. (Zarif and Kerry have been nominated, jointly, for the Nobel Peace Prize, scheduled to be announced this week, for their two-year negotiations on the Iran nuclear deal.) Zarif hosted both Republican and Democratic officials from previous U.S. Administrations, breakfasted with editors, huddled with American nuclear experts,...
05/01/15Yemen Then and Now: The Sad Chronicle of a Failed
In 1994, I took my mother on a vacation to Yemen, the most remote and populous corner of the Arabian peninsula. We landed, by ship, at the port city of Mukalla, once a major trading post between Africa and India. Whitewashed Arabesque buildings, with thick carved doors, stretched around the bay. Raw mountains loomed in the background. In the nineteen-thirties, the British explorer Freya Stark embarked from Mukalla for her journey into Arabia’s hinterland, and wrote of the “never-ending delight” of city’s shoreline: Acres...