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  • The Top 5 States Spending The Most On TV Campaign Ads
    Money and politics are interchangeable; a sentiment coming more and more true with every passing election. It's not pretty. Usually its downright infuriating. But it's true. He or she that can raise the most dollar bills, and insert that pile of cash into their campaign has a great chance of buying any given election.
  • Facebook announced the acquisition of the popular text service WhatsApp for the bargain price of $19 billion dollars in a deal that seemed to catch everyone off guard. While many Americans have never heard of the company, WhatsApp is hugely popular outside of the United States and it is not surprising that Facebook is trying to expand their market share into areas outside of America.

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07/18/15Divining the Obama
The British historian Arnold Toynbee warned historians against trying to understand the present—let alone imagining what historians would say about current events in the future. Toynbee compared this to the man with his nose pressed against the mirror trying to see his whole body. So, any historian commenting on how we will view President Barack Obama’s legacy in the years ahead is on uncertain ground.

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