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  • And In This Corner, Gov Rick Scott: The Master of Doublespeak And Nonsense
    "Governor Scott... I'm not sure I got an answer to the question.." That was a remark from one of the moderators at the gubernatorial debate between incumbent Florida Governor Rick Scott and his Democratic opponent, Charlie Crist. Rick Scott was asked a very straight forward question on discrimination with gay marriage: "Governor Scott, you say you are against discrimination.
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    Texas Governor Rick Perry plans to run for president in 2016. He even just started his very own super PAC to gather campaign financing, named RickPAC. And the long time governor plans to hit the campaign trail hard later this month, visiting all the key Republican states, including Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, to name a few.
  • Georgia's "Guns Everywhere" Bill
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  • Governor Jan Brewer vetoed Arizona's "religious liberty" bill last evening, putting the brakes on what could have been one of the most discriminatory laws in the country had she given it her approval.

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  • Florida governor, Rick Scott, signed a bill into law requiring doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, annual inspections for clinics, and bans the purchase, sell or transfer of fetal remains. The law upgrades the failure to properly dispose of fetal tissue from a second-degree misdemeanor to a first-degree misdemeanor.
  • Florida Governor Rick Scott refused to take the debate stage for over four minutes in protest over a small fan that Charlie Crist was using. The Governor claimed that Crist broke the rules of the debate, but the Crist campaign released a signed document showing otherwise.
  • Billionaire Mike Fernandez, co-chair of Rick Scott's campaign, resigned. Tensions had allegedly been building for weeks. The final straw came when high ranking campaign staffers were allegedly doing over-the-top, cartoonish Mexican accents while they were on their way to a Mexican restaurant according to campaign personnel.
  • Tallahassee, Fla., attorney Steven Andrews filed a new lawsuit against Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Monday, alleging that the Republican governor's administration failed to release public records, according to The Associated Press. Andrews, a frequent critic of Scott, filed separate lawsuits against the governor, Attorney General Pam Bondi and the Department of State. The lawsuits accuse the Scott administration of tampering with a top aide's calendar, using private email accounts for state business and stalling for more than 18 months to supply another aide's text messages. Bondi is alleged to have refused to release meeting notes kept on her iPad.
  • Pam Bondi, the Attorney General of Florida, recently requested that the execution of an inmate scheduled to be put to death on September 10th be postponed because a fundraiser to launch her reelection bid was being held that same evening. Governor Scott has been a firm proponent of speeding up executions by minimizing the appeals process, but did not question why his Attorney General requested the delay and proceeded to grant a stay of one month.
  • Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll has resigned and authorities have announced that nearly 60 people have been charged in a scandal that involves Internet cafes. Authorities say the cafes are really illegal casinos, and those involved have been using a purported veterans charity (Allied Veterans of the World) to siphon off millions of dollars the cafes generate. Authorities say the charity was a front for a $300 million gambling operation. The public relations firm Carroll co-owned (3N & JC) did work for the charity. She has not been charged with a crime and has denied doing anything wrong. She resigned a day after being questioned about the case.
  • Apparently it was all politics. Governor Scott adopted a rescue dog during his 2010 gubernatorial campaign in response to the First Family getting a pure bred dog. Never mind the fact that the First Family had to do that because of their daughter's allergies. When reporters started inquiring about the welfare of the dog, the Governor's office initially stonewalled the questions, but eventually admitted that the Governor had returned the dog back to the shelter.
  • Mitt Romney’s campaign asked Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) to downplay his state’s job growth after several press releases from the governor’s campaign and messages from the Florida Chamber of Commerce trumpeted gains for the month of May.

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