Forum Rule : Respect Liberal People, Groups & Ideas

Respect Liberal People, Groups & Ideas

Constructive criticism or debate is okay. Name-calling or blanket generalizations against liberals is not. No communism, fascism, nazi references.

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General Insults Against Liberals or Progressives as a Group is Not Allowed
This is referring to liberals or progressives in a negative way or using negative terms such as "libtards" or "dummycrats" or saying "they are just a bunch of liberals" or something like that.
Negative Nicknames or Terms Against Liberals are not Allowed
No Blanket or Dismissive Criticism of Mainstream Liberal Ideas
You cannot be dismissive towards ideas supported by a majority of liberals and considered mainstream. This includes flippant remarks, "saying someone doesn't know what they are talking about", "liberals just don't understand how XYZ works", etc... You must make a polite argument against an idea considered mainstream by a majority of liberals.
Fact-checking Liberal Ideas Must be Credible & Respectful
Liberals sometimes get their facts wrong on conservatives. So it's okay for members to call out something false said about conservatives. As we don't need to lie to get popular support for our ideas. But you must do so respectfully & show a credible reference that debunks the lie. Stick to the methodology, language & tone that a fact checking researcher would use and not a conservative partisan just looking to attack liberals. You also must stay within the bounds of fact checking websites as often it may not be clear cut if something is a lie or not. As an example, if someone says something partially wrong about conservatives you cannot call their entire statement wrong. You must clarify what specifically you believe is wrong.
No Blanket Criticism of Credible Independent or Liberal Media Outlets in Lieu of an Argument
Conservatives sometimes ignore a detailed debunking of their point by just dismissing the source as being non credible in lieu of actually making an argument. Specific valid criticisms of sources is okay as every media outlet makes mistakes from time to time. But general dismissive criticism such as saying "Media Matters! Ha. You can't trust them." is against the rules. Intellectual & fact-based discussions on credibility & bias of liberal & independent sources is okay. Vague or dismissive references to "liberal media bias" especially when making arguments is not allowed.
No Questioning Sources or Evidence Supporting Liberal Ideas in Lieu of an Argument
In arguing against liberal ideas presented in the forums, you cannot claim that they don't have enough or adequate data or sources to back it up in lieu of an argument. This is a "burden of proof" fallacy. You must instead counter with your own research & arguments and if you do question their sources or evidence you must provide your own sources or evidence against.
No Lies or Misinformation About Democrats or Liberal People, Groups or Ideas
Make sure you get your facts straight before posting something negative against any liberal or Democratic politician in good standing (supported by the DNC). This applies for political criticism from both the right and the left. So be careful to be truthful in debating candidates in Democratic primaries. Even if you are just sharing information one Democrat is falsely accusing another of your post can be flagged.
No Indirect References to Lies About Liberals
No jokes, subtle references, insinuations or nicknames about liberals that refer to or appear to endorse a lie. These can be perfectly innocent or innocuous sounding statements on their own but in a negative context would be flagged. Such as, "At least I was born in the United States" or an even more subtle "Is Obama doing anything special for Ramadan?" It all depends on the context and veiled intentions of the poster. So if Obama is hosting an event at the White House for Ramadan as is standard for all Presidents and the question was posed in this context it is fine. But in another context where the question implies that Obama is a Muslim and is personally doing something special for Ramadan then that is not allowed.
Promotion of Manufactured Scandals or Phony Outrage Against Liberals is not Allowed
Conservative media likes to manufacture & promote fake scandals for propaganda reasons. Or blow something minor way out of proportion. They will constantly make references to these manufactured "scandals" repeatedly over and over until their base believes it. So making a reference to a scandal which has been debunked or inferring something minor is worse than it is is not allowed.