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  • Al Gerhart, the co-founder of Sooner Tea Party, was charged with blackmail and violation of Oklahoma‚Äôs computer crime act after he allegedly sent a threat filled email to state Sen. Cliff Branan regarding his desire to see Mr. Branan bring up the UN Agenda 21 plan for a debate. Mr. Gerhart allegedly threatened Mr. Branan by stating he better bring up the bill for a debate "or I will make sure you regret not doing it."
  • Virginia Republicans jammed through a redistricting map when a leading Democrat in the Virginian Senate was attending President Obama's 2nd Inaugural in Washington, D.C. The Virginia Senate is split evenly, but when State Sen. Harry Marsh was gone, the Republicans capitalized on his absence and rammed through the plan as the unsuspecting Democrats could do nothing to stop it. Governor McDonnell hasn't signed the bill yet, but has hinted that he will.