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Lamar AlexanderTennessee Lamar Alexander Wikipedia Bio Lamar Alexander Facebook Page Lamar Alexander Twitter Page Lamar Alexander Youtube Page18.81019Alexander and Johanns continue the war against the middle c...2012-07-15
Kelly AyotteNew Hampshire Kelly Ayotte Wikipedia Bio Kelly Ayotte Facebook Page Kelly Ayotte Twitter Page Kelly Ayotte Youtube Page10.81055New Bi-partisan effort to help Veterans, Led by Jeanne Shah...2012-04-30
John BarrassoWyoming John Barrasso Wikipedia Bio John Barrasso Facebook Page John Barrasso Twitter Page John Barrasso Youtube Page14.30122Journalists allowing politicians to not answer the question...2012-08-29
Roy BluntMissouri Roy Blunt Wikipedia Bio Roy Blunt Facebook Page Roy Blunt Twitter Page Roy Blunt Youtube Page10.80125Warner, Blunt and a few others join up on a bipartisan job...2012-08-03
John BoozmanArkansas John Boozman Wikipedia Bio John Boozman Facebook Page John Boozman Twitter Page John Boozman Youtube Page10.81012John Kerry and John Boozman fight for the internet2012-09-26
Richard BurrNorth Carolina Richard Burr Wikipedia Bio Richard Burr Facebook Page Richard Burr Twitter Page Richard Burr Youtube Page16.80028Richard Burr holds up Duckworth nomination2009-05-02
Shelley Moore CapitoWest Virginia Shelley Moore Capito Wikipedia Bio Shelley Moore Capito Facebook Page Shelley Moore Capito Twitter Page Shelley Moore Capito Youtube Page6.80000
Bill CassidyLouisiana Bill Cassidy Wikipedia Bio Bill Cassidy Facebook Page Bill Cassidy Twitter Page Bill Cassidy Youtube Page6.81042Louisiana Senate Race Goes To Run-Off2014-11-04
Daniel CoatsIndiana Daniel Coats Wikipedia Bio Daniel Coats Facebook Page Daniel Coats Twitter Page Daniel Coats Youtube Page32.80014Coats crosses the aisle to back up Reid2012-10-16
Tom CoburnOklahoma Tom Coburn Wikipedia Bio Tom Coburn Facebook Page Tom Coburn Twitter Page Tom Coburn Youtube Page16.8101313Both Oklahoma Senator's voted against hurricane Sandy r...2013-05-21
Thad CochranMississippi Thad Cochran Wikipedia Bio Thad Cochran Twitter Page42.80018Republicans in the pocket of bug oil2012-03-30
Susan CollinsMaine Susan Collins Wikipedia Bio Susan Collins Facebook Page Susan Collins Twitter Page Susan Collins Youtube Page24.800211hope & faith2018-10-16
Bob CorkerTennessee Bob Corker Wikipedia Bio Bob Corker Facebook Page Bob Corker Twitter Page Bob Corker Youtube Page14.8103410Senator Corker's Jaw Dropping NYT Interview About Donald2017-10-17
John CornynTexas John Cornyn Wikipedia Bio John Cornyn Facebook Page John Cornyn Twitter Page John Cornyn Youtube Page18.90032Does Cornyn have a good basis for immigration reform?2011-08-16
Tom CottonArkansas Tom Cotton Wikipedia Bio Tom Cotton Facebook Page Tom Cotton Twitter Page Tom Cotton Youtube Page6.810885Senate Republicans Do Netanyahu's Bidding; Attempt to Sabot...2015-03-24
Mike CrapoIdaho Mike Crapo Wikipedia Bio Mike Crapo Facebook Page Mike Crapo Twitter Page Mike Crapo Youtube Page22.81023Anti-Drinking Congressman Arrested for DUI2012-12-23
Ted CruzTexas Ted Cruz Wikipedia Bio Ted Cruz Facebook Page Ted Cruz Twitter Page Ted Cruz Youtube Page8.811026077Ted Cruz claims Democrats want to repeal the 1st Amendment2021-04-19
Steve DainesMontana Steve Daines Wikipedia Bio Steve Daines Facebook Page Steve Daines Twitter Page Steve Daines Youtube Page6.80000
Mike EnziWyoming Mike Enzi Wikipedia Bio Mike Enzi Facebook Page Mike Enzi Twitter Page Mike Enzi Youtube Page24.80043Liz Cheney to Challenge Mike Enzi2013-07-18
Joni ErnstIowa Joni Ernst Wikipedia Bio Joni Ernst Facebook Page Joni Ernst Twitter Page Joni Ernst Youtube Page6.800275Joni Ernst labeled the "Perfect Choice" to deliver the Repu...2015-01-29
Deb FischerNebraska Deb Fischer Wikipedia Bio Deb Fischer Facebook Page Deb Fischer Twitter Page Deb Fischer Youtube Page8.80011Dem Seat at risk in Nebraska2012-07-15
Jeff FlakeArizona Jeff Flake Wikipedia Bio Jeff Flake Facebook Page Jeff Flake Twitter Page Jeff Flake Youtube Page8.810381Senator Jeff Flake Excoriates Donald in Retirement Speech2018-11-29
Cory GardnerColorado Cory Gardner Wikipedia Bio Cory Gardner Facebook Page Cory Gardner Twitter Page Cory Gardner Youtube Page6.80004
Lindsey GrahamSouth Carolina Lindsey Graham Wikipedia Bio Lindsey Graham Facebook Page Lindsey Graham Twitter Page Lindsey Graham Youtube Page18.801208War warning?2017-12-05
Chuck GrassleyIowa Chuck Grassley Wikipedia Bio Chuck Grassley Facebook Page Chuck Grassley Twitter Page Chuck Grassley Youtube Page40.80061Fast & Furious2012-07-19
Orrin HatchUtah Orrin Hatch Wikipedia Bio Orrin Hatch Facebook Page Orrin Hatch Twitter Page Orrin Hatch Youtube Page44.80010Hatch under the impression that Obama camp with attack Morm...2012-10-06
Dean HellerNevada Dean Heller Wikipedia Bio Dean Heller Facebook Page Dean Heller Twitter Page Dean Heller Youtube Page10.50012Heller and Berkley are polar opposites in Nevada race2012-10-21
John HoevenNorth Dakota John Hoeven Wikipedia Bio John Hoeven Facebook Page John Hoeven Twitter Page John Hoeven Youtube Page10.800151Senate Republicans Have Hijacked Immigration Reform2013-06-26
James InhofeOklahoma James Inhofe Wikipedia Bio James Inhofe Facebook Page James Inhofe Twitter Page James Inhofe Youtube Page26.9106715The harmful effects of a scientist going "rogue"2015-03-10
Johnny IsaksonGeorgia Johnny Isakson Wikipedia Bio Johnny Isakson Facebook Page Johnny Isakson Twitter Page Johnny Isakson Youtube Page16.80010Isakson has a 'plan B' for the Affordable Care Act2012-10-14
Ron JohnsonWisconsin Ron Johnson Wikipedia Bio Ron Johnson Facebook Page Ron Johnson Twitter Page Ron Johnson Youtube Page10.80011Deny Coverage To Cancer Patients Because ‘Our Nation Was Ba...2012-06-29
Mark KirkIllinois Mark Kirk Wikipedia Bio Mark Kirk Facebook Page Mark Kirk Twitter Page Mark Kirk Youtube Page10.92025Possible Mark Kirk new scandal2012-05-30
Mike LeeUtah Mike Lee Wikipedia Bio Mike Lee Facebook Page Mike Lee Twitter Page Mike Lee Youtube Page10.81044Senator Lee Caught up in Campaign Money Laundering Scandal2021-03-19
John McCainArizona John McCain Wikipedia Bio John McCain Facebook Page John McCain Twitter Page John McCain Youtube Page31.66021434John McCain stopping treatnent.2019-06-07
Mitch McConnellKentucky Mitch McConnell Wikipedia Bio Mitch McConnell Facebook Page Mitch McConnell Twitter Page Mitch McConnell Youtube Page36.81017845Impeach Mitch McConnell!2021-02-17
Jerry MoranKansas Jerry Moran Wikipedia Bio Jerry Moran Facebook Page Jerry Moran Twitter Page Jerry Moran Youtube Page10.80011Republicans in the pocket of bug oil2012-03-30
Lisa MurkowskiAlaska Lisa Murkowski Wikipedia Bio Lisa Murkowski Facebook Page Lisa Murkowski Twitter Page Lisa Murkowski Youtube Page18.81032Lisa Murkowski gets it...too bad her Republican colleagues...2012-04-10
Rand PaulKentucky Rand Paul Wikipedia Bio Rand Paul Facebook Page Rand Paul Twitter Page Rand Paul Youtube Page10.8506942Rant & Rave Rand Paul2021-07-27
David PerdueGeorgia David Perdue Wikipedia Bio David Perdue Facebook Page David Perdue Twitter Page David Perdue Youtube Page6.800810Georgia Senate Run off election2021-01-10
Rob PortmanOhio Rob Portman Wikipedia Bio Rob Portman Facebook Page Rob Portman Twitter Page Rob Portman Youtube Page10.800221Senator Portman and His Switch on Gay Marriage2013-03-19
Jim RischIdaho Jim Risch Wikipedia Bio Jim Risch Youtube Page12.80011Idaho senators oppose caribou-habitat plan2012-07-25
Pat RobertsKansas Pat Roberts Wikipedia Bio Pat Roberts Facebook Page Pat Roberts Twitter Page Pat Roberts Youtube Page24.80097Can Orman Be the Man who Keeps the Senate Blue?2014-11-04
Mitt RomneyUtah Mitt Romney Wikipedia Bio Mitt Romney Facebook Page Mitt Romney Twitter Page Mitt Romney Youtube Page2.83201631162Mitt Romney's editorial on Trump2021-07-12
Mike RoundsSouth Dakota Mike Rounds Wikipedia Bio Mike Rounds Facebook Page Mike Rounds Twitter Page Mike Rounds Youtube Page6.80001
Marco RubioFlorida Marco Rubio Wikipedia Bio Marco Rubio Facebook Page Marco Rubio Twitter Page Marco Rubio Youtube Page10.8502834Marco Rubio's "win" in South Carolina2016-02-22
Ben SasseNebraska Ben Sasse Wikipedia Bio Ben Sasse Facebook Page Ben Sasse Twitter Page Ben Sasse Youtube Page6.80000
Tim ScottSouth Carolina Tim Scott Wikipedia Bio Tim Scott Facebook Page Tim Scott Twitter Page Tim Scott Youtube Page8.80014Stephen Colbert's sister running for Tim Scott's va...2013-02-08
Richard ShelbyAlabama Richard Shelby Wikipedia Bio Richard Shelby Facebook Page Richard Shelby Twitter Page Richard Shelby Youtube Page34.80122Shelby and Sessions actions don't support claims2012-10-21
Dan SullivanAlaska Dan Sullivan Wikipedia Bio Dan Sullivan Facebook Page Dan Sullivan Twitter Page Dan Sullivan Youtube Page6.80000
John ThuneSouth Dakota John Thune Wikipedia Bio John Thune Facebook Page John Thune Twitter Page John Thune Youtube Page16.80030John Thune as Romney's VP2012-06-21
Thom TillisNorth Carolina Thom Tillis Wikipedia Bio Thom Tillis Facebook Page Thom Tillis Twitter Page Thom Tillis Youtube Page6.81065Well, Kay Hagan lost The Race. What's Next for NC?2014-11-11
Pat ToomeyPennsylvania Pat Toomey Wikipedia Bio Pat Toomey Facebook Page Pat Toomey Twitter Page Pat Toomey Youtube Page10.80084Do you think Pat Toomey will hold up the supercommittee's d...2011-08-28
David VitterLouisiana David Vitter Wikipedia Bio David Vitter Facebook Page David Vitter Twitter Page David Vitter Youtube Page16.8204112Family Values Congressmen Caught Cheating on Wife2014-04-10
Roger WickerMississippi Roger Wicker Wikipedia Bio Roger Wicker Facebook Page Roger Wicker Twitter Page Roger Wicker Youtube Page13.80023Arrest Made in Ricin Laced Letters Sent to Senator and Pres...2013-04-17