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Rick AllenGeorgia Rick Allen Wikipedia Bio Rick Allen Facebook Page Rick Allen Twitter Page Rick Allen Youtube Page6.60000
Justin AmashMichigan Justin Amash Wikipedia Bio Justin Amash Facebook Page Justin Amash Twitter Page Justin Amash Youtube Page10.600133Trump and republican objective.2017-03-14
Mark AmodeiNevada Mark Amodei Wikipedia Bio Mark Amodei Facebook Page Mark Amodei Twitter Page Mark Amodei Youtube Page9.90000
Michele BachmannMinnesota Michele Bachmann Wikipedia Bio Michele Bachmann Facebook Page Michele Bachmann Twitter Page Michele Bachmann Youtube Page14.67414558Another Trump Card: "God will lift him up" to the Presidency2016-09-01
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Andy BarrKentucky Andy Barr Wikipedia Bio Andy Barr Facebook Page Andy Barr Twitter Page Andy Barr Youtube Page8.60000
Joe BartonTexas Joe Barton Wikipedia Bio Joe Barton Facebook Page Joe Barton Twitter Page Joe Barton Youtube Page36.600312Joe Barton: Yet another climate change skeptic2011-04-25
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Rob BishopUtah Rob Bishop Wikipedia Bio Rob Bishop Facebook Page Rob Bishop Twitter Page Rob Bishop Youtube Page18.60000
Diane BlackTennessee Diane Black Wikipedia Bio Diane Black Facebook Page Diane Black Twitter Page Diane Black Youtube Page10.60000
Marsha BlackburnTennessee Marsha Blackburn Wikipedia Bio Marsha Blackburn Facebook Page Marsha Blackburn Twitter Page Marsha Blackburn Youtube Page18.60062Marsha Blackburn reveals her prejudice2013-03-05
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Kevin BradyTexas Kevin Brady Wikipedia Bio Kevin Brady Facebook Page Kevin Brady Twitter Page Kevin Brady Youtube Page24.60000
Dave BratVirginia Dave Brat Wikipedia Bio6.7002913Eric Cantor loses Virginia primary to Tea Party Candidate2014-06-12
Jim BridenstineOklahoma Jim Bridenstine Wikipedia Bio Jim Bridenstine Facebook Page Jim Bridenstine Twitter Page Jim Bridenstine Youtube Page8.60000
Mo BrooksAlabama Mo Brooks Wikipedia Bio Mo Brooks Facebook Page Mo Brooks Twitter Page Mo Brooks Youtube Page10.60002
Susan BrooksIndiana Susan Brooks Wikipedia Bio Susan Brooks Facebook Page Susan Brooks Twitter Page Susan Brooks Youtube Page8.60000
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Ken BuckColorado Ken Buck Wikipedia Bio Ken Buck Facebook Page Ken Buck Twitter Page Ken Buck Youtube Page6.60024Ken Buck equates homosexuality with alcoholism2010-11-11
Larry BucshonIndiana Larry Bucshon Wikipedia Bio Larry Bucshon Facebook Page Larry Bucshon Twitter Page Larry Bucshon Youtube Page10.60000
Michael BurgessTexas Michael Burgess Wikipedia Bio Michael Burgess Facebook Page Michael Burgess Twitter Page Michael Burgess Youtube Page18.60000
Bradley ByrneAlabama Bradley Byrne Wikipedia Bio Bradley Byrne Facebook Page Bradley Byrne Twitter Page Bradley Byrne Youtube Page7.50000
Ken CalvertCalifornia Ken Calvert Wikipedia Bio Ken Calvert Facebook Page Ken Calvert Twitter Page Ken Calvert Youtube Page28.60002
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John CampbellCalifornia John Campbell Wikipedia Bio John Campbell Facebook Page John Campbell Twitter Page John Campbell Youtube Page15.60000
Buddy CarterGeorgia Buddy Carter Wikipedia Bio Buddy Carter Facebook Page Buddy Carter Twitter Page Buddy Carter Youtube Page6.60000
John CarterTexas John Carter Wikipedia Bio John Carter Facebook Page John Carter Twitter Page John Carter Youtube Page18.60000
Steve ChabotOhio Steve Chabot Wikipedia Bio Steve Chabot Facebook Page Steve Chabot Twitter Page Steve Chabot Youtube Page26.60000
Jason ChaffetzUtah Jason Chaffetz Wikipedia Bio Jason Chaffetz Facebook Page Jason Chaffetz Twitter Page Jason Chaffetz Youtube Page12.60001
Curt ClawsonFlorida Curt Clawson Wikipedia Bio7.10000
Howard CobleNorth Carolina Howard Coble Wikipedia Bio Howard Coble Facebook Page Howard Coble Twitter Page36.60000
Mike CoffmanColorado Mike Coffman Wikipedia Bio Mike Coffman Facebook Page Mike Coffman Twitter Page Mike Coffman Youtube Page12.60147Mike Coffman's wrong votes on student loans2013-07-10
Tom ColeOklahoma Tom Cole Wikipedia Bio Tom Cole Facebook Page Tom Cole Twitter Page Tom Cole Youtube Page18.60003
Chris CollinsNew York Chris Collins Wikipedia Bio Chris Collins Facebook Page Chris Collins Twitter Page Chris Collins Youtube Page8.60000
Doug CollinsGeorgia Doug Collins Wikipedia Bio Doug Collins Facebook Page Doug Collins Twitter Page Doug Collins Youtube Page8.60000
Barbara ComstockVirginia Barbara Comstock Wikipedia Bio6.60000
Michael ConawayTexas Michael Conaway Wikipedia Bio Michael Conaway Facebook Page Michael Conaway Twitter Page Michael Conaway Youtube Page16.60002
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Kevin CramerNorth Dakota Kevin Cramer Wikipedia Bio Kevin Cramer Facebook Page Kevin Cramer Twitter Page8.60001
Rick CrawfordArkansas Rick Crawford Wikipedia Bio Rick Crawford Facebook Page Rick Crawford Twitter Page Rick Crawford Youtube Page10.60000
Ander CrenshawFlorida Ander Crenshaw Wikipedia Bio Ander Crenshaw Facebook Page Ander Crenshaw Twitter Page Ander Crenshaw Youtube Page20.60000
John CulbersonTexas John Culberson Wikipedia Bio John Culberson Facebook Page John Culberson Twitter Page John Culberson Youtube Page20.60000
Rodney DavisIllinois Rodney Davis Wikipedia Bio Rodney Davis Facebook Page Rodney Davis Twitter Page Rodney Davis Youtube Page8.60000
Jeff DenhamCalifornia Jeff Denham Wikipedia Bio Jeff Denham Facebook Page Jeff Denham Twitter Page Jeff Denham Youtube Page10.60000
Charles DentPennsylvania Charles Dent Wikipedia Bio Charles Dent Facebook Page Charles Dent Twitter Page Charles Dent Youtube Page16.60000
Scott DesJarlaisTennessee Scott DesJarlais Wikipedia Bio Scott DesJarlais Facebook Page Scott DesJarlais Twitter Page Scott DesJarlais Youtube Page10.61043Tennessee GOP Congressman's Anti-Abortion Stand is Hypocrisy2012-11-16
Mario Diaz-BalartFlorida Mario Diaz-Balart Wikipedia Bio Mario Diaz-Balart Facebook Page Mario Diaz-Balart Twitter Page Mario Diaz-Balart Youtube Page18.60000
Robert DoldIllinois Robert Dold Wikipedia Bio Robert Dold Facebook Page Robert Dold Twitter Page Robert Dold Youtube Page10.60000
Sean DuffyWisconsin Sean Duffy Wikipedia Bio Sean Duffy Facebook Page Sean Duffy Twitter Page Sean Duffy Youtube Page10.60000
Jeff DuncanSouth Carolina Jeff Duncan Wikipedia Bio Jeff Duncan Facebook Page Jeff Duncan Twitter Page Jeff Duncan Youtube Page10.60003
Jimmy DuncanTennessee Jimmy Duncan Wikipedia Bio Jimmy Duncan Facebook Page Jimmy Duncan Youtube Page32.70000
Renee EllmersNorth Carolina Renee Ellmers Wikipedia Bio Renee Ellmers Facebook Page Renee Ellmers Twitter Page Renee Ellmers Youtube Page10.60021Renee Ellmers (R) Rep NC \ Flub about men and babies2013-11-02
Blake FarentholdTexas Blake Farenthold Wikipedia Bio Blake Farenthold Facebook Page Blake Farenthold Twitter Page Blake Farenthold Youtube Page10.61003
Stephen FincherTennessee Stephen Fincher Wikipedia Bio Stephen Fincher Facebook Page Stephen Fincher Twitter Page Stephen Fincher Youtube Page10.60000
Mike FitzpatrickPennsylvania Mike Fitzpatrick Wikipedia Bio Mike Fitzpatrick Facebook Page Mike Fitzpatrick Twitter Page Mike Fitzpatrick Youtube Page16.61001
Chuck FleischmannTennessee Chuck Fleischmann Wikipedia Bio Chuck Fleischmann Facebook Page Chuck Fleischmann Twitter Page Chuck Fleischmann Youtube Page10.60000
John FlemingLouisiana John Fleming Wikipedia Bio John Fleming Facebook Page John Fleming Twitter Page John Fleming Youtube Page12.60003
Bill FloresTexas Bill Flores Wikipedia Bio Bill Flores Facebook Page Bill Flores Twitter Page Bill Flores Youtube Page10.60000
Randy ForbesVirginia Randy Forbes Wikipedia Bio Randy Forbes Facebook Page Randy Forbes Twitter Page Randy Forbes Youtube Page20.10000
Jeff FortenberryNebraska Jeff Fortenberry Wikipedia Bio Jeff Fortenberry Facebook Page Jeff Fortenberry Twitter Page Jeff Fortenberry Youtube Page16.60000
Virginia FoxxNorth Carolina Virginia Foxx Wikipedia Bio Virginia Foxx Facebook Page Virginia Foxx Twitter Page Virginia Foxx Youtube Page16.61052Student loan rates to double...if Republicans get there way2012-04-21
Trent FranksArizona Trent Franks Wikipedia Bio Trent Franks Facebook Page Trent Franks Twitter Page Trent Franks Youtube Page18.61002
Rodney FrelinghuysenNew Jersey Rodney Frelinghuysen Wikipedia Bio Rodney Frelinghuysen Facebook Page Rodney Frelinghuysen Twitter Page Rodney Frelinghuysen Youtube Page26.60000
Scott GarrettNew Jersey Scott Garrett Wikipedia Bio Scott Garrett Facebook Page Scott Garrett Twitter Page Scott Garrett Youtube Page18.60001
Jim GerlachPennsylvania Jim Gerlach Wikipedia Bio Jim Gerlach Facebook Page Jim Gerlach Twitter Page Jim Gerlach Youtube Page18.60000
Bob GibbsOhio Bob Gibbs Wikipedia Bio Bob Gibbs Facebook Page Bob Gibbs Twitter Page Bob Gibbs Youtube Page10.60000
Chris GibsonNew York Chris Gibson Wikipedia Bio Chris Gibson Facebook Page Chris Gibson Twitter Page Chris Gibson Youtube Page10.60000
Louie GohmertTexas Louie Gohmert Wikipedia Bio Louie Gohmert Facebook Page Louie Gohmert Twitter Page Louie Gohmert Youtube Page16.6102129Louie Gohmert for House Speakership?2021-02-27
Bob GoodlatteVirginia Bob Goodlatte Wikipedia Bio Bob Goodlatte Facebook Page Bob Goodlatte Twitter Page Bob Goodlatte Youtube Page28.60001
Paul GosarArizona Paul Gosar Wikipedia Bio Paul Gosar Facebook Page Paul Gosar Twitter Page Paul Gosar Youtube Page10.60020Sally Jewel2013-03-09
Trey GowdySouth Carolina Trey Gowdy Wikipedia Bio Trey Gowdy Facebook Page Trey Gowdy Twitter Page Trey Gowdy Youtube Page10.60001
Kay GrangerTexas Kay Granger Wikipedia Bio Kay Granger Facebook Page Kay Granger Twitter Page Kay Granger Youtube Page24.60000
Sam GravesMissouri Sam Graves Wikipedia Bio Sam Graves Facebook Page Sam Graves Twitter Page Sam Graves Youtube Page20.60000
Tom GravesGeorgia Tom Graves Wikipedia Bio Tom Graves Facebook Page Tom Graves Twitter Page Tom Graves Youtube Page11.10000
Morgan GriffithVirginia Morgan Griffith Wikipedia Bio Morgan Griffith Facebook Page Morgan Griffith Twitter Page Morgan Griffith Youtube Page10.60000
Michael GrimmNew York Michael Grimm Wikipedia Bio Michael Grimm Facebook Page Michael Grimm Twitter Page Michael Grimm Youtube Page10.630811Rep. Michael Grimm Pleads Guilty to Felony Tax Evasion; Res...2014-12-27
Glenn GrothmanWisconsin Glenn Grothman Wikipedia Bio6.60002
Brett GuthrieKentucky Brett Guthrie Wikipedia Bio Brett Guthrie Facebook Page Brett Guthrie Twitter Page Brett Guthrie Youtube Page12.60000
Ralph HallTexas Ralph Hall Wikipedia Bio Ralph Hall Facebook Page Ralph Hall Twitter Page Ralph Hall Youtube Page40.60000
Richard HannaNew York Richard Hanna Wikipedia Bio Richard Hanna Facebook Page Richard Hanna Twitter Page Richard Hanna Youtube Page10.60000
Gregg HarperMississippi Gregg Harper Wikipedia Bio Gregg Harper Facebook Page Gregg Harper Twitter Page Gregg Harper Youtube Page12.60101
Andy HarrisMaryland Andy Harris Wikipedia Bio Andy Harris Facebook Page Andy Harris Twitter Page Andy Harris Youtube Page10.60001
Vicky HartzlerMissouri Vicky Hartzler Wikipedia Bio Vicky Hartzler Facebook Page Vicky Hartzler Twitter Page Vicky Hartzler Youtube Page10.60000
Joe HeckNevada Joe Heck Wikipedia Bio Joe Heck Facebook Page Joe Heck Twitter Page Joe Heck Youtube Page10.60000
Jeb HensarlingTexas Jeb Hensarling Wikipedia Bio Jeb Hensarling Facebook Page Jeb Hensarling Twitter Page Jeb Hensarling Youtube Page18.60010Patty Murray and Jeb Hensarling to co-chair supercommittee2011-08-25
Jody HiceGeorgia Jody Hice Wikipedia Bio Jody Hice Facebook Page Jody Hice Twitter Page Jody Hice Youtube Page6.60001
French HillArkansas French Hill Wikipedia Bio French Hill Facebook Page French Hill Twitter Page French Hill Youtube Page6.60000
George HoldingNorth Carolina George Holding Wikipedia Bio George Holding Facebook Page George Holding Twitter Page George Holding Youtube Page8.60000
Richard HudsonNorth Carolina Richard Hudson Wikipedia Bio Richard Hudson Facebook Page Richard Hudson Twitter Page Richard Hudson Youtube Page8.60000
Tim HuelskampKansas Tim Huelskamp Wikipedia Bio Tim Huelskamp Facebook Page Tim Huelskamp Twitter Page Tim Huelskamp Youtube Page10.61004
Bill HuizengaMichigan Bill Huizenga Wikipedia Bio Bill Huizenga Facebook Page Bill Huizenga Twitter Page Bill Huizenga Youtube Page10.60000
Randy HultgrenIllinois Randy Hultgren Wikipedia Bio Randy Hultgren Facebook Page Randy Hultgren Twitter Page Randy Hultgren Youtube Page10.60000
Duncan HunterCalifornia Duncan Hunter Wikipedia Bio Duncan Hunter Facebook Page Duncan Hunter Youtube Page12.60001
Robert HurtVirginia Robert Hurt Wikipedia Bio Robert Hurt Facebook Page Robert Hurt Twitter Page Robert Hurt Youtube Page10.60000
Darrell IssaCalifornia Darrell Issa Wikipedia Bio Darrell Issa Facebook Page Darrell Issa Twitter Page Darrell Issa Youtube Page20.6501417Newest articles about Darrell Issa2019-09-21
Evan JenkinsWest Virginia Evan Jenkins Wikipedia Bio6.60000
Lynn JenkinsKansas Lynn Jenkins Wikipedia Bio Lynn Jenkins Facebook Page Lynn Jenkins Twitter Page Lynn Jenkins Youtube Page12.60003
Bill JohnsonOhio Bill Johnson Wikipedia Bio Bill Johnson Facebook Page Bill Johnson Twitter Page Bill Johnson Youtube Page10.60000
Sam JohnsonTexas Sam Johnson Wikipedia Bio Sam Johnson Facebook Page Sam Johnson Twitter Page Sam Johnson Youtube Page30.20000
David JollyFlorida David Jolly Wikipedia Bio David Jolly Facebook Page David Jolly Twitter Page7.40002
Walter JonesNorth Carolina Walter Jones Wikipedia Bio Walter Jones Facebook Page Walter Jones Twitter Page Walter Jones Youtube Page26.60001
Jim JordanOhio Jim Jordan Wikipedia Bio Jim Jordan Facebook Page Jim Jordan Twitter Page Jim Jordan Youtube Page14.60000
David JoyceOhio David Joyce Wikipedia Bio David Joyce Facebook Page David Joyce Twitter Page8.60000
Mike KellyPennsylvania Mike Kelly Wikipedia Bio Mike Kelly Facebook Page Mike Kelly Twitter Page Mike Kelly Youtube Page10.60000
Peter KingNew York Peter King Wikipedia Bio Peter King Facebook Page Peter King Twitter Page Peter King Youtube Page28.600119Obama slammed for his "tan suit"2014-09-02
Steve KingIowa Steve King Wikipedia Bio Steve King Facebook Page Steve King Twitter Page Steve King Youtube Page18.6015920Fanatics2019-08-16
Adam KinzingerIllinois Adam Kinzinger Wikipedia Bio Adam Kinzinger Facebook Page Adam Kinzinger Twitter Page Adam Kinzinger Youtube Page10.60000
John KlineMinnesota John Kline Wikipedia Bio John Kline Facebook Page John Kline Twitter Page John Kline Youtube Page18.60001
Raul LabradorIdaho Raul Labrador Wikipedia Bio Raul Labrador Facebook Page Raul Labrador Twitter Page Raul Labrador Youtube Page10.600160House Majority Leader Vote2014-07-16
Doug LaMalfaCalifornia Doug LaMalfa Wikipedia Bio Doug LaMalfa Twitter Page Doug LaMalfa Youtube Page8.60000
Doug LambornColorado Doug Lamborn Wikipedia Bio Doug Lamborn Facebook Page Doug Lamborn Twitter Page Doug Lamborn Youtube Page14.60124Doug Lamborn and the politics of hate2012-01-24
Leonard LanceNew Jersey Leonard Lance Wikipedia Bio Leonard Lance Facebook Page Leonard Lance Twitter Page Leonard Lance Youtube Page12.60000
James LankfordOklahoma James Lankford Wikipedia Bio James Lankford Facebook Page James Lankford Twitter Page James Lankford Youtube Page10.60000
Robert LattaOhio Robert Latta Wikipedia Bio Robert Latta Facebook Page Robert Latta Twitter Page Robert Latta Youtube Page13.60000
Frank LoBiondoNew Jersey Frank LoBiondo Wikipedia Bio Frank LoBiondo Facebook Page Frank LoBiondo Twitter Page Frank LoBiondo Youtube Page26.60000
Billy LongMissouri Billy Long Wikipedia Bio Billy Long Facebook Page Billy Long Twitter Page Billy Long Youtube Page10.60000
Barry LoudermilkGeorgia Barry Loudermilk Wikipedia Bio Barry Loudermilk Facebook Page Barry Loudermilk Twitter Page Barry Loudermilk Youtube Page6.60000
Frank LucasOklahoma Frank Lucas Wikipedia Bio Frank Lucas Facebook Page Frank Lucas Youtube Page27.20000
Blaine LuetkemeyerMissouri Blaine Luetkemeyer Wikipedia Bio Blaine Luetkemeyer Facebook Page Blaine Luetkemeyer Youtube Page12.60000
Cynthia LummisWyoming Cynthia Lummis Wikipedia Bio Cynthia Lummis Facebook Page Cynthia Lummis Twitter Page Cynthia Lummis Youtube Page12.60000
Kenny MarchantTexas Kenny Marchant Wikipedia Bio Kenny Marchant Facebook Page Kenny Marchant Twitter Page Kenny Marchant Youtube Page16.60000
Tom MarinoPennsylvania Tom Marino Wikipedia Bio Tom Marino Facebook Page Tom Marino Twitter Page Tom Marino Youtube Page10.60000
Thomas MassieKentucky Thomas Massie Wikipedia Bio Thomas Massie Facebook Page Thomas Massie Twitter Page Thomas Massie Youtube Page8.70000
Kevin McCarthyCalifornia Kevin McCarthy Wikipedia Bio Kevin McCarthy Facebook Page Kevin McCarthy Twitter Page Kevin McCarthy Youtube Page14.600858The Inquisition of Hillary Rodham Clinton2015-10-26
Michael McCaulTexas Michael McCaul Wikipedia Bio Michael McCaul Facebook Page Michael McCaul Twitter Page Michael McCaul Youtube Page16.60102
Tom McClintockCalifornia Tom McClintock Wikipedia Bio Tom McClintock Facebook Page Tom McClintock Twitter Page Tom McClintock Youtube Page12.60001
Patrick McHenryNorth Carolina Patrick McHenry Wikipedia Bio Patrick McHenry Facebook Page Patrick McHenry Twitter Page Patrick McHenry Youtube Page16.60000
Buck McKeonCalifornia Buck McKeon Wikipedia Bio Buck McKeon Facebook Page Buck McKeon Twitter Page Buck McKeon Youtube Page28.60030congressional staff/demographics2013-01-11
David McKinleyWest Virginia David McKinley Wikipedia Bio David McKinley Facebook Page David McKinley Twitter Page David McKinley Youtube Page10.60000
Martha McSallyArizona Martha McSally Wikipedia Bio Martha McSally Facebook Page Martha McSally Twitter Page Martha McSally Youtube Page6.60000
Mark MeadowsNorth Carolina Mark Meadows Wikipedia Bio Mark Meadows Facebook Page Mark Meadows Twitter Page Mark Meadows Youtube Page8.60001
Pat MeehanPennsylvania Pat Meehan Wikipedia Bio Pat Meehan Facebook Page Pat Meehan Twitter Page Pat Meehan Youtube Page10.60000
Luke MesserIndiana Luke Messer Wikipedia Bio Luke Messer Facebook Page Luke Messer Twitter Page Luke Messer Youtube Page8.60000
John MicaFlorida John Mica Wikipedia Bio John Mica Facebook Page John Mica Youtube Page28.60071TSA is finally doing away with full body scanners at airpor...2013-01-30
Candice MillerMichigan Candice Miller Wikipedia Bio Candice Miller Facebook Page Candice Miller Twitter Page Candice Miller Youtube Page18.61001
Gary MillerCalifornia Gary Miller Wikipedia Bio Gary Miller Facebook Page Gary Miller Twitter Page Gary Miller Youtube Page22.60000
Jeff MillerFlorida Jeff Miller Wikipedia Bio Jeff Miller Facebook Page Jeff Miller Twitter Page Jeff Miller Youtube Page19.80062The $17 Billion Deal To Fix Veteran's Healthcare Program2014-08-01
Alex MooneyWest Virginia Alex Mooney Wikipedia Bio6.60000
Markwayne MullinOklahoma Markwayne Mullin Wikipedia Bio Markwayne Mullin Facebook Page Markwayne Mullin Twitter Page8.60001
Tim MurphyPennsylvania Tim Murphy Wikipedia Bio Tim Murphy Facebook Page Tim Murphy Twitter Page Tim Murphy Youtube Page18.60001
Randy NeugebauerTexas Randy Neugebauer Wikipedia Bio Randy Neugebauer Facebook Page Randy Neugebauer Twitter Page Randy Neugebauer Youtube Page18.100270Blame it on the poor Park Ranger for the shutdown2013-10-23
Dan NewhouseWashington Dan Newhouse Wikipedia Bio6.60000
Kristi NoemSouth Dakota Kristi Noem Wikipedia Bio Kristi Noem Facebook Page Kristi Noem Twitter Page Kristi Noem Youtube Page10.60000
Rich NugentFlorida Rich Nugent Wikipedia Bio Rich Nugent Facebook Page Rich Nugent Twitter Page Rich Nugent Youtube Page10.60000
Devin NunesCalifornia Devin Nunes Wikipedia Bio Devin Nunes Facebook Page Devin Nunes Twitter Page Devin Nunes Youtube Page18.610802The "secret" Nunes memo?2018-02-06
Alan NunneleeMississippi Alan Nunnelee Wikipedia Bio Alan Nunnelee Facebook Page Alan Nunnelee Twitter Page Alan Nunnelee Youtube Page10.60000
Pete OlsonTexas Pete Olson Wikipedia Bio Pete Olson Facebook Page Pete Olson Twitter Page12.60000
Steven PalazzoMississippi Steven Palazzo Wikipedia Bio Steven Palazzo Facebook Page Steven Palazzo Twitter Page Steven Palazzo Youtube Page10.60000
Gary PalmerAlabama Gary Palmer Wikipedia Bio Gary Palmer Facebook Page Gary Palmer Twitter Page Gary Palmer Youtube Page6.60000
Erik PaulsenMinnesota Erik Paulsen Wikipedia Bio Erik Paulsen Facebook Page Erik Paulsen Twitter Page Erik Paulsen Youtube Page12.60000
Steve PearceNew Mexico Steve Pearce Wikipedia Bio Steve Pearce Facebook Page Steve Pearce Twitter Page Steve Pearce Youtube Page18.60001
Scott PerryPennsylvania Scott Perry Wikipedia Bio Scott Perry Facebook Page Scott Perry Twitter Page Scott Perry Youtube Page8.60001
Robert PittengerNorth Carolina Robert Pittenger Wikipedia Bio Robert Pittenger Facebook Page Robert Pittenger Twitter Page Robert Pittenger Youtube Page8.60000
Joseph PittsPennsylvania Joseph Pitts Wikipedia Bio Joseph Pitts Facebook Page Joseph Pitts Twitter Page Joseph Pitts Youtube Page24.60000
Ted PoeTexas Ted Poe Wikipedia Bio Ted Poe Facebook Page Ted Poe Twitter Page Ted Poe Youtube Page16.60000
Bill PoseyFlorida Bill Posey Wikipedia Bio Bill Posey Facebook Page Bill Posey Twitter Page Bill Posey Youtube Page12.60000
Tom ReedNew York Tom Reed Wikipedia Bio Tom Reed Facebook Page Tom Reed Twitter Page Tom Reed Youtube Page10.70000
David ReichertWashington David Reichert Wikipedia Bio David Reichert Facebook Page David Reichert Twitter Page David Reichert Youtube Page16.60000
Jim RenacciOhio Jim Renacci Wikipedia Bio Jim Renacci Facebook Page Jim Renacci Twitter Page Jim Renacci Youtube Page10.60000
Reid RibbleWisconsin Reid Ribble Wikipedia Bio Reid Ribble Facebook Page Reid Ribble Twitter Page Reid Ribble Youtube Page10.60000
Tom RiceSouth Carolina Tom Rice Wikipedia Bio Tom Rice Facebook Page Tom Rice Twitter Page8.60000
Scott RigellVirginia Scott Rigell Wikipedia Bio Scott Rigell Facebook Page Scott Rigell Twitter Page Scott Rigell Youtube Page10.60000
Martha RobyAlabama Martha Roby Wikipedia Bio Martha Roby Facebook Page Martha Roby Twitter Page Martha Roby Youtube Page10.60000
Cathy McMorris RodgersWashington Cathy McMorris Rodgers Wikipedia Bio Cathy McMorris Rodgers Facebook Page Cathy McMorris Rodgers Twitter Page Cathy McMorris Rodgers Youtube Page16.61014Cathy McMorris Rodgers is Elevated to GOP Leadership Role2012-11-14
Phil RoeTennessee Phil Roe Wikipedia Bio Phil Roe Facebook Page Phil Roe Twitter Page Phil Roe Youtube Page12.60000
Hal RogersKentucky Hal Rogers Wikipedia Bio Hal Rogers Facebook Page Hal Rogers Twitter Page Hal Rogers Youtube Page40.60000
Mike RogersAlabama Mike Rogers Wikipedia Bio Mike Rogers Facebook Page Mike Rogers Twitter Page Mike Rogers Youtube Page18.60000
Mike RogersMichigan Mike Rogers Wikipedia Bio Mike Rogers Facebook Page Mike Rogers Twitter Page Mike Rogers Youtube Page20.60091Privacy vs National Security, where is the line?2013-11-04
Dana RohrabacherCalifornia Dana Rohrabacher Wikipedia Bio Dana Rohrabacher Facebook Page Dana Rohrabacher Twitter Page32.60015New bill that would protect pot users from federal law2013-04-12
Todd RokitaIndiana Todd Rokita Wikipedia Bio Todd Rokita Facebook Page Todd Rokita Twitter Page Todd Rokita Youtube Page10.60000
Thomas RooneyFlorida Thomas Rooney Wikipedia Bio Thomas Rooney Facebook Page Thomas Rooney Twitter Page Thomas Rooney Youtube Page12.61001
Peter RoskamIllinois Peter Roskam Wikipedia Bio Peter Roskam Facebook Page Peter Roskam Twitter Page14.60000
Ileana Ros-LehtinenFlorida Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Wikipedia Bio Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Facebook Page Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Twitter Page Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Youtube Page31.90000
Dennis RossFlorida Dennis Ross Wikipedia Bio Dennis Ross Facebook Page Dennis Ross Twitter Page Dennis Ross Youtube Page10.60000
Keith RothfusPennsylvania Keith Rothfus Wikipedia Bio Keith Rothfus Facebook Page Keith Rothfus Twitter Page Keith Rothfus Youtube Page8.60000
Edward RoyceCalifornia Edward Royce Wikipedia Bio Edward Royce Facebook Page Edward Royce Twitter Page Edward Royce Youtube Page28.60000
Jon RunyanNew Jersey Jon Runyan Wikipedia Bio Jon Runyan Facebook Page Jon Runyan Twitter Page Jon Runyan Youtube Page10.60000
Paul RyanWisconsin Paul Ryan Wikipedia Bio Paul Ryan Facebook Page Paul Ryan Twitter Page Paul Ryan Youtube Page22.63045764Paul Ryan outlines demands to the Freedom Caucus2020-07-26
Matt SalmonArizona Matt Salmon Wikipedia Bio Matt Salmon Facebook Page Matt Salmon Twitter Page Matt Salmon Youtube Page26.60000
Mark SanfordSouth Carolina Mark Sanford Wikipedia Bio Mark Sanford Facebook Page Mark Sanford Twitter Page8.2301710Mark Sanford's Day of Reckoning2013-05-08
Steve ScaliseLouisiana Steve Scalise Wikipedia Bio Steve Scalise Facebook Page Steve Scalise Youtube Page13.210908Gunman opens fire on Congressional baseball practice2017-06-20
David SchweikertArizona David Schweikert Wikipedia Bio David Schweikert Facebook Page David Schweikert Twitter Page David Schweikert Youtube Page10.61012Mr. Schweikert gets demoted2012-12-04
Austin ScottGeorgia Austin Scott Wikipedia Bio Austin Scott Facebook Page Austin Scott Twitter Page Austin Scott Youtube Page10.60020Rep Austin Scott reveals true Tea Party agenda2011-08-10
James SensenbrennerWisconsin James Sensenbrenner Wikipedia Bio James Sensenbrenner Facebook Page James Sensenbrenner Twitter Page James Sensenbrenner Youtube Page42.60001
Pete SessionsTexas Pete Sessions Wikipedia Bio Pete Sessions Facebook Page Pete Sessions Twitter Page Pete Sessions Youtube Page24.61116Campaign contributions and special interests2010-01-14
John ShimkusIllinois John Shimkus Wikipedia Bio John Shimkus Facebook Page John Shimkus Twitter Page John Shimkus Youtube Page24.60030Doesn't Matter if We Desttroy the Environment... God Promis...2010-11-14
Bill ShusterPennsylvania Bill Shuster Wikipedia Bio Bill Shuster Facebook Page Bill Shuster Twitter Page Bill Shuster Youtube Page20.20000
Michael SimpsonIdaho Michael Simpson Wikipedia Bio Michael Simpson Facebook Page Michael Simpson Twitter Page Michael Simpson Youtube Page22.60000
Adrian SmithNebraska Adrian Smith Wikipedia Bio Adrian Smith Facebook Page Adrian Smith Twitter Page Adrian Smith Youtube Page14.60000
Christopher SmithNew Jersey Christopher Smith Wikipedia Bio Christopher Smith Facebook Page Christopher Smith Youtube Page40.60000
Jason SmithMissouri Jason Smith Wikipedia Bio Jason Smith Facebook Page Jason Smith Twitter Page Jason Smith Youtube Page8.10000
Lamar SmithTexas Lamar Smith Wikipedia Bio Lamar Smith Facebook Page Lamar Smith Twitter Page Lamar Smith Youtube Page34.60002
Steve SoutherlandFlorida Steve Southerland Wikipedia Bio Steve Southerland Facebook Page Steve Southerland Twitter Page Steve Southerland Youtube Page10.60001
Chris StewartUtah Chris Stewart Wikipedia Bio Chris Stewart Facebook Page Chris Stewart Twitter Page Chris Stewart Youtube Page8.60000
Steve StiversOhio Steve Stivers Wikipedia Bio Steve Stivers Facebook Page Steve Stivers Twitter Page Steve Stivers Youtube Page10.60000
Steve StockmanTexas Steve Stockman Wikipedia Bio Steve Stockman Facebook Page Steve Stockman Twitter Page Steve Stockman Youtube Page26.630511Ted Nugent invited to attend State of the Union Speech2013-02-11
Marlin StutzmanIndiana Marlin Stutzman Wikipedia Bio Marlin Stutzman Facebook Page Marlin Stutzman Twitter Page Marlin Stutzman Youtube Page10.70000
Lee TerryNebraska Lee Terry Wikipedia Bio Lee Terry Facebook Page Lee Terry Twitter Page Lee Terry Youtube Page22.60090Lee votes to keep NSA survailance on Americans... WHAT?2013-07-25
Glenn ThompsonPennsylvania Glenn Thompson Wikipedia Bio Glenn Thompson Facebook Page Glenn Thompson Twitter Page Glenn Thompson Youtube Page12.60000
Mac ThornberryTexas Mac Thornberry Wikipedia Bio Mac Thornberry Facebook Page Mac Thornberry Twitter Page Mac Thornberry Youtube Page26.60000
Patrick TiberiOhio Patrick Tiberi Wikipedia Bio Patrick Tiberi Facebook Page Patrick Tiberi Twitter Page Patrick Tiberi Youtube Page20.60000
Scott TiptonColorado Scott Tipton Wikipedia Bio Scott Tipton Facebook Page Scott Tipton Twitter Page Scott Tipton Youtube Page10.60000
Mike TurnerOhio Mike Turner Wikipedia Bio Mike Turner Facebook Page Mike Turner Twitter Page Mike Turner Youtube Page18.60000
Fred UptonMichigan Fred Upton Wikipedia Bio Fred Upton Facebook Page Fred Upton Twitter Page Fred Upton Youtube Page34.60001
David ValadaoCalifornia David Valadao Wikipedia Bio David Valadao Facebook Page David Valadao Twitter Page David Valadao Youtube Page8.60000
Ann WagnerMissouri Ann Wagner Wikipedia Bio Ann Wagner Facebook Page Ann Wagner Twitter Page Ann Wagner Youtube Page8.60000
Tim WalbergMichigan Tim Walberg Wikipedia Bio Tim Walberg Facebook Page Tim Walberg Twitter Page Tim Walberg Youtube Page14.60001
Greg WaldenOregon Greg Walden Wikipedia Bio Greg Walden Facebook Page Greg Walden Twitter Page Greg Walden Youtube Page22.60031Rep. Walden: Obama's Budget a "Shocking Attack on...2013-04-11
Jackie WalorskiIndiana Jackie Walorski Wikipedia Bio Jackie Walorski Facebook Page Jackie Walorski Twitter Page Jackie Walorski Youtube Page8.60000
Randy WeberTexas Randy Weber Wikipedia Bio Randy Weber Facebook Page Randy Weber Twitter Page Randy Weber Youtube Page8.60001
Dan WebsterFlorida Dan Webster Wikipedia Bio Dan Webster Facebook Page Dan Webster Twitter Page Dan Webster Youtube Page10.60000
Brad WenstrupOhio Brad Wenstrup Wikipedia Bio Brad Wenstrup Facebook Page Brad Wenstrup Twitter Page Brad Wenstrup Youtube Page8.60000
Bruce WestermanArkansas Bruce Westerman Wikipedia Bio Bruce Westerman Facebook Page Bruce Westerman Twitter Page Bruce Westerman Youtube Page6.60000
Lynn WestmorelandGeorgia Lynn Westmoreland Wikipedia Bio Lynn Westmoreland Facebook Page Lynn Westmoreland Twitter Page Lynn Westmoreland Youtube Page16.60001
Ed WhitfieldKentucky Ed Whitfield Wikipedia Bio Ed Whitfield Facebook Page Ed Whitfield Twitter Page Ed Whitfield Youtube Page26.60000
Roger WilliamsTexas Roger Williams Wikipedia Bio Roger Williams Facebook Page Roger Williams Twitter Page Roger Williams Youtube Page8.60000
Joe WilsonSouth Carolina Joe Wilson Wikipedia Bio Joe Wilson Facebook Page Joe Wilson Twitter Page Joe Wilson Youtube Page19.61135Joe Wilson's "You Lie!" comment: racially spurred? 2010-03-03
Robert WittmanVirginia Robert Wittman Wikipedia Bio Robert Wittman Facebook Page Robert Wittman Twitter Page Robert Wittman Youtube Page13.60000
Steve WomackArkansas Steve Womack Wikipedia Bio Steve Womack Facebook Page Steve Womack Twitter Page Steve Womack Youtube Page10.60000
Robert WoodallGeorgia Robert Woodall Wikipedia Bio Robert Woodall Facebook Page Robert Woodall Youtube Page10.60000
Kevin YoderKansas Kevin Yoder Wikipedia Bio Kevin Yoder Facebook Page Kevin Yoder Twitter Page Kevin Yoder Youtube Page10.61001
Ted YohoFlorida Ted Yoho Wikipedia Bio Ted Yoho Facebook Page Ted Yoho Twitter Page Ted Yoho Youtube Page8.60004
David YoungIowa David Young Wikipedia Bio David Young Facebook Page David Young Twitter Page David Young Youtube Page6.60000
Don YoungAlaska Don Young Wikipedia Bio Don Young Facebook Page Don Young Twitter Page Don Young Youtube Page48.41003
Todd YoungIndiana Todd Young Wikipedia Bio Todd Young Facebook Page Todd Young Twitter Page Todd Young Youtube Page10.60000