Republican Politicians


08/01/11Pete SessionsU.S. Representative [R-TX]DivorcePete Sessions and his wife divorce.
05/17/11Arnold SchwarzeneggerFormer Governor [R-CA]InfidelitySchwarzenegger fathered a child with longtime member of household staff
05/09/11Arnold SchwarzeneggerFormer Governor [R-CA]InfidelityArnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver separated due to multiple infidelities
04/21/11Mary Bono MackFormer U.S. Respresentative [...DivorceMary Bono-Mack divorced her husband in 2005
05/18/10Mark SouderFormer U.S. Respresentative [...InfidelityHad an affair with a married staffer
02/26/10Mark SanfordU.S. Representative [R-SC]DivorceMark Sanford's wife divorces him after affair.
2010 JANJim GibbonsFormer Governor [R-NV]DivorceJim Gibbons and his wife are divorced in 2010
2009Mark KirkU.S. Senator [R-IL]DivorceMark Kirk was divorced in 2009 after 8 years of marriage
2009Lynn JenkinsU.S. Representative [R-KS]DivorceLynn Jenkins was divorced in 2009.
2008Chip PickeringFormer Republican PoliticianInfidelityPickering had an affair while in office at the C Street/Fellowship house.
05/17/08Scott MuschanyFormer PoliticianInfidelityMuschany admitted to a 2 year long extramarital affair
01/01/08John BarrassoU.S. Senator [R-WY]Divorce He is divorced from Linda Nix. On January 1, 2008, he married Bobbi Brown of Casper, Wyoming.
2007 DECJohn EnsignFormer U.S. Senator [R-NV]InfidelityJohn Ensign admits to having an affair with a campaign staffer.
2006Connie MackFormer U.S. Respresentative [...DivorceDivorced in 2006
2004 AUGVito FossellaFormer U.S. Respresentative [...InfidelityVito Fossella admits to fathering a child in an extramarital affair
2003Steven LaTouretteFormer U.S. Respresentative [...DivorceDivorced his wife over the phone.
2003Steven LaTouretteFormer U.S. Respresentative [...InfidelitySteven LaTourette cheated on his wife with a lobbyist, then asked her for a divorce over the phone.
2003Roy AshburnFormer State SenatorDivorceArrest fallout: Fellow politician says Ashburn lives 'secret life'
2002Joe WalshFormer U.S. Respresentative [...DivorceLaura Walsh and Joe Walsh divorced in 2002
2002Roy BluntU.S. Senator [R-MO]DivorceRoy Blunt divorced his wife in 2002 after 35 years of marriage
2002 JULRudy GiulianiFormer Mayor ofDivorceRudy Giuliani divorces his second wife Donna Hanover
2001Scott DesJarlaisU.S. Representative [R-TN]InfidelityDesJarlais had an affair with a women then convinced her to have an abortion.
2000David VitterU.S. Senator [R-LA]InfidelityVitter used a prostitution service multiple times in 2000-2001
2000 APRNewt GingrichFormer Speaker of the HouseDivorceNewt Gingrich and Marianne Ginther finalize divorce
05/01/99Rudy GiulianiFormer Mayor ofInfidelityRudy Giuliani had a long affair with Judith Nathan and eventually left his wife to marry her
1998 DECMary FallinGovernor [R-OK]DivorceMary Fallin was divorced in 1998
1997Linda LingleFormer Governor [R-HI]DivorceLinda Lingle divorces second husband, William Crockett
1994Thomas FoleyPolitical Candidate [R-CT]DivorceTom Foley's first marriage ended in divorce
1994Ken BuckU.S. Representative [R-CO]DivorceKen Buck and his wife divorce in 1994
1994kit bondFormer U.S. Senator [R-MO]DivorceIn 1994, Bond's wife, Carolyn, filed for a divorce, which was finalized the following year.
1993Mitch McConnellSenate Republican LeaderDivorceMitch divorced his first wife
1993Mitch DanielsFormer Governor [R-IN]DivorceDivorced in 1993
1993Curtis ColemanFormer PoliticianDivorceCurtis Coleman was divorced in 1993
1993Joe BartonU.S. Representative [R-TX]DivorceJoe Barton and his first wife divorced in 1993
1993Joe BartonU.S. Representative [R-TX]InfidelityBarton cheated on his wife in 1993
1993Ken CalvertU.S. Representative [R-CA]DivorceDivorced from his wife after 15 years of marriage.
1993Ken CalvertU.S. Representative [R-CA]InfidelityArrested for receiving oral sex from a prostitute
1993 NOVNewt GingrichFormer Speaker of the HouseInfidelityNewt Gingrich and Callista Bisek have affair
1986 NOVBob BarrFormer U.S. Respresentative [...DivorceBob Barr divorces Gail Barr
1985Bill YoungFormer U.S. Respresentative [...DivorceBill Young Divorced his wife
1985 JUNBob BarrFormer U.S. Respresentative [...InfidelityBob Barr has affair on his first wife, Gail, with soon-to-be second wife, Jeri
1984Carly FiorinaPolitical Candidate [R-CA]DivorceFiorina (then Cara Carleton Sneed) married Todd Bartlem, a Stanford classmate, in June 1977. They divorced in 1984.
1983Dan BurtonFormer U.S. Respresentative [...InfidelityDan Burton had an affair in 1983 that produced a child.
1982Rudy GiulianiFormer Mayor ofInfidelityRudy Giuliani dated his soon to be second wife before his first divorce finalized
08/12/82Rudy GiulianiFormer Mayor ofDivorceRudy Giuliani divorced his first wife Regina Peruggi
1981 FEBNewt GingrichFormer Speaker of the HouseDivorceNewt Gingrich divorced Jackie Battley
1980John KasichGovernor [R-OH]DivorceDivorced his wife in 1980
1980 APRNewt GingrichFormer Speaker of the HouseInfidelityNewt Gingrich had affair on first wife with Marianne Ginther.
1980 APRJohn McCainU.S. Senator [R-AZ]DivorceJohn McCain was divorced from Carol Shepp in 1980
1979John McCainU.S. Senator [R-AZ]InfidelityJohn McCain began dating his second wife in 1979 while he was still married to Carol Shepp
1976Bob BarrFormer U.S. Respresentative [...DivorceBob Barr divorced his first wife
1975Linda LingleFormer Governor [R-HI]DivorceLinda Lingle divorces Charles Lingle
1973Sue MyrickFormer U.S. Respresentative [...InfidelityConfesses to having a relationship with her husband while he was still married to his previous wife
1972Buddy RoemerFormer Governor [R-LA]DivorceDivorces his wife,Frances Demler
1972Paul LePageGovernor [R-ME]DivorceMarried in 1972 then divorced.
1969Kay Bailey HutchisonFormer U.S. Senator [R-TX]DivorceKay Bailey Hutchison divorced her first husband in 1969