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  • What's next for Republicans?
    The Republican Party has devolved into the Party of Trump, where Trumpism is embodied by a populist and unlikely ragtag alliance of rabid racist nativists, anti-intellectualists, overt flag waving patriots, religious zealots, rich oligarchs and corporatists finding common ground to unabashedly defend everything their feared and heralded leader says and does, facts be damned.
  • Just when did Ted Cruz become a “documented” US citizen (if at all)?
    Nobody is talking about one crucial aspect of Ted Cruz's eligibility to become President --whether Ted Cruz ever technically became a citizen in the first place, or that he might have obtained his citizenship much later through the naturalization process.
  • Why the Rich Get Richer: 145 Million Non-Voters
    "After they drove the car into the ditch, made it as difficult as possible for us to pull it back, now they want the keys back. No! You can't drive. We don't want to have to go back into the ditch. We just got the car out." -- President Obama slamming Republicans on the campaign trail, May 2010.
  • The Strategy behind the “Party of No” to obstruct job growth
    “We as Americans and as humans have very selective hearing and very selective memory. We only hear what we want to hear and disregard the rest.” – Frank Luntz, Republican strategist...
  • Repubilicans Caught Using Twitter to Stretch Election Law
    An investigation by CNN has exposed that the National Republican Congressional Committee and Super PAC's associated with Republican candidates in the 2014 election cycle set up fake Twitter accounts to share internal polling data, which seems to violate campaign finance laws in the post Citizens United world.
  • Which Is The Party Of True Liberty, The Democrats Or The Republicans?
    Quick question, and answer with your gut, which political party in this country is the party of liberty? The Republicans, or the Democrats? Which is the party of freedom? The party of equality? Which is the party of compassion, or common sense? Now hold those answers in head, and let me ask a few more and see if by the time you read all of this, you still feel the same: What have
  • John Heilemann on Charlie Rose mentioned Congressman Paul Ryan as having a compelling GOP message in development so that I watched his CPAC presentation from last spring where I failed to see anything to save the Republican party from disappointment this fall and obliteration in 2016; specifically because their focus on austerity will be contrasted by good economic news.
  • Divided GOP Collectively Hate Obama (And His Care)
    The Republican Party has become increasingly divided over the last few years. From the relatively new Tea Party faction and libertarian movement, to the evangelical beholden, to the staunch conservatives and every shade in between, the GOP are starting to resemble a roomful of stray cats over the united party they once were.

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  • A U.S. District Judge in Nevada has ordered representatives from the Trump campaign and the RNC to appear in court and be prepared to turn over "any training materials they provided to poll watchers, poll observers, exit pollsters or any other similarly tasked individuals" after the DNC filed lawsuit claiming that Trump and the RNC are engaging in illegal voter intimidation tactics.
  • Republicans in Arizona closed 70 percent of polling stations in its most populous county, which caused hours long lines for voters who wanted to cast a ballot in the 2016 primary. Arizona used to have to get clearance by the Department of Justice before making any changes to their voting laws, but a recent Supreme Court decision allowed them to make changes without approval from the Federal Government.
  • Poll workers in the North Carolina primary are accused of forcing a man to spell his name before being able to cast his ballot. The man has a South Asian name, which tend to be long. As he was spelling his name, the worker would repeat it back to him. On more than one occasion the worker said the wrong letter back and would get angry with the voter for correcting him. The man was eventually allowed to vote, but the exact same thing happened to his wife later in the day when she went to cast her ballot at a different polling station. The couple filed an official complaint with the State Board of Elections and received an apology from the director, who said the law only says that workers have to verify a person has a identification and not force them to spell their names.
  • The National Republican Senatorial Committee went after Tammy Duckworth, a veteran whose combat-related injuries left her a double amputee, on twitter. From the official NRSC twitter account, this tweet was posted: "Tammy Duckworth has a sad record of not standing up for our veterans. #ILSen". The tweet was quickly taken down , but not soon enough to go unnoticed, especially by those finding issue with the very poor phrasing of "not standing up", when talking about a double amputee. When asked for a response on the tweet, the NRSC officially said, "It would be great if reporters would pay as much attention to a deleted tweet as they should to Tammy Duckworth being sued by VA whistleblowers for ignoring claims of mistreatment and corruption."
  • A former investigator on the House Benghazi Committee filed a federal lawsuit against the committee and Representative Trey Gowdy for discrimination and defamation. Brad Podliska, an Air Force Reserve major, accused the committee and Mr. Gowdy of firing him for refusing to advance an agenda targeting Hillary Clinton. He also claims that Rep. Gowdy illegally defamed him in public when he went on "Meet the Press" and accused him of mishandling classified information, which later turned out to be false. Podliska is not seeking monetary compensation, but instead asks for the court to require a statement saying that Gowdy’s allegation was false and to bar Gowdy from repeating it again.
  • Indiana Republicans have introduced a new "Religious Freedom" bill just months after national uproar forced the state of Indiana to repeal an anti-LGBT law that allowed private companies to discriminate against LGBT individuals. The new bill allows businesses with four or fewer employees to refuse to provide any goods or services “for any solemnization, rehearsal, reception, celebration, or social event for a marriage ceremony, renewal of marriage vows, or marriage anniversary,” among many other draconian proposals meant to discriminate against the LGBT population.
  • Multiple Republican members of the Sarasota County charter review board in Florida have been using their positions to empower themselves at the expense of elected officials. Pat Wayman and Steven R. Fields, the two members in question, have voted to establish a common law grand jury that would be used to investigate and prosecute federal, state, and local officials for treason. Four members of the review board sided with Wayman and Fields, but a tie vote prevented the motion from moving forward.
  • The National Republican Congressional Committee and outside Republican groups set up fake Twitter accounts to share internal polling data throughout the 2014 midterm elections. The fake Twitter accounts would share what would look like gibberish to most people, but was in fact internal polling data meant to help the Super PAC's determine where to spend their dollars. This collusion may violate election laws preventing coordination between Super PAC's and the campaigns they are supporting.
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