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Asa HutchinsonArkansas Asa Hutchinson Wikipedia Bio Asa Hutchinson Facebook Page Asa Hutchinson Twitter Page Asa Hutchinson Youtube Page6.30002
Bill HaslamTennessee Bill Haslam Wikipedia Bio Bill Haslam Facebook Page Bill Haslam Twitter Page Bill Haslam Youtube Page10.31012Haslam lets Creationism bill pass2012-04-14
Bobby JindalLouisiana Bobby Jindal Wikipedia Bio Bobby Jindal Facebook Page Bobby Jindal Twitter Page13.341931Ari Melber's Open Letter to Dick Cheney2014-03-02
Brian SandovalNevada Brian Sandoval Wikipedia Bio Brian Sandoval Facebook Page Brian Sandoval Twitter Page10.30011Sandoval tries to get same-sex marriage case dismissed2012-05-24
Bruce RaunerIllinois Bruce Rauner Wikipedia Bio Bruce Rauner Facebook Page Bruce Rauner Twitter Page Bruce Rauner Youtube Page6.30004
Butch OtterIdaho Butch Otter Wikipedia Bio Butch Otter Facebook Page Butch Otter Twitter Page Butch Otter Youtube Page14.30010Women in Otter's employ make nearly 15% less than men2012-03-24
Charlie BakerMassachusetts  Charlie Baker Wikipedia Bio  Charlie Baker Facebook Page  Charlie Baker Twitter Page  Charlie Baker Youtube Page6.30000
Chris ChristieNew Jersey Chris Christie Wikipedia Bio Chris Christie Facebook Page Chris Christie Twitter Page Chris Christie Youtube Page11.3160212140Republican minds2017-08-22
Dave HeinemanNebraska Dave Heineman Wikipedia Bio Dave Heineman Facebook Page Dave Heineman Twitter Page16.30011Heineman joins the ranks of Reps playing games with health...2012-10-10
Dennis DaugaardSouth Dakota Dennis Daugaard Wikipedia Bio Dennis Daugaard Facebook Page Dennis Daugaard Twitter Page Dennis Daugaard Youtube Page10.30011Daugaard's complicated education bill being pressed int...2012-10-29
Doug DuceyArizona Doug Ducey Wikipedia Bio Doug Ducey Facebook Page Doug Ducey Twitter Page Doug Ducey Youtube Page6.30001
Gary HerbertUtah Gary Herbert Wikipedia Bio Gary Herbert Facebook Page Gary Herbert Twitter Page11.71035Utah Gubernatorial Election Discussion2012-11-05
Greg AbbottTexas Greg Abbott Wikipedia Bio6.32089TX Gov. George Abbott overturns local fracking ban in Denton2015-05-27
Jack DalrympleNorth Dakota Jack Dalrymple Wikipedia Bio Jack Dalrymple Facebook Page Jack Dalrymple Twitter Page10.40020North Dakota Gubernatorial Election Discussion2012-11-05
John KasichOhio John Kasich Wikipedia Bio John Kasich Facebook Page John Kasich Twitter Page10.3308511What Trump's changing views on abortion reveal2020-05-07
Larry HoganMaryland Larry Hogan Wikipedia Bio Larry Hogan Facebook Page Larry Hogan Twitter Page Larry Hogan Youtube Page6.30005
Mary FallinOklahoma Mary Fallin Wikipedia Bio Mary Fallin Facebook Page Mary Fallin Twitter Page10.30014Medicaid recipients asked to suffer over political posturing2012-10-24
Matt MeadWyoming Matt Mead Wikipedia Bio Matt Mead Facebook Page Matt Mead Twitter Page10.30010Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park under threat from R...2012-09-01
Nathan DealGeorgia Nathan Deal Wikipedia Bio Nathan Deal Facebook Page Nathan Deal Twitter Page Nathan Deal Youtube Page10.3102711New Law Allows Georgia Residents to Carry Guns in Churches,...2014-05-05
Pat McCroryNorth Carolina Pat McCrory Wikipedia Bio Pat McCrory Facebook Page Pat McCrory Twitter Page8.310104North Carolina is no longer a democracy2016-12-24
Paul LePageMaine Paul LePage Wikipedia Bio Paul LePage Facebook Page Paul LePage Twitter Page Paul LePage Youtube Page10.310518LePage's views on LBGT and Civil Unions might be on the rig...2011-10-16
Pete RickettsNebraska Pete Ricketts Wikipedia Bio Pete Ricketts Facebook Page Pete Ricketts Twitter Page Pete Ricketts Youtube Page6.30002
Phil BryantMississippi Phil Bryant Wikipedia Bio Phil Bryant Facebook Page Phil Bryant Twitter Page Phil Bryant Youtube Page9.310375Paul Ryan is NOT Alone2013-03-13
Rick SnyderMichigan Rick Snyder Wikipedia Bio Rick Snyder Facebook Page Rick Snyder Twitter Page Rick Snyder Youtube Page10.31053It's Time For Change in Michigan2014-09-02
Rick ScottFlorida Rick Scott Wikipedia Bio Rick Scott Twitter Page Rick Scott Youtube Page10.31107831Trump legitimized thievery.2018-11-12
Robert BentleyAlabama Robert Bentley Wikipedia Bio Robert Bentley Facebook Page Robert Bentley Twitter Page Robert Bentley Youtube Page10.3301113The Heavy Dense Fog of Extreme Religiosity2018-03-03
Ron DeSantisFlorida Ron DeSantis Wikipedia Bio Ron DeSantis Facebook Page Ron DeSantis Twitter Page2.30001
Sam BrownbackKansas Sam Brownback Wikipedia Bio Sam Brownback Facebook Page Sam Brownback Twitter Page10.3102015The Failure of Sam Brownback's Kansas Experiment2015-07-02
Scott WalkerWisconsin Scott Walker Wikipedia Bio Scott Walker Facebook Page Scott Walker Twitter Page10.3607044Wisconsin Governor's Hypocrisy2017-07-09
Susana MartinezNew Mexico Susana Martinez Wikipedia Bio Susana Martinez Facebook Page Susana Martinez Twitter Page10.32028New Mexico Official Asked To Resign After Advocating Teens...2012-05-31
Terry BranstadIowa Terry Branstad Wikipedia Bio Terry Branstad Facebook Page Terry Branstad Twitter Page Terry Branstad Youtube Page10.30010The Romney contradiction on the economy2012-07-02
Tom CorbettPennsylvania Tom Corbett Wikipedia Bio Tom Corbett Facebook Page Tom Corbett Twitter Page Tom Corbett Youtube Page10.31077Pa. to pay $25 for free dental exams2014-02-14