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Asa Hutchinson
Bill Haslam
Tennessee10.61012Haslam lets Creationism bill pass2012-04-14
Bobby Jindal
Louisiana13.641931Ari Melber's Open Letter to Dick Cheney2014-03-02
Brian Sandoval
Nevada10.60011Sandoval tries to get same-sex marriage case dismissed2012-05-24
Bruce Rauner
Butch Otter
Idaho14.60010Women in Otter's employ make nearly 15% less than men2012-03-24
 Charlie Baker
Chris Christie
New Jersey11.5160212140Republican minds2017-08-22
Dave Heineman
Nebraska16.50011Heineman joins the ranks of Reps playing games with health...2012-10-10
Dennis Daugaard
South Dakota10.60011Daugaard's complicated education bill being pressed int...2012-10-29
Doug Ducey
Gary Herbert
Utah121035Utah Gubernatorial Election Discussion2012-11-05
Greg Abbott
Texas6.62089TX Gov. George Abbott overturns local fracking ban in Denton2015-05-27
Jack Dalrymple
North Dakota10.70020North Dakota Gubernatorial Election Discussion2012-11-05
John Kasich
Ohio10.6308511What Trump's changing views on abortion reveal2020-05-07
Larry Hogan
Mary Fallin
Oklahoma10.60014Medicaid recipients asked to suffer over political posturing2012-10-24
Matt Mead
Wyoming10.60010Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park under threat from R...2012-09-01
Nathan Deal
Georgia10.6102711New Law Allows Georgia Residents to Carry Guns in Churches,...2014-05-05
Pat McCrory
North Carolina8.610104North Carolina is no longer a democracy2016-12-24
Paul LePage
Maine10.610518LePage's views on LBGT and Civil Unions might be on the rig...2011-10-16
Pete Ricketts
Phil Bryant
Mississippi9.610375Paul Ryan is NOT Alone2013-03-13
Rick Snyder
Michigan10.61053It's Time For Change in Michigan2014-09-02
Rick Scott
Florida10.61107831Trump legitimized thievery.2018-11-12
Robert Bentley
Alabama10.5301113The Heavy Dense Fog of Extreme Religiosity2018-03-03
Ron DeSantis
Sam Brownback
Kansas10.6102015The Failure of Sam Brownback's Kansas Experiment2015-07-02
Scott Walker
Wisconsin10.6607044Wisconsin Governor's Hypocrisy2017-07-09
Susana Martinez
New Mexico10.62028New Mexico Official Asked To Resign After Advocating Teens...2012-05-31
Terry Branstad
Iowa10.60010The Romney contradiction on the economy2012-07-02
Tom Corbett
Pennsylvania10.51077Pa. to pay $25 for free dental exams2014-02-14