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  • Donald Trump chose Paula White, a pastor who teaches that the rich are loved by God more than the poor, to deliver the invocation at his inauguration. So called Prosperity-gospel pastors also preach that the best way to become wealthy and get into God's good graces is by giving "seed-money" to the church and that God will repay your contribution by making you rich.
  • Archbishop John Nienstedt of St. Paul and Minneapolis is currently under investigation for sexual misconduct after being accused of improperly touching a young boy during his confirmation mass.
  • Ex-employees of Dave Ramsey's The Lampro Group started a social group to keep in touch with ex-coworkers. That group then evolved into a place where former and current employees could air greivences against a boss which they describe as a bully. Ramsey began spying on the group and the employees that left years ago fear for their safety as they say they are unsure how far Ramsey will go.
  • Doug Phillips, the former President of the now defunct Vision Forum and prominent leader of the controversial Quiverfull movement, has been accused of sexual battery and assault of a minor according to a recent lawsuit filed on behalf of the alleged victim. Mr. Phillips is accused of treating the alleged victim like a "personal sex object" and of performing a multitude of sexual acts over a period of many year against the young woman's will.
  • Mark Driscoll used church funds to buy thousands of copies of his own book in an effort to push his book to the bestseller list. $200,000 changed hands and 6,000 books were ordered using 1,000 false addresses. This practice not illegal. Driscoll apologized for the behavior in a letter that was published on Reddit.
  • Bill Gothard, the founder of the Institute in Basic Life Principles and religious right icon, has been relieved of his duties after being accused of harassing women working at his ministry and failing to report multiple child abuse cases to Child Protective Services. Billy Boring , Chairman of the Institute, released a statement saying Gothard "will not be involved in the operations of the ministry. The board of directors will be prayerfully appointing interim leadership.”
  • A public school in Louisiana has been sued by a Buddhist family that claims their child was routinely and systemically harassed by the child's teacher, officials, and even the school superintendent. The child claims that he was made fun of by his teacher, had religious based questions marked incorrectly on his tests, and he had to take part in official prayers directed by the principal and teachers. The parents also claim the superintendent told them that they lived in the bible belt and that they would just have to accept the status quo.
  • Far right pastor Terry Jones was arrested on Wednesday, the twelfth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, as he was heading to a park to burn nearly 3,000 Qurans. This is the same pastor that caused a major controversy back in 2010 when he claimed that he was going to burn thousands of Quarns. Mr. Jones and an associate were charged charged with unlawful conveyance of fuel, which is a felony in Florida.

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