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Senator Cruz speaking at the 2014 Conservative Political Action ConferenceSenator Cruz speaking at the 2014 Conservative Political Action ConferenceBy: Gage Skidmore

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  • Just when did Ted Cruz become a “documented” US citizen (if at all)?
    Nobody is talking about one crucial aspect of Ted Cruz's eligibility to become President --whether Ted Cruz ever technically became a citizen in the first place, or that he might have obtained his citizenship much later through the naturalization process.
  • Ted Cruz Reflects Confusing GOP Attitude Toward Acronyms
    So Ted Cruz is running for President, and wants to abolish the IRS.Back in the wake of the “IRS Scandal”—that is, when the public became aware that the IRS was selectively targeting nominally conservative or Tea Party-associated groups for tax audits, Cruz’s solution was to eliminate the federal body altogether.
  • The Birther Hypocrisy The Right Desperately Wants You to Ignore
    Do you hear that noise? It's the sound of crickets from the birther community after Senator Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for President of the United States. Why, you may ask, should there be any noise from this community over Senator Cruz's eligibility to run for President in 2016? Well, that's because Senator Cruz, unlike President Obama, actually wasn't born in the United States.
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  • Draft Dodger-In-Chief Just Won't Stop Attacking John McCain
    Donald Trump, a rich kid who received five deferments from the Vietnam draft, somehow decided that now was a good time to resurrect his feud with the deceased war hero. Trump has been in a public spat with Senator McCain's daughter in recent days, which culminated in an unhinged rant against McCain's family for not thanking him for giving them the funeral that Senator McCain wanted.
  • GOP Leaders Ignore Selma Anniversary at Their Own Peril
    The Republican Leadership in Congress needs an intervention. There's just no other way to put it. How can a party who proclaims they want to open up their tent and be more welcoming to people who aren't old, white men not foresee the terrible optics of ignoring the 50th Anniversary of one of the worst racial injustices in modern history? I get it.
  • Senate Loss May Soon Be Democrat's Gain
    Don't worry Democrats--everything is going to be alright! We will live to see another day regardless of the agony you are feeling right now. It was a tough night for Democrats, but all is not lost. Now we can all sit back and watch the Republican party implode before our very eyes. I imagine it is going to be rather fun to watch.
  • It has only taken them five years, but the Republicans have finally rolled out a healthcare plan of their own. And what a plan it is. The Republicans have hammered the President and Democrats for instituting "the biggest tax hike in history" on the American people.

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  • The National Inquirer published a story accusing Senator Ted Cruz of having multiple and ongoing extramarital affairs. Senator Cruz refuted the allegations, but multiple Cruz opponents on both sides of the political aisle have been pushing these accusations for months.
  • After the attacks in Brussels, Senator Cruz made a proposal to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized.
  • Senator Ted Cruz's campaign manager financed an advertisement that caused a Missouri politician to commit suicide days before a state election in 2015. The adviser, Jeff Roe, paid $8,300 of his own money to finance an attack ad against Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich in the days leading up to an election. Schweich took his own life only days later.
  • Senator Ted Cruz’s campaign apologized to Ben Carson for telling Iowans ahead of the caucuses that he had suspended his campaign. Cruz won the Iowa caucuses with 28 percent support. Carson finished fourth at 9 percent but blamed his fourth-place finish on Cruz.
  • Senator Cruz delivered his first official 2016 presidential campaign speech during a convocation ceremony at Liberty University. Convocation is a mandatory event for Liberty students. They are penalized with fines if they skip an assembly.
  • Being the only Republican candidate who didn't pre-record his State of the Union response, Senator Cruz had to start over 1 minute into the video, after saying "time to move on beyond" the president. He is seen saying "Let me start over," then the video cuts to his redelivery. The video was quickly deleted.
  • A litany of recent reports that have surfaced regarding Senator Ted Cruz's college days have cast the junior Senator in a rather unflattering light, but this most recent one tops them all. One night after a leading performance in a school play at Harvard, Cruz stayed up all night drinking so much grain alcohol that he could not perform his part the next day. He was so out of it that he walked off the stage in the middle of his performance, forcing fellow cast members to improvise after the lead role abruptly left.
  • With the mother of slain teenager Trayvon Martin at the witness table, Senator Cruz stated in his prepared remarks that African Americans have benefited the most with the "Stand Your Ground" law in the state of Florida. The Senator used highly misleading statistics to explain his point and tried to gloss over some glaring discrepancies.
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