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  • Welcome to the 21st Century Version of Jim Crow
    Six million disenfranchised citizens; voter identification laws that disproportionally affect minorities and the poor; moving polling stations, reducing early voting days, and canceling Sunday voting altogether. Welcome to the Jim Crow of the 21st Century. It's less sexy than the racist laws of the 20th Century, but it's just as dangerous.
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  • Are Online Threats Protected Speech or Criminal Activity?
    What should happen if someone threatens to kill you on social media? Are they protected by the First Amendment right guaranteeing the right to freedom of speech, or are they breaking the law? We will soon know now the answer after the Supreme Court rules on a case that may have far reaching ramifications well beyond the single case they are hearing.
  • Corporal Punishment is Just a Fancy Name For Legalized Child Abuse
    When does corporal punishment cross the line into child abuse? This is a question that will garner a different answer from a broad swath of people and one that is not easy to come by. Some people, especially those from an earlier generation, tend to strongly believe in the right to discipline their child in a way they see fit.
  • Yes, Even Celebrities Have a Right to Privacy
    The recent release of photos purportedly showing Jennifer Lawrence and a number of other celebrities naked is a serious breach of privacy that should upset anyone who believes in the ideal that everyone, even celebrities, have an inalienable right to privacy. This right is not something that is given away whenever an individual achieves stardom and it must be protected.
Controversies & Scandals
  • Richer Farmer, former star Kentucky point guard and republican agriculture commissioner of Kentucky, was sentenced to 27 months in federal prison for spending public funds on himself and his family during his tenure in state government. Farmer will be serving the maximum possible sentence for his offence and was also ordered to pay the $120,500 that he illegally spent. The University of Kentucky has expressed regret about his actions, but has decided not to remove his retired jersey from the rafters in Rupp Arena.
  • On his last day as Mississippi governor, conservative Republican Haley Barbour surprised everyone by granting 208 pardons, clemency or early release for people convicted of crimes including murder, rape and armed robbery. 19 of the 208 were convicted of murder, 4 of which were inmates who worked at the governor's mansion doing odd jobs under a program that rewarded good behavior. The controversy is not in the pardon's themselves, but in the sheer number of pardons, comparative to just a handle by all other Governors preceding him.

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