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An intelligent Filibuster amendment

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    There appears to much debate about changes to the filibuster rules. Clearly the filibuster is currently being grossly abused by the minority party. But this is and will be the case regardless of which party is the minority. This current Senate has just set a precedence for defining a completely dysfunctional legislative system.

    Rather than discussing whether to keep or eliminate the filibuster, which is not a useful discussion we need to discuss intelligent adjustment to the filibuster. I recommend that a law or binding resolution be passed the limits each party to a fixed number of filibusters in each congressional session. For example, each party is permitted to have 5 appointment filibusters and 5 bill filibusters per congressional session.

    By limiting the number of filibusters per party per congressional session the ability to stop some but not all action in the congress can be achieved. This allows each party to decide which fights are worth spending a filibuster.

    Just as football does not allow a team an unlimited number of timeouts, but rather a limited number, each team can decide for themselves when and where to best use them.

    Please stop thinking in extremes, either one or way or the opposite and become adults and come to a reasonable compromise that maintains the intent without destroying our beloved legislative system.
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    It seems like a good idea but there would be a lot of political maneuvering to abuse such a rule. Such as the majority party proposing certain bills that they now will be filibustered just to burn through the minority's limited number. Also, once a bill has been fillibustered there are no rules that it can't be proposed again, or reworded and renamed and then proposed again making the filibuster absolutely useless. Perhaps a too simple solution to a very complex problem.