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tge history of history as hysteria

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    During the last couple weeks I've read the complete New Testament of the Bible (KG Version)
    (and written and published a consideration and commentary (including some critique) on that
    astounding, inspiring, but also horrifying era of human history: human misery, human ascendance
    at least by transcending inspiration . . . but perhaps by something sacred beyond . . . . too . . .
    Through the span of centuries between then and now, my impression has been a variation on
    "thriving on chaos" . . . . rather, "thriving on carnage".

    But look how far we've come!! Yes, there are the "pockets" of contention that remain: but except
    for intermittent Sunni vs. Shiite, or infrequent Hindu vs. Muslim (and vice versas) . . . the earth is
    pretty well dressed in coexistence, if not total "ecumenistic multi-religiousm" We come a long way.
    Even in Northern Ireland the Protestants and Catholics aren't fighting each other any more.

    To fill my free time in the last couple weeks, I've read 478 of the 640 pages of THE EPIC OF NEW
    YORK CITY by Edward Robb Ellis (Old Town Books, N. Y., 1966). Of New York itself, and the
    extensive associated information concerning the rest of the formative U. S., the content of this
    book, from fascinating trial detail to profound parameters of socio-politico-economic development . . .
    is astounding. And until the early 1900's, the human conditions were almost "Biblical-era" (except
    for the back then perhaps .02% of the population) . Slavery, burnings-at-stake, at breaking-on-
    wheel, riots and into the late l800s 12 year age-of-consent . . . .

    But look how far we've come!! Yes, there's still pockets of poverty between the cathedrals (St
    John the Divine and St. Patrick's which cast millions) and the Co-ops (which cost millions). But the
    vast population coexists in synthesis and even synergy. No more slaves, piles and ponds of horse-
    (and corpses of those worked to death) . . .nor even forced-windshield-washings . . . and Times
    Square, once whoresome, is not wholly wholesome!!

    I highly recommend one read Mr. Ellis's masterpiece of documentary. More contemporary than the
    New Testament, THE EPIC OF NEW YORK CITY is perhaps more valuable as perspective on which
    to judge politics and economics, immigration, and all the other aspects of, here, America, even now.
    Before the "lib-tard" goodies given to the grifters, (as the Conservatives view humanitarian
    responsibility) . . . the masses were living as if wretched refuse HERE!!

    We came a long way, but only when a domain of determination other than free-market private enter-
    prise was created. And that domain was what we call PUBLIC SECTOR (i.e. government). No, not
    perhaps portraying the perfection of a Biblical Jesus. Maybe even a bit demonic all along too. But,
    overall, benevolent, and for so many even blessing.

    And would the far-right-wing crucify what we've accomplished in the last @2,000 years (the latter
    few years epitomized by the epic of New York?
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    The pendulum to which you describe weighs in favor of the elitist (social, academic and industrial) Any situation we find ourselves in as a society regarding these particular issues are movements that take years to get to. That has ben my point since I entered this forum. Change can only occur when change occurs. I actually enjoyd reading this.Great thought and presentation